Dalton-le-Dale marriages 1870 – May 1874 updated with full details

At Dalton-le-Dale St. Andrew in Easington district, updated 136 marriages from 1870 to mid-May 1874, adding ages, occupations, marital statuses, abodes, father’s occupations, and 279 witnesses. This is part of our background project to update our Easington-district marriages with full details, and while we are currently unable to complete 1874 due to a series of more pressing projects, we realized this situation was likely to continue for the near future, so we might as well make these available now and get back to work on them later.

Sample marriage before the update:

  • 7 Oct 1873 Christopher Haswell, son of James Haswell married Agnes Wooler (widow), daughter of Archibald Turner

and after the update:

  • 7 Oct 1873 Christopher Haswell (widower, miner), age 67, of Murton Colliery, son of James Haswell (miner) married Agnes Wooler (widow), age 63, of Murton Colliery, daughter of Archibald Turner (writer)
    Witnesses: Ann Stonehouse, Thomas Harrison

If you purchased a marriage at this church, we recommend that you review it by clicking My Account – My Orders and checking that marriage to see if anything has changed, and to see the additional details. If you purchased a record that received anything more significant than a minor spelling change, the corrected record has been emailed to you.

Sunderland Cemetery burials 1901-1918

11,003 burials at Sunderland Cemetery (Stockton Rd) from 1 Jan 1901 to 30 Nov 1918, filling a gap we had in our collection. This concludes our work on this cemetery and gives us a complete run of burials here from its opening in 1858 to Feb 1947.

Nearly all of these burials include an address, and most list a profession (for males), a parent (for a child), a husband (for a wife), and some include death causes. Sample burials:

  • 9 Jul 1904 Caroline Lamb, of 25 Erith Terrace, age: 95, widow of George Lamb
  • 31 Aug 1904 Jane Ragg, age: 47, wife of John Ragg, died at the Asylum
  • 5 Apr 1906 Frank Herbert Francis Parker, age: 15, son of John Parker, drowned in the Wear
  • 14 May 1908 Tom Hubbocks, age: 35, miner, killed at Ryhope Colliery
  • 20 Apr 1917 Hugh Pater, age: 28, 2nd lieutenant West Yorks Regiment attached to Royal Flying Corps, died at Scampton Camp, Lincs
  • 30 Nov 1918 Ena Pauline Smith, of 27 Lorne Terrace, age: 19, daughter of Lawrence Smith

We’d like to take a moment to review our collection of Sunderland-area burials, and maybe boast a little! We now have 403,173 burials in churchyards and municipal cemeteries in the Greater Sunderland area, spanning over 400 years from 1569 to 1998, comprised of:

  • Bishopwearmouth Cemetery: 1856 – March 1947
  • Bishopwearmouth Bethel Chapel Congregational: 1826 – 1854
  • Bishopwearmouth St Michael’s including Rector’s Gill cemetery: 1569 – 1856
  • Castletown Cemetery: 1921 – July 1998
  • Mere Knolls Cemetery: 1856 – 1904 and Western Extension: 1890 – 1968
  • Monkwearmouth St Peter’s: 1683 – 1919
  • Monkwearmouth All Saints: 1851 – 1874
  • Ryhope St. Paul: 1828 – 1937
  • Ryhope Cemetery: 1898 – 1923
  • Silksworth St. Matthew: 1872 – 1904
  • South Hylton St. Mary: 1821 – 1883
  • Southwick Cemetery (Marley Pots): 1884 – 1998
  • Southwick Holy Trinity: 1844 – 1988
  • Sunderland Cemetery (Stockton Rd): 1858 – Feb 1947
  • Sunderland Holy Trinity: 1719 – May 1858

We think this is the largest collection of fully-detailed Sunderland burials on the Internet! After covering this area intensively, we’re going to give Sunderland a break for awhile and move on to some other areas of the county.

Lamesley burials 1603-1729

2,217 burials at Lamesley St. Andrew in Chester-le-Street district, from the beginning of the first register in 1603 to the end of 1729, meeting up with the Lamesley burials we already had online. We now have all of the burials at this church from 1603 through 1851.

The register is mostly in Latin from 1621 to 1644 inclusive. There are no burials in the register from 23 Oct 1644 to 23 Oct 1653, only two between 25 May 1657 and 26 Sep 1678 (one each in 1668 and 1673), and none from July 1684 to March 1693.

Abodes mentioned besides Lamesley include Bainsley Lane or Baynsley Loninge, Blackburn, Blackburn Fell, Blackburn Mill, Bounder House, Castle Wood, Chapel Green, Chowdean, Coal Flat, Coats Flatt, Cobhaal, Cocks Close or Cox Close, Cow Close (Koow Close), Dumper Mill, Eighton Banks, Eighton Quarries, Fuger Houses, Gateside, Harley Green, Hedley, High Eighton, Hill Head, Hollin Bush, Kibblesworth, Lamesley Constabulary, Lingey Field, Long Acres, Loosing Hill, Moor Hill, Northends, Pelton, Penny Fine, Ramesworth or Ravensworth, Ravensworth Castle, Ravensworth Constabulary, Riding and Riding Mill, Street Gate, Tanfield, Tinckler Row or Tinker Row, West Fell, and Whickham.

Sample burials:

  • 29 Mar 1603 Elinoure Horner, of Lowsinge Hill, daughter of Richarde Horner
  • 14 Aug 1610 Bilie Awcklande, of Lamesley, sister to Anne Donkin, pestilence 26
    [Note: 26th of 28 victims of a pestilence outbreak June 2nd to August 24th 1610]
  • 3 Oct 1618 Richard Burnage, of Ravensworth Castle, hardwaireman
  • 22 Nov 1642 Thomas Wheatley, filius [son] of Georgii Wheatley (nuper defuncti [recently deceased])
  • 9 Feb 1679 Margaret Reed, daughter of Robert Reed, Allen & Isabel Browne made oath before Justice Johnson of Kibblesworth – buried in sheeps wool only
  • 7 Dec 1700 Barbara Auckland, of Chowdan, Lamesley Constabulary, wife of Robert Auckland, died of childbirth & two children at one birth (unbaptized)
  • 6 Sep 1724 Tomason Brack, wife of John Brack
    [Note: buried the same day as her husband John.]

Lamesley baptisms 1813-1818: updated with details

We recently discovered that for the period 1 Jan 1813 to 14 June 1818 inclusive, there are two overlapping baptism registers at Lamesley St. Andrew. One register is the usual (somewhat terse) style for this period, which we had already transcribed. The other register continues the Barrington-style details typical of 1798-1812, with mother’s maiden names, birthplaces of the father and mother, child’s birth order and birth date, etc. You can imagine how excited we were to discover the existence of this additional register, with its genealogically- rich offerings!

Most entries appear in both registers; but some appear in just one or the other, and sometimes there are differences between the two entries. We have now updated all of our Lamesley baptisms for this period to reflect what is written in the more detailed register. Where there are differences, we have combined the two register entries and explained it.

Here are 2 samples from the terse register:

  • 3 Jan 1813 Jane Weatherhead of Kibblesworth, daughter of George (husbandman) & Elizabeth Weatherhead
  • 19 Dec 1817 Jane Cole of Chowdon, daughter of Richard (pitman) & Jane Cole

and the same 2 samples from the more detailed register:

  • 3 Jan 1813 Jane Weatherhead of Kibblesworth, born 23 Jul 1812, seventh child, daughter of George Weatherhead (husbandman, native of Doddington) by his wife Elizabeth Weetman (native of Longbenton)
  • 19 Dec 1817 Jane Cole of Chowdon, born 29 Oct 1817, eighth child, daughter of Richard Cole (pitman, native of Lamesley) by his late wife Jane Knox (native of Whickham)
    [Note: the father’s given name is blank in the more detailed register, but is Richard in the terser version of the register.]

If you have viewed a baptism at Lamesley in this period, you will want to see the changes by locating the record on your My Orders tab under My Account. You have been emailed if a major error was corrected during this update process.

Newcastle St. John marriages 1813-1837

5,513 marriages in the parish of St. John in the city of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, from 1 Jan 1813 to 30 June 1837. Since Newcastle is just across the river from County Durham, you will find many brides and grooms from Durham parishes in this collection.

Sample marriages:

  • 3 Jun 1813 George Usher of the parish of Washington married Isabella Harrison of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Jane Walker, Henry Cockburn
  • 25 Jan 1825 Nicholas Henderson of the parish of St Hild in the County of Durham married Mary Barras of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: James Barras, James Barras
  • 1 Jun 1837 William John Bell of this parish married Elizabeth Heppell of the parish of Gateshead, by licence
    Witnesses: Maria Jane Bell, Thomas Bell, John R Heppell

Hurworth baptisms, marriages, burials: 1559-1700

At Hurworth All Saints in Darlington district, from the beginning of the first register:

  • 1,661 baptisms: 1559 to 9 March 1701
  • 389 marriages: 1559 – 1700
  • 1,567 burials: 1559 – 1700

The entire register is in Latin; we have done some translation and indexing with modern forms of names.

The film of the baptism register from 1559 to 1560 and from 1698 to 1702 is extremely dark, and the original register is very faded, making many of the dates and some names in these 2 periods illegible. There are no baptisms recorded for 1593, 1595, 1609, 1614, and 1656-1657. From 1559 to 1601, neither the father nor mother is named, with only a few exceptions. After that, only the father is named, or the mother if the child is illegitimate, until Sept 1645, after which both parents are generally named. Sample baptisms:

  • 30 Apr 1562 Edmundus Wetherilt
  • [no date] Mar 1602 Johanna Fenwicke, filia [daughter] of Christopheri Fenwicke
  • 10 Oct 1645 Margreta Iveson, filia [daughter] of Marmaduci [Marmaduke] & Elisae [Elizabeth] Iveson
  • 28 Jan 1700 Christopherus Horsley, filius [son] of Cuthberti & Elizabetha Horsley

There are no marriages recorded for 1574, 1583, 1589 – 1590, 1592 – 1596, 1603 – 1607, 1611 – 1616, 1651 – 1653, 1656 – 1660, 1667, 1696, 1699. Sample marriages:

  • 18 Apr 1560 Gulielmum [William] Batmanson married Elizabetham Warkropper [Wardropper]
  • 15 Jun 1630 Johannes [John] Nesham married Alicia Stockton
  • 11 Dec 1700 Xtopherum [Christopher] Walker married Ceciliam Gale of Hurworth

There are no burials recorded for Jan 1589 – June 1591, July 1591 – Feb 1597, Feb 1602 – Dec 1616, March 1646 – April 1654, and May 1655 – Sep 1658. There are no parents, spouses, or occupations listed from 1559 until Dec 1616; after that, most of these burials include one of those descriptors. Sample burials:

  • 8 Nov 1559 Richardus Reede
  • 7 Feb 1618 Dorithie Hackforth, uxor [wife] of Johis [John] Hackforth
  • 18 Jul 1645 Thomas Thomson, Minister of Hurworth, dilectus mihi pater erat – per me [my father was beloved by me] Rich.Thomson
  • 4 Aug 1700 Radulphus [Ralph] Willy, filius [son] of Georgii & Margareta Willy

Abodes are rarely given in these records; the only abode mentioned more than once,  besides Hurworth, is Neasham.

Durham St. Nicholas baptisms 1701-1739

2,065 baptisms at St. Nicholas in the city of Durham, covering 1701-1739, filling a gap we had in our online collection. We now have full coverage of baptisms, marriages,and burials in this parish from 1540 through 1836 (mid-1837 for marriages).

As explained in this post, there are 2 overlapping registers for the first part of this period: a “births” register (which also includes baptisms) that ran from 1653 to 1706, and a baptism register that ran from 1603 to 1731. When a birth or baptism appears in both registers, we have combined the entries, and if they had differing information, we have annotated the entry to explain where each piece of information came from.

Mothers are not named (except for single mothers of illegitimate children) until June 1726. Some baptisms have birth dates. The occupation of the father is given in just over 400 baptisms, mostly before 1728 – after that point, the only occupations named are “merchant” and “alderman” – we don’t know why those two were considered important enough to continue listing, but other occupations were not.

Sample baptisms:

  • 22 Apr 1701 Elizabeth Massam, born 26 Mar 1701, daughter of Anthony Massam (mason)
  • 23 Jan 1715 George Lewen, son of Thomas Lewen (gentleman)
  • 26 Feb 1725 William Wetherhill, son of Cornelius Wetherhill (potter)
  • 31 Oct 1739 Ralph Wiseman, son of James & Susannah Wiseman

Here’s a family with a repetitive naming pattern!

  • 3 Jun 1739 Thomas Bainbridge, son of Thomas & Thomasin Bainbridge

Heddon-on-the-Wall baptisms & burials 1769-1850, marriages 1754-1850

At Heddon-on-the-Wall St. Andrew in the district of Castle Ward, Northumberland:

  • 1,784 baptisms from 1769 to 1850 inclusive.
  • 495 marriages from 1754 to 1850 inclusive. From 1 July 1837 onward, these are  fully detailed civil-registration-era marriages, with fathers and occupations.
  • 1,406 burials from 1769 to 1850 inclusive.

Abodes mentioned besides Heddon include Bay’s Leap, Benwell, Beaumont House, Birks, Blue Bell, Breckney Hill, Callerton, Cat House, Close House, Close Lee, the Dog Kennels,  Itchwick or Eachwick, East Heddon, Gosforth, Hallington New Houses, Hassock House, Heddon House, Heddon Laws, Heddon Mill, Heddon New Houses, the Heddon Poor House, High Farm, High Seat and Low Seat, Hill Head, Houghton, Houghton Moor, Katey or Kitty Shields, Kenton, Longbenton, Loudside, Mount Pleasant, Newburn, Newcastle, North and South Dissington, Oxclose, Ovingham, Ponteland, Rochester or Rudchester, Street House, Throckley, Turpin’s Hill, West Heddon, Whitchester, Whorlton Gate, Wideopen, Willington, the Workhouse, and Wylam.

Sample baptisms:

  • 26 Mar 1769 Joseph Handyside, son of Cuthbert & Margaret Handyside
  • 29 Apr 1798 Elizabeth Wardle, born 8 Apr, 2nd daughter of Edward Wardle (husbandman, native of Ponteland, Northumberland) by his wife Catherine Proudlock (native of Stamfordham, Northumberland)
  • 13 Mar 1825 Ann Charlton of Eachwick South House, daughter of Cornelius (husbandman) & Ann Charlton
  • 12 May 1850 Isabella Lodge of Rochester Toll Gate, daughter of John (brickmaker) & Margery Lodge

Sample marriages:

  • 12 Apr 1755 George Heaton of the parish of Newburn married Isabel Craswell of this parish, after banns
    Witnesses: George Hedrington, Thomas Dobson
  • 12 Sep 1848 John Ismay Atkinson (bachelor, surgeon), full age, of Wylam, son of George Atkinson (glass manufacturer) married Hannah Armstrong (spinster), full age, of Heddon Banks, daughter of George Armstrong (land agent), by licence
    Witnesses: H Proctor, Elliot Winton

Sample burials:

  • 27 Feb 1769 Ann Oliver, of Heddon on the Wall
  • 11 Feb 1784 William Reedhead, a child
  • 29 Jul 1798 Christian Loraine late Pickering, of West Heddon New Stead, age: 68, died 27 Jul, wife of George Loraine (husbandman)
  • 6 Mar 1811 John Jobling, of West Heddon, age: 18 years 9 months, died 3 Mar, son of George Jobling (labourer) and his wife Isabella Stappard
  • 24 Mar 1825 John Robson, of Felling Hall in the parish of Heworth, age: 44
  • 31 Dec 1850 Matthew Davidson, of Blue Bell, age: 23

Washington Cemetery 1902-1998

7,729 burials at Washington Cemetery in the district of Chester-le-Street, from the opening of the cemetery in January 1902 to 22 Sept 1998. This municipal cemetery is adjacent to the burial ground of the parish church and Washington Old Hall in the village of Washington.

Abodes mentioned besides Washington include Barmston, Birtley, Black Fell, Boldon, Chester-le-Street, Columbia, Concord, Donwell, Fatfield, Felling, Gateshead, Glebe Village, Harraton, Houghton-le-Spring, Jarrow, Lambton, Newbottle, Newcastle, New York, Oxclose, Penshaw, Philadelphia, Shiney Row, Springwell, Sulgrave, Sunderland, Usworth, and Woodside.

Many of the burials in this set show either a parent, spouse, or occupation, and place of death if it was not at home. Samples:

  • 27 Feb 1902 Edward Hardy, of Greenway Row, Washington, age: 70, horse driver
  • 4 Mar 1908 Jane Fullerton, of Spout Lane, age: 85, widow of Cornelius Fullerton
  • 19 Feb 1920 Sarah Horsley, of 23 Glen Terrace, age: 73, widow
  • 10 Oct 1930 unnamed stillborn Dyson, of 16 Middlefield Row, child of Abraham & Eliza Dyson
  • 30 Jul 1942 John Dawson Parker, of 42 Hollinhill Road, age: 21, single, soldier
  • 9 Jun 1960 Christina Ridley, of 2 Blast Row, age: 41, spinster
  • 1 Aug 1974 Graeme Lawson, of 85 Waskerley Road, age: 17, son of Alan Lawson, died in Cyprus
  • 23 Feb 1982 George Wintrip, of 22 Barmston Close, age: 68, linesman, died at the Ryhope General Hospital
  • 15 Sep 1998 Florence Barnfather, of 60 Cleveland Drive, Lambton, age: 67, widow of Thomas William Barnfather, died at the Sunderland Royal Infirmary

Lamesley baptisms 1603-1729

4,134 baptisms at Lamesley St. Andrew in Chester-le-Street district, from the beginning of the first register in 1603 to the end of 1729, meeting up with the Lamesley baptisms we already had online. We now have all of the baptisms at this church from 1603 through 1851.

The first register is extremely faded, with the ink in some entries providing no more than a suggestion as to the names. The register is mostly in Latin from June 1620 to June 1644. Only a handful of baptisms in this set give the mother’s name, the father’s occupation, or the names of godparents or witnesses. There are also a few births of the children of dissenters.

Sample baptisms:

  • 27 Mar 1603 William Browell of the Northends, son of Edward Browell
  • 20 Sep 1618 William Pallasser, son of Raphe & Grace Pallasser
    Godparents or Sponsors: William Pallasser, Robert Auckland & Elsabeth Harrat
  • 12 Oct 1634 Elizabetha Maddison, daughter of Johannis [John] Maddison (taylor)
  • 15 Oct 1648 William Humble, son of John Humble (lately deceased)
  • 8 Sep 1696 Joseph Joplin, born 8 Sep 1696, son of Joseph Joplin (descenter from the Church of England)
  • 23 Mar 1701 Eleanor Wheldon of Lamesley Constabulary, base born daughter of Isabell Wheldon
  • 5 Feb 1705 Ann Ironside of Bainsly Lane, Lamesley Constabulary, daughter of William Ironside (papist)
  • 29 Jun 1729 Barbara Kirkhouse of Tinker Row, daughter of Anthony Kirkhouse

Abodes mentioned besides Lamesley include Bainsley Lane or Baynsley Loninge, Blackburn, Blackburn Fell, Blackburn Mill, Bounder House, Castle Wood, Chapel Green, Chowdean, Coal Flat, Coats Flatt, Cobhaal, Cocks Close or Cox Close, Cow Close (Koow Close), Dumper Mill, Eighton Banks, Eighton Quarries, Fuger Houses, Gateside, Harley Green, Hedley, High Eighton, Hill Head, Hollin Bush, Kibblesworth, Lamesley Constabulary, Lingey Field, Long Acres, Loosing Hill, Moor Hill, Northends, Pelton, Penny Fine, Ramesworth or Ravensworth, Ravensworth Castle, Ravensworth Constabulary, Riding and Riding Mill, Street Gate, Tanfield, Tinckler Row or Tinker Row, West Fell, and Whickham.

The Sunniside Local History Society provides an interesting history of Ravensworth Castle and its environs.

Early in 2017, we will follow up with burials at Lamesley for the same period.