Tudhoe Mount Pleasant Presbyterian baptisms 1862-1879

158 baptisms at Tudhoe Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Durham district, from the beginning of the first register in April 1862 to the end of 1879.

Unlike Anglican baptisms of this period, these baptisms helpfully list the child’s birth order and mother’s maiden name, and nearly all of them include the child’s birth date. Abodes mentioned besides Tudhoe include Brancepeth, Cassop, Ferryhill, Kelloe, Merrington, Mount Pleasant, Spennymoor and Low Spennymoor, Sunderland Bridge, The Grange (Tudhoe Grange), Whitworth, and York Hill.

Because there is little differentiation between Spennymoor, Mount Pleasant, and Tudhoe, this church is also sometimes called Spennymoor Presbyterian. The congregation of this church first held meetings in an old Reading Room on Bessemer Terrace in Spennymoor, using a temporary minister sent by the Newcastle Presbytery. The church at Mount Pleasant, a few blocks away, was built in 1864, and the first minister there was the Reverend Charles Friskin of Glasgow, Scotland. From the “History of Spennymoor”, John Reavley, 1935:

The Rev. Charles Friskin was a model pastor. He had a good business
training before proceeding to College. He took such a keen interest in
education that he became one of the first members of the old Tudhoe School
Board. He continued his ministry for 27 years, and died under somewhat
tragic circumstances. He expired in the pulpit whilst giving the address
following the Sacrament, on Sunday morning, 2nd March 1890.

Several children baptized here were named after him – Charles Friskin Milne, Charles Friskin Fleming, and Charles Friskin Milne Wilson.

Sample baptisms, featuring mothers who were very likely over-tired:

  • 25 Dec 1864 Charles Friskin Fleming of Tudhoe, Brancepeth, born 23 Nov 1864, 10th child, daughter of William Fleming (land agent) & Janet Davidson
  • 9 Aug 1874 Caroline Belshaw of The Grange, Tudhoe, born 6 May 1874, 11th child, daughter of Charles Belshaw (miner) & Mary Jane Gilmour


Darlington Bondgate Methodist baptisms 1837-1981

3,572 baptisms at Darlington Bondgate Wesleyan Methodist church from August 1837 to January 1981. Nearly all have birth dates.

Abodes (in both Durham and Yorkshire) include Albert Hill, Aldbrough, Archdeacon Newton, Aycliffe, Barford, Barton, Bishopton, Blackwell, Bolam, Bradbury, Cleasby, Cockerton, Conniscliffe, Croft, Dalton, Dalton Junction, Darlington, Denton Grange, Dinsdale, East Cowton, Fighting Cocks, Four Riggs, Gainford, Harrowgate Hill, Haughton le Skerne, Heighington, Hurworth, Killerby, Little Stainton, Low Walworth, Manfield, Melsonby, Middlesbrough, Middleton One Row, Middleton St. George, Middleton Tyas, Morden or Mordon, Neasham, Newbus Grange, Newton Aycliffe, North Cowton, Piercebridge, Redworth, Sadberge, School Aycliffe, Sedgefield, and Summerhouse.


  • 13 May 1838 Frances Goldsborough of Hurworth, born 15 Apr 1838, daughter of Francis (bricklayer) & Elizabeth Goldsborough
  • 24 Aug 1859 John Talbot Gardiner of Crook, Durham, born 29 May 1859, son of Ebenezer Adlington Gardiner & Mary Jane Gardiner
  • 25 Oct 1883 Percy Frazer Cozens of Croft, born 2 Oct 1883, son of Josiah Cozens & Mary Ann Cozens
  • 4 Mar 1917 Frederick William Boddy of 27 Eastbourne Road, born 9 Feb 1917, son of Frederick & Ethel Boddy

Shotley baptisms & burials 1813-1840, marriages 1819-1837

At Shotley St. John in the Hexham district of Northumberland:

  • 406 baptisms from the beginning of 1813 to the end of 1840
  • 306 burials from the beginning of 1813 to the end of 1840
  • 86 marriages from 1819 to 1 July 1837 (we now have marriages at Shotley from 1670 to mid-1837)

The parish of Shotley is adjacent to the County Durham parishes of Edmundbyers, Muggleswick, and Medomsley, and the Northumberland parishes of Bywell St. Peter and Whittonstall, and there was quite a bit of traffic between all those parishes. Abodes mentioned include Birkenside, Black Hedley, Blanchland, Bulbeck, Bullions, Bywell St. Peter, Cronkley, Durham Field, Eddy’s Bridge, Field Head, Greenhead, Greymare Pit Hill, High Forge, Letch, Medomsley, Minsteracres, Mosswood, Mount Pleasant, Newfield, North Snods, Panshields, Redwell Hall, Shotley Bridge, Shotleyfield,  Snods Edge, Stanhope, Unthank, Wallish Walls, Waskerley, and Whittonstall. See this article about location names in this area.

Sample baptisms:

  • 18 Apr 1813 James Morland of Burn House, son of Thomas (drainer under Mr. Mowbray) & Ruth Morland
  • 28 Feb 1837 Eleanor Swallow of Minsteracres, daughter of Joseph (gardener) & Margaret Swallow

Sample burials:

  • 28 Dec 1817 John Swinburn, of Cooper Haugh, parish of Edmundbyers, Durham, age: 84
  • 31 May 1835 Nichol Urwins, of Shotleyfield, age: 99

Sample marriage:

  • 13 May 1820 Isaac Elsdon of the parish of Whittonstall married Dinah Vinton of this parish, by banns with consent of parents
    Witnesses: Thomas Green, John Elsdon, Jane Richardson

Birtley & Ouston Methodist baptisms 1892-1974

Baptisms at several Methodist churches in Birtley and Ouston in Chester-le-Street district:

  • 1,627 baptisms at Birtley Station Road Methodist Church for 1947-1974. This register is labelled “Primitive Methodist Church” from 28 Aug 1966 to its end in April 1974.
  • 675 baptisms at Birtley Durham Road Wesleyan Methodist Church for 1892-1958
  • 78 baptisms at Ouston Primitive Methodist Church for 1947-1958

These all have birth dates and addresses, but not the occupation of the father, as is typical for Methodist baptisms. Here’s a sample from Birtley Durham Road:

  • 13 Jun 1894 Andrew Dawson of North Terrace, Mount Pleasant, Birtley, born 1 May 1894, son of Albert & Hannah Dawson

Abodes mentioned besides Birtley include Barley Mow, Chester-le-Street, Elizabethville (Birtley), Gateshead, Grange Villa, Low Fell, Newtown (Birtley), Ouston, Pelton, Perkinsville, Portobello, Vigo, and Washington. There was also a couple from Accra, West Africa and a couple from Chingola, Zambia!


Whitworth marriages 1568-1812

241 marriages at Whitworth parish church (it is not dedicated to a saint) in Auckland district, from the first register in 1568 to the end of 1812. We now have a continuous run of marriages at Whitworth from 1568 to mid-1837. As far as we know, the marriages before 1754 are not available anywhere else on the Internet, so you may make some new discoveries!

Witnesses start appearing in 1754. Abodes mentioned besides Whitworth include Bishop Auckland, Brancepeth, Merrington, Old Park, St. Helen Auckland, and St. Margaret’s in Durham city.

Sample marriages:

  • 10 Oct 1568 John Graie married Elliner Farrowe
  • 24 Jun 1712 Edward Charlton of Long Newton married Jane Watson of Old Park in this parish
  • 20 May 1758 John Pressick (carpenter) of ye parish of Whitby in ye County of York married Margaret Shaw of ye parish of Whitworth, by licence
    Witnesses: James Shaw, John Shaw
  • 11 Sep 1809 Benjamin Langton (bachelor) of the parish of Bishop Middleham married Mary Law of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: Robert Lynn, George Pickering

Easington Lane Cemetery burials 1892-1931

3,504 burials at Easington Lane cemetery, from its opening in May 1892 to the end of June 1931. This cemetery is also called Murton Lane Cemetery because it is on Murton Lane. The village of Easington Lane, formerly called Lyons, lies between the villages of Houghton-le-Spring and Easington, and is in the civil district of Houghton-le-Spring.

This register lists “Place of Death” instead of “Abode”, but in our search results, this field will appear under the Abode heading. This is because most people died where they lived, except for the ones who died in hospitals. Categorizing “place of death” as “abode” allows the place name to show up in the search results list, which makes it easier for researchers to determine which records they need to see. The places of death mentioned include Brickgarth, Easington Lane, Elemore, Elemore Colliery, Elemore Vale, Four Lane Ends, Lyons Colliery, Murton Lane, Pemberton’s Bank, South Hetton, the Sunderland Infirmary, and Wheatley Hill.

Nearly all of these burials include the grave site number. Before 1913, some include relationships or occupations. Sample burials:

  • 26 Jun 1892 Jane Stewart, of Easington Lane, age: 56, wife of Isaac Stewart, buried at grave site 825
  • 5 Jan 1893 Isabell Walton, of Elemore Colliery, age: 32, spinster, buried at grave site 998
  • 3 Nov 1900 Robert Kennedy, of Easington Lane, age: 56, grocer, buried at grave site 309
  • 4 Dec 1913 George Charlton, of Brickgarth, age: 79, miner, buried at grave site 522
  • 1 Feb 1931 [blank] Pickles, of Lily White Terrace, stillborn child of Mrs. Pickles, buried at grave site 724

Durham Claypath Congregational baptisms 1890-1980 & marriages 1891-1930

From the Claypath Congregational church in Durham city:

  • 208 baptisms covering 1890-1980
  • 40 marriages covering 1891-1930

Abodes mentioned besides street addresses in the city include Belmont, Framwellgate Moor, Gilesgate, High Shincliffe, and Shincliffe.

Most of the baptisms have birth dates and street addresses but do not list the father’s occupation. Sample baptisms:

  • 16 Apr 1891 Winifred Marguerite Smettem of 52a New Elvet, born 18 Mar 1891, daughter of James Edward Smettem & Rebecca Smettem
  • 19 Aug 1914 Theodore Cyril Birkett of 54 Atherton Street, Durham, born 22 Jul 1914, son of John Victor Birkett & Ethel Maud Birkett

Sample marriages – the amount of information varies, but in general, these are pretty terse:

  • 31 Jan 1891 Ellis Davies of Tudhoe married Sarah Agnes Bethell of Tudhoe
  • 8 Mar 1902 Thomas Caldcleugh (printer) of 64 North Road, Durham married Sarah Peace of Durham

Staindrop Congregational Chapel records 1886-1950

At Staindrop Congregational Chapel in Staindrop, Teesdale district:

  • 126 baptisms: 1886-1935
  • 11 marriages: 1885-1949
  • 5 burials: 1949-1950

Sample baptisms:

  • 10 May 1888 John Thompson Gibson of Shotton, Raby Park, born 22 Feb 1885, son of John Gibson (game watcher) & Mary Elizabeth Gibson
  • 17 Jan 1917 Samuel Scott of Ontario, Canada, born 12 Mar 1915, son of Walter (cabinet maker) & Harriett Scott

Some marriages have ages; some do not. None list the occupations of the fathers or have witnesses. Sample marriage:

  • 6 Jan 1886 Joseph Gibson Walker (batchelor, farmer), age 33, of High Wood Farm, Langleydale, son of John Walker married Mary Hutchinson (spinster), age 27, of Hilton, daughter of John William Hutchinson

The burial register gives the date of death rather than the burial date.

Abodes mentioned besides Staindrop include Cleatlam and Raby.

Barnard Castle Congregational records 1855-1908

At the Barnard Castle Congregational church in Barnard Castle, Teesdale district:

  • 112 baptisms spanning 1856-1908
  • 10 marriages, primarily 1857-1864 plus one in 1892
  • 49 burials spanning 1855-1900

Abodes mentioned besides Barnard Castle are Cotherstone, Gainford, and Stainton.

Sample baptism:

  • 23 Sep 1856 Eliza Maria Timms of Barnard Castle, born 11 Aug 1856, daughter of William (flour dealer) & Elizabeth Timms

The marriages aren’t quite full civil-registration-style marriages – some have ages, a few have the name of the groom’s or bride’s father (but not both), most have the groom’s occupation, none have witnesses. Here’s one of the more informative ones:

  • 19 Mar 1857 Braithwaite Sayer (batchelor, farmer), age 26, of Langley Dale, Durham, son of Christopher Sayer married Isabella Millen of Langley Dale, Durham

The burial register gives the date of death rather than the burial date. This church did not have its own burial ground, so each burial lists the actual place of burial. Many list the cause of death. Sample burials:

  • 1855 James Henderson, age: 31, died 16 Oct 1855, printer, buried at Barnard Castle Church, consumption
  • 1900 Thomas Muncaster, age: 53, died 12 Jan 1900, business man, buried at Dissenters Cemetery, cancer


Byker St. Silas marriages 1887-1945

3,990 marriages at Byker St. Silas in the Newcastle district of Northumberland, from the beginning of the first register in April 1887 to the end of October in 1945. These are full civil-registration-style marriages.

Sample marriages:

  • 11 Apr 1888 David Lumsdon (widower), age 43, of Shields Rd, son of John Lumsdon (licensed victualler, deceased) married Elizabeth Burn (widow), age 40, of 119 Clifford St, daughter of Robert Storey (striker)
    Witnesses: William C. Johnson, Isabella Johnson
  • 1 Oct 1899 William Irving (widower), age 62, of 24 Bolam St, son of Alexander Irving (shoemaker, deceased) married Elizabeth Richey (widow), age 46, of Byker, daughter of George Wilson (cellar man, deceased)
    Witnesses: Thomas Gibson, Margaret Gillender
  • 18 Jun 1911 Edward Pearce (bachelor, bricklayer), age 18, of 215 Shipley Road, son of Thomas Pearce (driller) married Ethel Wood Hutson (spinster), age 19, of 234 Conyers Road, daughter of Thomas Hutson (cartman)
    Witnesses: Thomas Pearce, Margaret Elizabeth Hutson
  • 8 Aug 1936 Arthur Francis Musgrave (widower), age 56, of 36 Larchwood Ave, W.Ville, son of Thomas Gilbert Musgrave (checker LNER, deceased) married Isabella Agnes Compton (spinster), age 53, of 36 Larchwood Ave, Wville, daughter of George Compton (engineman, deceased)
    Witnesses: Rosanna Watson, Thomas Gilbert Musgrave

Abodes mentioned besides Byker include Ashington, Benwell, Burnville, Byker Bank, Choppington, Cullercoats, Dunston, Felling, Gateshead, Gosforth, Heaton, High Heaton, Jesmond, Morpeth, Newcastle, North Shields, Scotswood, Shieldfield, South Shields, Spital Tongues, St. Anthony’s, Sunderland, Swalwell, Tynemouth, Walker, and Wallsend.