Gateshead Fell St. John burials 1825-1864

3,472 burials at Gateshead Fell St. John from the beginning of its register in Nov 1825 to June 1864.

This parish was created out of Gateshead St. Mary. Residences mentioned include Gateshead, Gateshead Fell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ayton or Eighton¬†Banks, Beacon Lough, Bensham, Bigges Main, Bill Quay, Birtley, Blue Quarries, Byker, Carr Hill, Chow Dean, Church Quarries, Deckham Place, Derwent Crook, Durham City, Felling, Galloping Green, Heworth, High Fell, Hill Top, Jarrow, Johnson’s Houses, Kell’s Field/Lane/Place, Kent’s Buildings, Low Fell, Lamesley, Mount Pleasant, Pelaw Main, Saltwell Vale, Sheriff Hill, South Shields, Union Place, Whickham, Windy Nook, and Wrekenton.

In addition to the local families, there were three lunatic asylums using this burying ground. The “lunatics” came from all over County Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire, and even further away,¬†so you may find “lost” relatives who disappeared from far-away places. Here are several examples:

  • 24 Nov 1825 Mary Earl, of Hull, age: 36, died at Mr Ortons Lunatic Asylum
  • 30 May 1833 George Herron, of Stamfordham, age: 40, died at Mr Gowlands Lunatic Asylum
  • 13 Sep 1834 Richard Woolner, of Great Yarmouth, age: 43, died Mr Kent’s Lunatic Asylum

The Gateshead Fell Lunatic Asylum was operated by Mr. Samuel Kent and his family. In the 1841 census it had 81 inmates and a staff of 6 in addition to Mr Kent and his wife. The Jacob Gowland family ran the lunatic asylum at Wrekenton, which in 1841 housed 32 inmates. A third asylum, Bensham Lunatic Hospital, housed 63 inmates in 1841.

These burials were transcribed from the Bishop’s Transcripts, with many entries cross-checked against the original burial register microfilm and (after 1837) the GRO death index.