Gateshead Fell burials 1873-1889

1,470 burials at Gateshead Fell St. John, 1873-1889.

This register named residents of Bellevue, Bensham, Blue Quarries, Carr Hill, Chowdean, Deckham Place, Eighton Banks, Felling, Gateshead, Gateshead Fell, Greencroft, Heworth, High Fell, Kells Lane, Kent’s Buildings, Lamesley, Low Fell, Mount Pleasant, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Pimlico, Rose Hill, Sheriff Hill, Team Colliery, Union Place, Windy Nook, and Wrekenton.

South Shields St Hilda baptisms 1826

666 baptisms from South Shields St. Hilda covering 1826. This caused our number of baptisms to pass the 550,000 mark – our 550,000th baptism was:

26 Nov 1826 Benjamin Robinson Smith, of South Shields, son of William Smith (shipwright) & Ann

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Sunderland burials 1830-1838

4,863 burials at Sunderland Holy Trinity 1830-1838. Starting near the end of January 1838, nearly all the burials list the death date, which was unusual for the period. For example:

  • 30 Jan 1838 John Parkinson Allvey, of Wood Street, age: 29, died 27 Jan 1838

We will fill the gap in burial coverage from 1822 to 1829 shortly.

Stella Roman Catholic baptisms 1775-1780

Replaced the baptism index for Stella (Sts. Mary and Thomas Aquinas, Roman Catholic) 1775-1780 with full details so those 104 baptisms are now instantly available. Most of these list the mother’s maiden name and 2 godparents, who may be relatives. For example:

  • 3 Jul 1778 Eleanor Henderson, of Derwent Haugh, daughter of John Henderson by his wife Isabella nee Renwick
    Godparents: Matthew Dunn; Barbara Henderson