Trimdon baptisms 1783-1856 & burials 1798-1856

At Trimdon St. Mary Magdalene in Stockton district:

  • 1,243 baptisms 1783-1856, from the bishop’s transcript except where portions were missing and had to be supplied from the parish register (all records taken directly from the parish register are identified individually)
  • 716 burials 1798-1856, from the bishop’s transcript except 1805, 1816, and 1843-1845 which are from the parish register

Trimdon is not indexed by the IGI after 1812. Abodes mentioned include Carr Side, Catley Hill, Five Houses (the old name for Trimdon), Garmondsway Moor, Grange Colliery, Humble Knowle, Hurworth, Jarrow, Kelloe, New Trimdon, Pike Whins (Monk Heselden), Salter’s Lane, Sunnyside, Trimdon, Trimdon Colliery, Trimdon Grange Colliery, West Moor, and Wingate.

Some samples, with the first 3 all from one family:

  • baptized 25 Aug 1785 James Watson Donnison, son of Revd Donnison & Elizabeth Stote Donnison
  • buried 27 Mar 1798 Elizabeth Donnison late Sparke, of Trimdon, age: 50, died 22 Mar, wife of Watson Stote Donnison (clerk)
  • buried 18 Jun 1807 Sparke Hughes late Donnison, of Sunderland, age: 31, died 15 Jun, 3rd daughter of the Rev’d Watson Stote Donnison (late of this parish) of and wife of Mossom Hughes (mariner)
  • baptized 14 Apr 1811 Anne Gates, born 25 Nov 1810, 6th daughter of William Gates (cordwainer, native of Durham) & Hannah Garthwaite (native of Trimdon)

Here is an interesting article about the Beckwith/Donnison family vault under Trimdon’s church floor: