Ryton baptisms 1798-1812

Replaced the baptism index for Ryton Holy Cross 1798-1812 with full entries so those 2,067 baptisms are now instantly available. These are from the detail-rich period:

  • 12 Jun 1810 William Wilson Paget, of Winlaton Mill, born 27-Jul 1807, 2nd son of Richard Paget (inspector of the iron works, native of Glasgow, Scotland) by his wife Catherine nee Ewers (native of Burton-upon-Trent, [Staffordshire], daughter of William)
  • 12 Jan 1812 Mary Iley [Dodds], of Blaydon, born 8-Nov 1812, illegitimate daughter of Ann Iley nee Thompson (native of this parish, wife of George, seaman in His Majestys Service – absent), child adopted by George Dodds, keelman
  • 6 Jul 1801 Diana Mary Clavering, of Widdrington Castle, [Northumberland], born 9-Jun 1801, 1st daughter of Charles John Clavering (esquire, native of St.James, London, eldest son of Sir John K.B.) by his wife Diana nee Adair (daughter of Robert, esquire, surgeon to the Army)

Sunderland Cemetery burials 1885-1896

6,982 burials at Sunderland Cemetery (Stockton Road, Grangetown) 1885-1896. Most show a parent, spouse, or occupation:

  • 14 Jun 1894 Lily Campbell Munroe, of 22 Malings Rig, age: 4, daughter of Hamilton Campbell Munroe
  • 13 Jan 1885 John Scott Dove, of Meaburn Street, age: 61, draper
  • 23 Mar 1891 Rose Trainer, of 5 Church Street, age: 70, wife of Hutchinson Trainer
  • 3 Mar 1891 Barbara Mumford, age: 82, widow of Richard Mumford, died at the Union Workhouse