Sunderland Cemetery burials 1897-1900

2,674 burials at Sunderland Cemetery (Stockton Rd, Grangetown) covering 1897-1900. As usual, most records include a parent, spouse, or occupation. Some samples:

  • 15 Apr 1900 Robert Sanderson Stelling, of Ventnor, Isle of Wight, age: 28, clerk
  • 9 May 1900 Eleanor Wood Ovington, of 10 Harold Street, age: 57, widow of William Ovington
  • 30 Dec 1900 James Leavesley, of 14 North Moor Street, age: 3, son of John Leavesley

and marking a mini-milestone,  our 550,000th burial was:

  • 15 Jun 1897 Hall Davison Hedley, age: 6, son of Andrew Hedley, drowned in the South Dock

This is our last installment of burials at this cemetery. We will move on to the Ryhope cemetery next in our effort to document all pre-1900 burials in greater Sunderland.

Staindrop burials 1813-1820

337 burials at Staindrop covering 1813-1820, from the Bishop’s Transcript. Next week we will add 1821-1863. Samples:

  • 13 Feb 1820 Dinah Arrowsmith, of Barnard Castle, age: 39
  • 9 Feb 1814 Elizabeth Hodgson, of Startforth, age: 100, late of Langleydale