Shildon baptisms 1834-1846

1,090 baptisms at Shildon St. John for 1834-1846, from the parish register. Shildon parish was carved out of Auckland St. Andrew in September 1834 and abodes listed included Brusselton, Chapel Row, Cobbler’s Hall, Darlington, East Thickley, Eldon, Fyland’s Bridge, Middridge, New Shildon, Old Shildon, Railway Terrace, Sedgefield, Soho (New Shildon), and Wackerfield.

  • 7 Dec 1834 Thomas Smirk, of New Shildon, son of Washington Smirk (blacksmith) & Mary
  • 17 Apr 1846 Herbert George Mant, of Shildon, child of Richard Mant (curate of Shildon) & Jane Emily Mant

Barnard Castle baptisms & burials 1843-1846

At Barnard Castle St. Mary, covering 1843-1846, from the Bishop’s Transcript:

  • 646 baptisms
  • 430 burials

As well as Barnard Castle, residences listed include Marwood, Stainton, Startforth. Streatlam, Romaldkirk, Langleydale, Kinninvie, and Westwick. 

Some baptism samples:

  • 31 Jan 1843 William Stubbs, of Barnard Castle, illegitimate son of Draper Stubbs (wife of James Stubbs, flaxdresser who has not been heard of for several years)
  • 26 May 1844 Harrison Christopher Peacock, of Barnard Castle, son of John Harrison Peacock (writer) & Jane

and the 2 oldest people buried in this set:

  • 20 Dec 1846 Elizabeth Taylor, of Union Poor House, age: 103
  • 7 Oct 1843 Jane Percival, of Barnard Castle, age: 100

Washington baptisms & burials 1818-1822, marriage witnesses 1813-1822

At Washington Holy Trinity covering 1818-1822, from the Bishop’s Transcript.

  • 493 baptisms
  • 221 burials

Abodes listed include Barmston, Biddick Burn, Blue House, Botany Bay, Havannah, Mount, New Washington, New York, North Biddick, Oxclose, Usworth (Great and Little), Waggon Row, and Washington. For example:

  • baptized 2 Feb 1818 John Charleton, illegitimate son of John Hedley (miller of Newburn) & Elizabeth Charleton (of Crook-gate, Whickham parish)
  • buried 5 Mar 1818 Thomas Jopling, of New York, age: 92
  • buried 24 Jul 1820 Joseph Angus, of Birtley, age: 65, buried by coroner’s warrant – verdict lunacy – he cut his left arm and bled to death in a field near Havannah

We also added the marriages witnesses to Washington marriages 1813-1822. If you previously purchased one of these, log in and click My Orders to see your past orders; when you view any Washington marriages in this period, they will now have witnesses.

Pittington baptisms 1574-1650

826 baptisms covering 1574-1650 at Pittington St. Lawrence. Before 1601, baptisms here only named the child, not the parents. From 1601 to 1650, the baptism named the father of the child but not the mother. Abodes are not given. For example:

  • 31 Dec 1598 Marmaduke Swallwell
  • 22 Mar 1629 George Swalwell, child of Marmaduke Swalwell