Barnard Castle baptisms & burials 1843-1846

At Barnard Castle St. Mary, covering 1843-1846, from the Bishop’s Transcript:

  • 646 baptisms
  • 430 burials

As well as Barnard Castle, residences listed include Marwood, Stainton, Startforth. Streatlam, Romaldkirk, Langleydale, Kinninvie, and Westwick. 

Some baptism samples:

  • 31 Jan 1843 William Stubbs, of Barnard Castle, illegitimate son of Draper Stubbs (wife of James Stubbs, flaxdresser who has not been heard of for several years)
  • 26 May 1844 Harrison Christopher Peacock, of Barnard Castle, son of John Harrison Peacock (writer) & Jane

and the 2 oldest people buried in this set:

  • 20 Dec 1846 Elizabeth Taylor, of Union Poor House, age: 103
  • 7 Oct 1843 Jane Percival, of Barnard Castle, age: 100