Heworth (Windy Nook) St. Albans baptisms & burials 1843-1879

1,976 baptisms and 1,458 burials at Heworth St. Alban, also knows as Windy Nook St. Alban and sometimes Gateshead St. Alban. This parish was carved out of Heworth St. Mary parish in 1843. The baptism register commences in August 1843 and the burial register in March 1844.  Baptisms & burials are from the Bishop’s Transcript, except the following which are all from the parish register: 1848 burials, baptisms & burials for 1850-57, 1859-63, 1865, 1869, 1873, 1876-78.

Residences mentioned include Alexander’s Buildings, Armstrong’s Buildings, Beacon Lough, Blue Quarries, Bog House, Caldwell or Coldwell Lane, Carr or Carr’s Hill, Crow Hall, Deckham Place, Drummond Row, Durham Place, Felling, Felling Shore, Fenwick Terrace, Gateshead, Greencroft, Heworth Colliery, High Felling, High Heworth, Holly Hill, Low Felling, Mount Pleasant, Newcastle, North Leam, Nurseries or Nursery Cottages, Parkinson Street, Potts’ Buildings, Sheriff Hill, Sisson’s Gate, Split Crow Lane, Springwell, Square Houses, Stuart Place, Victoria Cottages, Wardley, White Hill, Whitehouse Barns, Windy Nook, and Wrekenton.

Sample baptisms:

  • 10 Jun 1844 John Hilcote, of Carr Hill, son of William Hilcote (potter) & Jane
  • 22 Feb 1865 Katharine Blacklock, of Windy Nook, daughter of James Blacklock (blacksmith) & Mary Anne Blacklock
  • 7 Nov 1879 Thomas Barber Couper, of Felling, son of James Couper (joiner) & Jane Anne Couper


  • 18 May 1844 Michael Hemsley, of Windy Nook, age: 9 months
  • 29 Dec 1853 Thomas Ditchburn, of Windy Nook, age: 82
  • 15 Oct 1865 Barbara Cooley, of High Felling, age: 96
  • 11 Feb 1869 Mary Sarah Tindale Copeland, of Windy Nook, age: 16
  • 21 Nov 1879 Simeon Spurgeon, of High Felling, age: 74