Jarrow burials 1854-1859

779 burials at Jarrow St. Paul spanning 1854-1859. ( These actually went online Dec 18th but we forgot to announce them.) This filled in a gap we had a Jarrow, so we now have continuous burials 1813-1860. Some samples:

  • 17 Aug 1854 William Wakeling, age: 16, native of Cambridge, drowned at Pelaw Main
  • 23 Jul 1856 Mabel Burnet, of Jarrow, age: 97
  • 19 Sep 1857 Richard Tidy, of East Jarrow, age: 5, Coroner’s Warrant
  • 17 Dec 1859 Sarah Coulthard Irving, of Boldon Lane, age: 12

Whickham baptisms 1760-1784 updated

Replaced the index to baptisms at Whickham for 1760-1784 with full details, so those 3,572 baptisms are now instantly available, including 5 new ones we missed the first time around. Samples:

  • 30 Jul 1769 Zachariah Tyzack, of Ryton, son of John Tyzack by his wife Margaret
  • 14 Feb 1773 Thomas [Owen/Maddison], of Lowhand, illegitimate son of Thomas Maddison by Ann Owen
  • 6 May 1781 John Spotswood, of Whickham, son of Thomas Spotswood by his wife Jane

Many baptism records in this period at Whickham have the abode declared as “Sw Cr” or “Swal Crowley” or “Whic Crow”. There was a large and important
ironworks owned by the Crowley family, which employed and housed many Whickham residents. We have concluded that these entries meant one or more of the following:

  1. father worked for Crowley
  2. father lived in a house provided by Crowley
  3. child was baptised at the ironworks chapel (but recorded in the Whickham register)

We have designated the abode in such records as Swalwell (Crowley’s factory) or Whickham (Crowley’s factory) or similar.

Here is a good descriptive site about Crowley’s factory at Swalwell: