Darlington burials: West Cemetery 1905-1920 and North Cemetery 1874-1892

13,528 new Darlington burials !

  • 9580 burials at Darlington West Cemetery covering 1905-1920
  • 3948 burials at Darlington North Cemetery covering 1874-1892

Darlington North Cemetery opened in 1874, on ground donated by Arthur Pease, MP, and his brothers. There is some interesting Pease family (of Darlington) history in Arthur Pease’s obituary at the Durham Mining Museum’s excellent website. 

Like earlier burials at West Cemetery, these burials include the father’s (or single mother’s) name only for stillborn children.


  • 10 Jan 1905 stillborn child Hardy, of George Street, child of Andrew Hardy
  • 30 Apr 1884 James Race, age: 98, died at the Union Workhouse
  • 21 May 1875 Esther Dutton, of North Road, age: 78
  • 18 Dec 1889 Ann Overend, of Charles Street, age: 92
  • 3 Jan 1920 unnamed female child Flint, of 3 Silver Street, age: 15 minutes
  • 15 Mar 1919 stillborn child Hopper, of 20 Ethel Street, child of Rhoda Hopper
  • 11 Jul 1891 John Hillary Galloway, of Wales Street, age: 79
  • 12 Apr 1917 Sarah Boreham, of Azalea Terrace North, Sunderland, age: 72, [burial of] cremated remains
  • 27 Jan 1908 Robert Clement Weighell, of Skerne House, Janson Square, age: 32, found in the River Skerne

Abodes mentioned include many street addresses and neighbourhoods within Darlington, plus Albert Hill, Archdeacon Newton,  Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Blackwell, Cockerton, Drinkfield, Elmcroft, Fairfield Nursing Home, Fighting Cocks, Four Riggs, Harrowgate Hill, Haughton-le-Skerne, High Coniscliffe,  Hurworth, Low Coniscliffe, Middlesbrough, Middleton St. George, Mount Pleasant, New Shildon, Northallerton, North Cowton, Peaceful Valley, Redcar,  Rise Carr, Sedgefield, Shildon, Springfield, St. Joseph’s Home, Stapleton. There was also a surprising number of burials from further-away places such as Newcastle and South Shields – either travellers who died in Darlington, or people who died in a distant place and were brought home (or perhaps to their previous home) for burial.