Merrington baptisms & burials 1762-1812, marriages 1791-1812 & 1863-1884

At Merrington St. John the Evangelist in Auckland district:

  • 1, 827 baptisms and 1,139 burials covering 1762-1812. These are mostly from the Bishop’s Transcript with gaps filled in from the parish register and extensive checking against the parish register.
  • 169 marriages covering 1791-1812, including witnesses. Also included are several “banns called but not married here”, which will show up in your search results as Marriage Banns.
  • 201 marriages covering 1863-1884.  These are fully detailed, with fathers, occupations, ages, and witnesses.

When we compared the baptisms and marriages up to 1812 against the IGI, we found a surprisingly large number of omissions in the IGI, and several errors such as missing middle names or incorrect first names or parent names. Residences mentioned include Brass’s House, Butcher Race, Chilton, Crawley, Ferryhill, Fog Close House, Great Chilton, Green Lane, Hall Heads, Hett, Hill House, Howl House, Leasingthorne, Little Chilton, Merrington, Merrington Mill, Middlestone, Rushyford, Thinford Lane, Thrundle, Tudhoe, Tursdale Mill, West Close House, Westerton, Windlestone, and York Hill.

Mothers were not mentioned in baptisms here until September 1779. However, the good news is that the clerk started recording mother’s maiden surname in June 1796, nearly 2 years before it was required. Parents’ nativity details followed on schedule starting in January 1798.

  • 29 Sep 1766 Christopher Grey, of Hill House, an adult
  • 20 Oct 1771 Jane Binley, of Merrington, daughter of Marmaduke Binley
  • 16 Sep 1779 Hannah Arrowsmith, of Rushey Ford, daughter of William & Elizabeth Arrowsmith
  • 25 Dec 1789 Mary Emerson, of Windlestone, illegitimate daughter of Frances Emerson
  • 11 Oct 1796 Robert Gillhespe, of Merrington, born 29-Sep 1796, son of Martin Gillhespe & Elizabeth late Humble
  • 4 Feb 1798 Thomas Best, born 21-Jan 1798, 4th son of George Best (labourer, native of Heighington) by his wife Mary Fatkin (native of Blackgate)
  • 11 Apr 1812 Michael Scurr, born 22-Sep 1811, 9th son of Thomas Scurr (farmer, native of Thautny Beans) by his wife Hannah Storey (native of Thornaby)

In burials, mothers were mentioned only for illegitimate children, until late 1779, when both parents started being mentioned in a child’s death. Of course the 1798-1812 period provides all sorts of lovely details.

  • 2 Apr 1764 Mary Sherriton, of Chilton, wife of John Sherriton
  • 31 May 1775 Mary Gibbin, of Tudhoe Moor House, daughter of Thomas Gibbin
  • 12 Oct 1781 Ralph Garr, of Butcher Race, son of Richard & Mary Garr
  • 2 May 1795 Barbara Greensides, of Ferryhill, widow of Charles Greensides
  • 11 Sep 1798 Elizabeth Dodsworth late Hugal, of Merrington, age: 71, died 9 Sep, wife of Richard Dodsworth (schoolmaster)
  • 5 Feb 1804 Jonathan Burnup, of Hett, age: 13, died 3 Feb, son of Charles Burnup (weaver) by his wife Margaret late Welsh
  • 7 Feb 1812 Thomas Calvert, of Old Durham in the parish of St. Oswald, age: 39, Land Steward, died 4 Feb

The effect of the 1798-1812 details can be far-reaching. The 1804 burial of Jonathan Burnup above provides his mother’s maiden name, which was not given in his 1793 baptism record. This burial gives the maiden name of the mother of someone born in 1753:

  • 14 Mar 1805 Margaret Craggs, of Ruffley, age: 52, died 11 Mar, daughter of George Craggs (farmer, deceased) by his wife Ann late Smithson (deceased)

and this burial gives the maiden name of a woman born about 1706, if her burial age is correct:

  • 8 May 1808 Clare Brown late Watson, of Elm Park in the parish of Wolsingham, age: 102, died 6 May, widow of Joseph Brown (farmer)

Sample marriages:

  • 24 Jan 1791 George Pearson, of the parish of Staindrop married Ann Burdon, of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: John Burdon, James Burdon
  • 1 Mar 1810 Henry Howlet, of the City of York married Ann Sample, of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Thomas Arrowsmith, Mary Arrowsmith, Jane Arrowsmith, William Lynn
  • 19 Jan 1863 Thomas Willey (widower, labourer), age 55, of Middlestone, son of Michael Willey (farmer), married Anne Cummins (widow), age 59, of Middlestone, daughter of Peter Roxby (collier), after Banns
    Witnesses: Robert Charlton, Harriet Jackson
  • 16 Oct 1881 George Dickenson (widower, mason), age 50, of Merrington, son of Matthew Dickenson (mason), married Ann Blenkinsop (widow), age 51, of Merrington, daughter of John Todd (labourer), after Banns
    Witnesses: Thomas Sidgwick, Robert Charlton