Marriage bonds 1680-1689 updated with full details

Replaced the index to marriage bonds 1680-1689 with full details, so those 1,544 records are now instantly available.

Marriage bonds often provide ages, occupations, and place of residence for the bride and groom during a period when marriage registers did not provide that information. Please read the Marriage Bonds section of the Transcription Samples page for a description of what information is found in bonds, allegations, and associated documents, and how we present that information. For example:

  • 24 Apr 1680 Edward Clayton (ship-wright), of Wall Nook obtained a licence to marry Rosamond Hinde (widow), directed to Lanchester
    Surety: Ralph Clayton, felt-maker
    [Note: married 27 Apr at Lanchester.]
  • 22 Nov 1683 Anthony Coates (mariner), of Stockton-upon-Tees obtained a licence to marry Peregrine Holmes, of [Coniscliffe], directed to Coniscliffe
    Surety: John Dixon, mason, of Auckland
  • 19 Nov 1689 Anthony Gregson (gentleman), of Sunny Lawes, Northumberland obtained a licence to marry Jane Robson
    Surety: Richard Smith, gentleman, of Ramside
    [Note: married 21 Nov at Pittington.]

Marriage bonds cover the entire Diocese of Durham i.e. Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire. There are a few licences in our collection that were issued by York. Because bonds cover the whole diocese, there is no way to limit your search of bonds to a single district. If you select a district from the District menu, your selection will be ignored when the marriage bonds database is searched.