Stockton baptisms 1815-1828, burials 1813-1831, marriage witnesses 1813-1833

At Stockton St. Thomas in Stockton district, from the Bishop’s Transcript:

  • 2,541 baptisms covering 1815-1828. We now have baptisms at Stockton St. Thomas for 1762-1832.
  • 1,952 burials covering 1813-1831. We now have burials here for 1762-1831.
  • added witnesses to the 1,100 marriages we already had online for 1813-1833, giving you an additional 2,624 names to search in

Besides street addresses in Stockton, residences mentioned include Bowesfield, Castlegate, East Hartburn, Hartburn, Portrack, Preston, Ramsgate, Smithfield, Stockton, and Thistle Green.

In the baptisms, the Stockton clerk continued the (no longer required) tradition of listing the child’s birth order in the family, which can be very helpful in determining if there are children whose baptism records are missing. On the other hand, the child order can be wrong, especially if there are infant deaths in the sequence. A parent may call a child “1st son”; then, if that child dies right away and another son is born a year later, that 2nd son may also be called “1st son” because there are no living sons at the time. So while the stated child order may be a useful piece of information, it should not be regarded as gospel truth, especially if it conflicts with other information you have gathered.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1815 Catherine Ann Gibson, of Stockton, 2nd daughter of Bartholomew (miller) & Mary Gibson
  • 24 May 1819 Thomas Richmond Wastell, of Portrack Blue House, 3rd son of Robert (farmer) & Hannah Wastell
  • 29 Apr 1823 James Nicholas Appleby, of Stockton, 8th son of William (labourer) & Margaret Appleby
  • 30 Dec 1828 George Noble Wilkinson, of Gallery in Silver Street, 2nd son of Robert Wilkinson (wharfinger’s clerk) & Mary Ann Wilkinson

Sample burials, including a mystery surname:

  • 20 Feb 1813 Richard Howey, of Stockton, age: 68
  • 15 May 1819 Jane Lingbarrow, of Stockton, age: 75
  • 30 Aug 1824 Pinny Wood Faiilmle, of Stockton, age: 59
    [Note: This surname is written very clearly but is completely unfamiliar to us and we can’t come up with a phonetic equivalent that is more common.]
  • 1 Dec 1831 Richard Sawray, of Redcar, age: 36

Sample marriages:

  • 1 Feb 1813 Robert Bell (bachelor), of the parish of Carlton, Yorkshire married Jane Sayer (spinster), of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: James Sayer, William Clarke
  • 25 May 1819 George Leng (widower), of this parish married Eleanor Roberts (spinster), of the parish of St. Luke, Middlesex, by banns
    Witnesses: E. Robert Roberts, Robert Turner
  • 26 Jul 1826 John Nilson Beaumont (bachelor), of this parish married Margaret Foxton (spinster), of this parish, by licence with consent of Henry Wade Foxton, her father
    Witnesses: R. Webb, Fanny Foxton, H.W. Foxton
  • 25 Dec 1833 John Fletcher (bachelor), of this parish married Elizabeth Inman (spinster), of the parish of Stainton, Yorkshire, by banns
    Witnesses: John Mann, Ann Inman

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