West Hartlepool St. Aidan baptisms 1890-1905, marriages 1891-1909

1,591 baptisms and 500 marriages at West Hartlepool St. Aidan, which was carved out of the parishes of Seaton Carew Holy Trinity and Stranton All Saints in late 1890. These records are from the first baptism and marriage register; the baptisms run from Oct 1890 to June 1905, and the marriages run from April 1891 to Sept 1909.

Nearly all of these baptisms give the birth date of the child, which was not required. Samples:

  • 14 Oct 1890 Reginald Alderson, of 22 South Burn Tce., born 13 Sep 1890, child of John (foreman) & Catherine Alderson
  • 16 May 1905 Dorothy Davies, of 5 Hampshire St., born 9 May 1905, child of James (instructor of physical exercise) & Gertrude Davies

Sample marriage:

  • 11 Jul 1904 Thomas Jackson (widower, labourer), age 56, of 4 Sarah St., son of Richard Jackson (shoemaker, deceased), married Mary Ann Riddell (widow), age 55, of 4 Sarah St., daughter of Robert Humphrey (blacksmith, deceased), by banns
    Witnesses: Elizabeth Hewitson, Edith Lawther