Morpeth baptisms & burials 1813-1840, marriages 1813-1836

At Morpeth St. Mary the Virgin in Morpeth district, Northumberland, from the Bishop’s Transcript:

  • 2,940 baptisms covering 1813-1840
  • 2,503 burials covering 1813-1840
  • 556 marriages covering 1813-1836

Abodes mentioned include Abbey Mill, Alnwick, Baremoor, Bedlington, Benridge, Bothal, Broad Law, Bullers Green, Catchburn, Clifton, Coal Burn, Cock Hill, Cottingwood or Cotton Wood, Dovecote Mill, Dunses House, East Mill, Heighley, Heley Wood, Hepscott & Hepscott Moor, High Church, High House, High Stanners, Lonsdean, Mitford, Morpeth, Morpeth Castle, Netherton, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newminster Abbey, North Shields, Park House, Pegswood Moor, Pottery Bank, Shadfin, Shaws, Sheepwash or Shipwash, Shilvington, Spring Hill, Stobhill, Tranwell, Ulgham, Watch Hill, Waterside House, and Wideopen.

The first few baptisms show the mother’s maiden surname, but unfortunately that custom ceased quickly:

  • 9 Jan 1813 James Willis, of Morpeth, son of Thomas Willis (stationer & printer) & Dorothy Nicholson
  • 8 Aug 1829 Maria Spraggon, of Thorney Ford, daughter of Ralph (farmer) & Esther Spraggon
  • 1 Mar 1832 Ann Cutter, of Morpeth, daughter of Dorothy Cutter (spinster)
  • 8 Nov 1840 Catharine Donkin, of Morpeth, daughter of Samuel (innkeeper) & Ann Donkin

Sample burials – this parish had some very long-lived folk, and some soldiers passing through:

  • 14 Jan 1815 George Jewitt, of Park House, age: 99
  • 12 Apr 1823 Jane Taylor, of Morpeth, age: 105
  • 14 Nov 1833 Ann Scott, of Morpeth, age: 106
  • 9 Apr 1839 Joseph Phillips, of [the] 7th Dragoons, age: 47

Sample marriages:

  • 17 Sep 1814 George Atkinson (bachelor), of the parish of Heworth, Durham married Mary Elizabeth Ismay (spinster), of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Dorothy Ismay, John Atkinson, Jr
  • 5 Jan 1835 Robert Swan Fothergill, of this parish married Elizabeth Atkinson, of the parish of Monkwearmouth, by licence
    Witnesses: John Bates, William Bates