Bishopwearmouth: Sans Street Methodist (Sunderland circuit) baptisms 1797-1837

320 baptisms at the Wesleyan Methodist chapel on Sans Street in Bishopwearmouth (Sunderland), from the first birth recorded in the register (1797) to the end of the register in Oct 1837.

Sans Street Chapel was among the oldest Methodist churches in the area, built in 1791 and enlarged in in the early 1800s to accommodate over 2,000 people. It no longer exists.

Because this church was the principal chapel of the Sunderland Methodist circuit, there are numerous baptisms listed as having been performed in nearby Houghton-le-Spring and other areas served by the circuit. Abodes mentioned include Ayre’s Quay, Bishopwearmouth, Blaydon (Ryton parish), Colliery Dykes (Lanchester parish), Cox Green, Downs, Easington parish, Easington Lane, Herrington, Hetton, Houghton-le-Spring, Hylton Ferry, Monkwearmouth, Monkwearmouth Shore, New Painshaw (Penshaw chapelry), Newbottle, Philadelphia, Ryton, Shiney Row, South Shields, Southwick, Sunderland, and Usworth (Washington parish).

The first 27 baptisms give just the birth date, not the baptism date. In 1823-1827, many of the baptisms give the mother’s maiden surname. A few give the mother’s parents.

Sample baptisms:

  • Ralph Steel, born 29 Aug 1797, son of Thomas (potter) & Alice Steel, born at Stoke upon Trent
  • 25 Dec 1816 Ann Sharrock Hollingworth, of Bishopwearmouth, born 22 Nov 1816, daughter of Joseph (Methodist preacher) & Rebecca Hollingworth
  • 10 May 1826 Jane Lynn, of Colliery Row, Houghton-le-Spring parish, born 18 Apr 1826, daughter of Robert Lynn (sawyer) & Elizabeth Lamb (his wife)
  • 1 Nov 1835 Elizabeth Bell Dunning, of Bishopwearmouth, born 11 Jul 1834, daughter of John (shipwright) & Isabella Dunning

Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1798-1800 & 1835-1836, burials 1798-1812

Extending our reach into Newcastle, All Saints parish, we have added 2 more years of baptisms at the most recent end of the spectrum (we already had 1813-1834 online), started working on the earlier baptisms, and completed the most detailed period of burials. These are all from the Bishop’s Transcript, with some checking against the film of the original register.

  • 1,848 baptisms covering 1835-1836
  • 1,263 baptisms covering 1798-1800
  • 1,960 burials covering the detail-rich period of 1798-1812

Residences mentioned are mostly streets in All Saints parish, but also include Ballast Hills, Blyth’s Nook, Byker (also Byker Bar and Byker Hill), the Cut, Dents Hole, Elswick, Fawdon, Freeman’s Hospital, Garth Heads Hospital, Gateshead, Glasshouses, High Bridge, Keelman’s Hospital, Low Heaton, North Shields, North Shore, Ouseburn, Pandon, Quayside, Sandhill, Shieldfield, Side, St. Anthony’s, St. Ann’s, St. Nicholas, Stockbridge, Stoney Hill, Trinity House, Wall Knowl or Knoll, West House, Willington, and Windmill Hills.

Sample burials – we just love this period with all the maiden surnames:

  • 14 Jan 1798 John Spooner, of Quayside, age: 47, custom house clerk, died 12 Jan
  • 15 Dec 1805 Richard Arrowsmith, of Broad Chare, age: 14, son of Robert Arrowsmith (shipwright) by his wife Jane late Pendleton, died 12 Dec
  • 17 May 1811 John Linsley, of Side, age: 10, illegitimate son of John Linsley (cheesemonger) by Susanna Gordon, died 15 May
  • 28 Dec 1812 Elizabeth Burn late Sanderson, of New Road, age: 90, widow of William Burn (brewer), died 26 Dec

Sample baptisms:

  • 2 Jan 1798 Mary Wardell, born 8 Nov 1797, 1st daughter of Thomas Wardell (merchant, native of Sedgefield, Durham) by his wife Mary Burrell (daughter of John Burrell of Bishop Middleham)
  • 28 Dec 1800 Margaret Younghusband, born 27 Oct 1800, 3rd daughter of Richard Younghusband (mariner, native of this Chapelry) by his wife Jane Horsley (daughter of Robert Horsley, butcher, of this Chapelry)
  • 13 Mar 1835 James Hudson, of New Road, born 28 Jul 1818, son of James (thread manufacturer, deceased) & Esther Hudson
  • 31 Dec 1836 Mary Price Robson, of Walker Quay, daughter of Thomas (corver) & Dorothy Robson

Note that there is an odd gap in the All Saints baptisms indexed by the old IGI (now – 1835 and the first half of 1836 are not there – so if you have been looking for somebody in that period, this data set may have a pleasant surprise for you.

Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1910-1914

7,883 burials at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland district, covering 1910-1914. Abodes mentioned, besides street addresses in Bishopwearmouth, included Ballast Hills, Deptford, Fulwell, Grangetown, Monkwearmouth, Newcastle, South Hylton, South Shields, Southwick, and Wallsend.

Because these are cemetery records rather than church burials, there is usually either an occupation, parent, or spouse listed in the record, and sometimes the cause of death. Here are some samples:

  • 3 Jan 1910 John Eggleston, of [blank abode], age: 48, naturalist, drowned in the river Wear
  • 24 Aug 1911 Margaret Graham Crichton, of 59 Percy Park, Tynemouth, age: 82, widow of Archbold Crichton
  • 19 Dec 1912 Thomas Davison Wilkinson, of 31 Nile Street, age: 71, police court missionary
  • 10 Jun 1914 Edith May Digney, of 6 Bewick’s Buildings, South Hylton, age: 28, daughter of Michael Digney
  • 12 May 1914 Dorothy Jane Nelson, of 1 Winifred Terrace, Fulwell, age: 75, wife of Severin James Nelson

Monk Hesleden baptisms 1837-1857 updated

Updated 982 baptisms for the years 1837-1857 at Monk Hesleden St. Mary in Easington district, adding father’s occupations where they had been omitted earlier. A handful of records in 1838-1842 also gained birth dates.

Sample before the update:

  • 11 Jun 1837 Robert Wake, of Church Hesleden, son of William & Jane Wake
  • 23 Dec 1838 Margaret Alderson, of Church Hesleden, daughter of James & Mary Alderson

and after the update:

  • 11 Jun 1837 Robert Wake, of Church Hesleden, son of William (platelayer on the railroad) & Jane Wake
  • 23 Dec 1838 Margaret Alderson, of Church Hesleden, born 22 Dec, daughter of James (waggon rider) & Mary Alderson

If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a major change, such as a name, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district baptisms that are missing occupations, abodes, and/or birth dates.

Durham St. Cuthbert RC baptisms 1841-1885 & marriages 1841-1884

At St. Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic church in the city of Durham:

  • 4,677 baptisms from 1 Jan 1841 to 30 July 1885
  • 854 marriages 1841-1884 inclusive

Starting in 1856, most of these records are in Latin. Rather than changing these to English, we have left the Latin names and invisibly indexed them by their English counterparts so you can find them by typing in the English name. We have also added the English names as visible alternate names in square brackets when we thought the English counterpart to the Latin name might not be obvious to the average reader, and we have annotated with translations many of the Latin textual notes that appear in the register.

Sample baptisms – most have godparents and many of the later ones include marriage information for the child:

  • 6 Sep 1841 Thomas Manes, of Claypath, born 29 Aug 1841, child of Arthur Manes & Margt. McKeone (congs [married couple]), bapt. by W. Fletcher
    Godparents or Sponsors: Thomas McCormac
  • 1 Mar 1857 Gratia McGragh [McGrath], of New Elvet, born 1 Mar 1857, daughter of Joannis McGragh [McGrath] & Isabella olim [formerly] Salmon (conjugum [married couple]), eadum die domo a ini rite baptizates ab immens mortes periculum [baptized at home due to imminent danger of death], by Roberto Smith
    Godparents or Sponsors: Jacobus Tierney; Joanna Maguire
  • 21 Jun 1885 Margarita Gibbons, of Houghall, born 6 May 1885, daughter of Joannis Gibbons & Maria olim [formerly] Jackson (conjugum [married couple]), ipsa, die 13 Maii 1911, matrimonium contraxit cum Taylor Reay in ecclesia Sti. Josephi apud Stanley, in Comitatu Dunelmensi, bapt. by Gulielmo Brown
    Godparents or Sponsors: Jacobus Mahon; Maria Crowden

Like Anglican marriages, Catholic marriages include the names of the fathers of the bride and groom. Unlike Anglican marriages, occupations and ages are not part of the record, and abodes are given for nearly all of the witnesses. Until the end of 1855, the names of both sets of parents and their abodes were also included; after that, the bride’s father’s abode is often listed, and, more rarely, the groom’s father’s abode. Examples:

  • 5 Apr 1843 Peter Lennon, of Durham, son of Brian & Ellen Lennon (of Halfleat, Co Monagan), married Sara Peters, of Durham, daughter of Robert & Margaret Peters (of Crosmaline, Co Mayo), married by W Fletcher
    Witnesses: Mary Brady, of Durham, Patrick O’Brien, of Durham
  • 27 May 1853 Henry Allen, of Shincliffe, son of John & Elizabeth Allen (of Annadown), married Bridget Nester, of Witton Gilbert, daughter of John & Elizabeth Nester (of Korifin), married by William Fletcher
    Witnesses: Sabina Allen, of Shincliffe, Thomas Fahy, of Shincliffe
  • 4 May 1865 Gulielmum [William] Railton, of Elvet, son of Johannis [John] Railton, married Elizam [Eliza] Gordon, daughter of Petri [Peter] Gordon (of Aberdeen), married by Henricus Marshall
    Witnesses: Isabella Norman, of Mount Oswald, Patritius Rooney, of Elvet
  • 19 Feb 1876 Joannem [John] O’Hara, of Middle Rainton, son of Martini [Martin] O’Hara, married Elizabetham [Elizabeth] McAllum (viduam), daughter of Roberti [Robert] Bradley (of Hibernia [Ireland]), married by Gulielmus Brown
    Witnesses: Elizabetha Burns, of Broomside, Michaele Murphy, of Broomside
  • 14 Apr 1884 Gulielmum Henricum [William Henry] Mitchell, son of Joannis [John] Mitchell, married Beatricem Harriet Barlow, daughter of Gulielmi Goodall [William] Barlow (of Quebec), married by Edwardus Consitt
    Witnesses: Emma Barlow, of Quebec, Georgio Moody, of Dunelmo [Durham]

Unfortunately all those name translations make the record look very cluttered, but we felt that was better than perplexing people whose Latin may be rusty or non-existent.

Seaham Harbour Methodist marriages updated

Updated 462 marriages at the following Methodist churches in and around Seaham Harbour, adding occupations, ages, abodes, marital status, and witnesses:

  • Seaham Harbour (Centenary) Methodist Church, Stewart Street, 1954-1968
  • Seaham Harbour United Methodist Church, Church Street, 1950-1968
  • Seaham Harbour, Primitive Methodist Chapel, Tempest Place, 1912-1933
  • Seaham Harbour, Bourne Methodist Church, Tempest Place, 1933-1960
  • Cold Hesledon (Stockton Street) Methodist Church, 1946-1971

The next two churches did not record ages, occupations, or marital status, so we could only add abodes and witnesses:

  • Caroline Street Independent Methodist Church, 1939-1966
  • New Seaham, Stanley Street Independent Methodist Church, 1968-1999, plus we added 14 marriages to bring this collection up to the end of 2013. Many of these marriages name the mothers (in addition to the fathers) of the bride and groom

Added 10 marriages between 1919 and 2007 at New Seaham, Enfield Road Independent Methodist Church, and corrected some minor errors. Unfortunately this church recorded only the date and names of the parties who were married, so we couldn’t do any updating as we did with the other churches above.

Seaham Harbour St. John marriages updated 1847-1881

724 marriages at Seaham Harbour St. John, from the beginning of this church’s register in 1847 to the end of 1881, were updated with the missing abodes, ages, occupations, and witnesses, and several errors were corrected.

Two samples before the update:

  • 4 Feb 1866 William Greenhow, son of William Greenhow, married Sarah Britton Fenwick, daughter of Edward Fenwick
  • 3 Jun 1880 Michael Kennedy, son of Henry Kennedy, married Mary Jane Merrington (widow), daughter of Thomas Harrison

and after the update:

  • 4 Feb 1866 William Greenhow (bachelor, shipwright), age 18, of Seaham Harbour, son of William Greenhow (sawyer), married Sarah Britton Fenwick (spinster), age 24, of Seaham Harbour, daughter of Edward Fenwick (labourer)
    Witnesses: James Britton Fenwick, George Rewcastle
  • 3 Jun 1880 Michael Kennedy (widower, greengrocer), age 65, of North Railway Street, Seaham Harbour, son of Henry Kennedy (miner), married Mary Jane Merrington (widow), age 55, of North Railway Street, Seaham Harbour, daughter of Thomas Harrison (parish clerk of Dalton-le-Dale)
    Witnesses: William Fletcher, Annie Ridley

If you have purchased a marriage at Seaham Harbour St. John, you should review it to see if any information was added or changed. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our Easington district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.

Easington burials 1570-1653

1,660 burials at Easington St. Mary the Virgin, from the start of the register on 10 May 1570 to 5 July 1653. We still have to fill the gap from mid-1653 to 3 Jan 1758.

Many of these records were in Latin. A few have abodes (starting in 1648, most do), including Castle Eden, Easington, Edderacres, Haswell, Hawthorn, Horden, Pespool, Shotton, and Thorpe. Only a very few records have ages. There were no burials in the register for 1587-1588.

Sample burials:

  • 26 May 1570 Agnes Timothey, wyffe of William Timothey
  • 26 Apr 1595 Anne Reed, of Haswell, age: 100, widdow, a hundred years old & odd
  • 29 Jul 1598 Robertus Lyghton, of Shotton, admodum senex [very old]
  • 9 Oct 1637 Elizabetha Johnston, filia [daughter] of Willmi [William] Johnston
  • 5 Jul 1653 Barbary Newie, of Haswell

Stranton All Saints baptisms 1957-1977

3,095 baptisms at Stranton All Saints in Hartlepool district, from 31 March 1957 to 5 June 1977. Godparents or sponsors are named from March 1962 to the end of this set. The addresses given are nearly all streets in Stranton (West Hartlepool), plus some in Billingham, Hart Station, Greatham, Owton Manor, Middlesbrough, Seaton Carew, and as far afield as California (USA), Nova Scotia (Canada), South Africa, and Hong Kong.

Because these are from a relatively recent period, we don’t wish to infringe on the privacy of any living people by posting their baptism here, so we have chosen samples for whom we were able to ascertain the death of the baptizee:

  • 30 Jun 1957 Patricia Alton, of 5 Havelock St., born 6 Jun 1957, child of William (welder) & Annie Alton
  • 13 Dec 1964 Christine Margaret Robbins, of 9 Avenue Rd., born 25 Nov 1964, child of Edwin George Robbins (scrap burner) & Sarah Lydia Robbins
    Godparents or Sponsors: Nicholas Sowerby, Linda Sowerby, Helen M. Robbins

Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1900-1909

17,416 burials at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland district, from where we last left off in mid-May 1900, to the end of 1909. Abodes mentioned, besides street addresses in Bishopwearmouth, included Ballast Hills, Deptford, Fulwell, Grangetown, Monkwearmouth, Newcastle, South Hylton, South Shields, Southwick, and Wallsend.

Because these are cemetery records rather than church burials, there is usually either an occupation, parent, or spouse listed in the record, and sometimes the cause of death. Here are some samples:

  • 13 May 1900 Charles Rainford, of 21 Ridley Terrace, age: 45, cartman
  • 17 May 1900 William Elliott, of [blank abode], age: 33, waterman, drowned in the Wear
  • 15 Dec 1904 Hannah Ratcliff, of 1 Ravensworth Terrace, age: 74, widow of William Davison Ratcliff
  • 2 Mar 1905 Emma Sophia Cogman, of 3 Toward Terrace, age: 87, wife of Frederick Cogman
  • 21 Jul 1907 John Ramshaw Hedley, of 5 Biss Street, age: 16, son of Jane Ann Hedley
  • 30 Dec 1909 Mary Elizabeth Jordan, of 84 Wear Street, age: 18, daughter of James Jordan

and here is the oldest person in this set:

  • 6 Mar 1901 Mary Mattimore, of [blank abode], age: 106, widow of James Mattimore, died at the High Barnes Home