Castletown Cemetery burials 1921-1998

1,920 burials at Castletown Cemetery in the parish of Hylton, township of Southwick, Sunderland district, from the first burial in May 1921 to mid-July 1998. This small (4.5 acre) municipal cemetery is located on the north side of the River Wear on Hylton Castle Road. Abodes listed are mostly street addresses in Castletown, Hylton Castle, Monkwearmouth, North Hylton, Southwick, Sunderland, and a few in Washington.

Sample burials – nearly all of the burials in this set list either a parent, spouse, or occupation, plus the causes for accidental and war deaths:

  • 23 Aug 1944 Mary otherwise Kathleen Bracebridge otherwise Thwaites, of 25 Park Street North, age: 34, adopted daughter of Mary Watson Thwaites
  • 8 Nov 1951 Mary Watson Thwaites, of 25 Park Street North, age: 91, widow of William Thwaites
  • 10 Apr 1945 Charles George Cope, of Manor House Cottage, North Hylton, age: 86, husband of the late Margaret Ellen Cope
  • 16 Nov 1948 Robert Walker Curtis, of 28 Ernwill Avenue, age: 70, son of the late George William Curtis & Ellen Curtis
  • 11 Dec 1968 George David Lakie, of 2 Thrush Grove, age: 99, gardener
  • 9 Sep 1950 William Wood, of 30 Oswald Terrace South, age: 24, son of Thomas Wood, died accidentally at Hylton Colliery
  • 6 Jan 1934 Mary Ann Kirtley, of 2 Aged Miners Homes, North Hylton Road, age: 79, widow of Wilkinson Kirtley, died at the residence of her daughter Mrs C.E. Collins of 47 Wharton Street, Westoe, South Shields

Ebchester updates: marriages 1619-1733, burials 1619-1766

We reviewed our earliest Ebchester records and updated the marriages from 1619 to 1733 and the burials from 1619 to 1766. Added one burial. Most of the updates were minor changes to name spellings and place name spellings, and a few date changes.

If you purchased a marriage or burial at Ebchester in these periods, we recommend that you review it by clicking My Account – My Orders and checking the record to see if anything has changed. If you purchased a record that received anything more significant than a minor spelling change, the corrected record has been emailed to you.

Coming on the heels of our summer update to early Ebchester, we finally feel like our transcriptions of the intertwined Medomsley and Ebchester registers are in pretty good shape!

Medomsley updates: baptisms 1608-1757, marriages 1608-1747, burials 1608-1797

At Medomsley in Lanchester district, we recently discovered that from 1608 to 1727, in addition to the original baptism, marriage, and burial registers, there is a handwritten copy of each register, which appears to have been made sometime later by a parish clerk. Some events appear only in the original register, some appear only in the 2nd (copy) register, and some appear in both registers but one register may contain additional details or differences. We have tried to combine the 2 registers into some sort of logical solution that avoids making customers purchase 2 records to see minor differences.

Baptisms 1608-1757

  • added 23 baptisms that were in one register but not the other, or that had been missed
  • updated several hundred baptisms with new or changed information. Some years were also corrected to the modern dating system (i.e. 1 Jan through 24 Mar were changed to the following year).
  • Sample baptisms, with the new explanatory notes:
    • 30 Dec 1711 Thomas Glenwright [Wright], son of Cuthbert Glenwright [Wright]
      [Note: in this period, there is an original register and handwritten copy. The names in brackets are from the copy, which differs from the original.]
    • 2 Feb 1634 Margret Barcas [Barkhouse], daughter of Ranold [Donald] Barcas [Barkhouse]
      [Note: in this period, there is an original register and handwritten copy. The names in brackets are from the copy, which differs from the original.]

Burials 1608-1797

  • added 12 burials that were in one register but not the other
  • updated numerous burials with alternate names and details from the 1st register
  • Sample burials:
    • 2 May 1608 Elizabeth Hopp [Hopper], wife of William Hopp [Hopper]
      [Note: in this period, there is an original register and handwritten copy. The names in brackets are from the copy, which differs from the original.]
    • 7 May 1723 Jane Backworth [Beckworth], wife of Thomas Backworth [Beckworth], drowned herself
      [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers in this period; “drowned herself” is only in the 2nd register, which is generally a copy of the first register, but contains some differences.]

Marriages 1608-1747

  • added 3 marriages and updated 228 marriages
  • we actually made this marriage update on August 4th, on the heels of our previous Medomsley update, but forgot to announce it!
  • Sample marriages:
    • 22 May 1621 George Sampson [Thompson] married Isable Robeson [Robinson]
      [Note: there are two versions of this register, showing surname variations.]
    • 25 Jan 1623 Robert Galilee married Jane Fetherstonhaugh
      [Note: there are 2 versions of the register for this period, but this is found only in the second register, which otherwise appears to be a copy of the first register.]

If you purchased a record from Medomsley in these periods, we recommend that you review it by clicking My Account – My Orders and checking the record to see if anything has changed. If you purchased a record that received anything more significant than a minor spelling change, the corrected record has been emailed to you. If you’ve been missing people at Medomsley, we recommend you search again to see if they’ve been added!

Minor census updates

A recent review of some of our census transcriptions turned up the following missing pages, which have now been added:

  • 1841: a page of Preston-le-Skerne
  • 1861: a page of Usworth

If you are missing somebody in either of these places, we recommend trying your search again.

We also discovered that in 1861, Newton Cap is missing the last page or several (piece 3712, folio 85 and possibly more), containing the following places (according to the description): Small Leazes, High Wadsworth, Beechburn House, Lowside, Lowside Cottages, Wadsworth, Needless Hall, Red Barns, Sandy Pool Cottages, Blue House, and Newton Cap Old Hall. We ordered the original census book from its climate-controlled vault to see if the missing page or pages had simply escaped filming or were indeed lost, and since the book ended at the same place as the film, we have to assume those pages were lost or destroyed before filming.

Durham St. Nicholas baptisms 1540-1700

5,484 baptisms at St. Nicholas in the city of Durham, from the start of the first register in 1540 to the end of 1700. Between Oct 1551 to Feb 1561, there are only 3 baptisms: one each in 1553, 1557, and 1558.

The 2nd baptism register was started in 1603. In 1653, an Act was passed that required births (rather than baptisms) to be recorded, so a new register was started in late 1653. This “birth register” is not in strict chronological order, and it also included baptisms during some periods. From 1653 to the end of 1661, some events were recorded in both registers, and some events are in one register but not the other, so in effect, there were 2 birth/baptism registers running concurrently. The Act was repeated in 1660 after the Restoration of Charles II to the throne, after which the clerk used both registers to record baptisms. After 1661, there are far fewer entries in the birth register than in the baptism register. The birth register for 1653-1700 contains in total just under 300 entries; the baptism register for the same period contains just over 2,100 entries. In an effort to prevent duplication, we have combined some birth and baptism registrations into one event, with an explanatory note. That way, you only have to buy one record to see both the birth and baptism dates for a particular child.

Sample baptisms:

  • 21 Oct 1540 Robert Eden, sonne of John Eden
  • 12 Jun 1603 Alice Veapon, daughter of Peyvall [Percival] Veapon (chanler)
  • 8 Jan 1622 Thomas Chipchesse, sonn of Willyam Chipchesse (younger, butcher)
  • 7 Dec 1652 Robert Padman, sonne of Richard Padman (barbar)
  • 30 Nov 1655 Barbry Wood, born 28 Nov 1655, daughter of Henry Wood (tobackoman)   [Note: this is a combination of an entry in the 1653-1700 birth register and an entry in the 1603-1731 baptism register.]
  • 24 Apr 1669 Anne [Welbury/Lawes], bastard child, supposed daughter of Jerrard Welbury begotten of one Jane Lawes (spinster)
  • 23 Jun 1700 William Hilton, son of Cuthbert Hilton (glaser)


Catholic marriages at Murton and New Seaham updated

Updated marriages at these Roman Catholic churches in Easington district:

  • Murton St. Joseph: updated 492 marriages spanning April 1912 through March 1958, adding the abodes of the brides and grooms, birth dates when given, and all of the witnesses. We also added 2 marriages we missed the first time around.
  • New Seaham St. Cuthbert: updated 397 marriages from 27 Apr 1935 to 3 March 1973, mostly by adding all of the witnesses and correcting errors. Abodes were generally not given in this register, but we did add the dozen or so that we found, plus one marriage we’d missed the first time around. Some witnesses also had addresses, which we included.

If you purchased a marriage at this church, we recommend that you review it by clicking My Account – My Orders and checking that marriage to see if anything has changed, and to see the additional details. If you purchased a record that received anything more significant than a minor spelling change, the corrected record has been emailed to you.

Newburn burials 1813-1880

6,804 burials at Newburn (St. Michael & All Angels) in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland, on the edge of the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, covering 1813-1880, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. This set also includes several burials at the nearby chapel of Dalton, Holy Trinity, which opened in 1836.

Newburn was hit hard by the cholera epidemic of 1832. Dr. John Snow, who proved the connection between cholera (then called “cholera morbus”) and contaminated water, later wrote: “There is no spot in this country in which the cholera was more fatal during the epidemic of 1832 than the village of Newburn, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We are informed, in an excellent paper on the subject by Dr. David Craigie, that exactly one-tenth of the population died. The number of the inhabitants was five hundred and fifty; of these, three hundred and twenty suffered from the epidemic… and the deaths amounted to fifty-five.” However, we found 70 deaths spanning January to March 1832 with “chol”, “chol: morbus”, or “c. morbus” written beside them in the burial register, plus another 9 deaths when a brief outbreak occurred in Sept 1832 and another 15 in the outbreak of 1849. Chilling details about Newburn’s experience during the epidemic can be read in Snow’s article – use your browser to search for Newburn in the article.

Newburn is just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parishes of Ryton, Whickham, and Gateshead, so many families moved back and forth and will be found in the records of all four parishes. Residences mentioned besides Newburn include Bank Top, Bell’s Close, Benwell, Black Callerton, Blaydon, Blucher Pit, Broom Hall, Butterlaw, Callerton, Chapel House, Coley Hill, Coronation Pit, Crescent Farm, Cut End, Dalton, Denton, Denton Burn, Denton Square, Derwent Haugh, Dewley (Duley, Dewlaw), Dewley Burn, Dissington, Donkin’s Houses, Dumpling Hall, Eachwick, East Denton, Elswick, Farden or Fawdon, Fell House, Gateshead, Gosforth, Heddon-on-the-Wall, High Throckley, High Whorlton, Hill Head, Holland, Hodge or Hotch Pudding, Jarrow, Kenton, Lemington, Lough House, Ludwick or Luddick, New Throckley, New Winning, Newbiggin, Newburn Hall, Newburn Lane End, Newcastle, North Shields, Peck’s Houses, Pigs Hall or Pigg’s Hall, Ponteland, Ryton, Scotswood, Silver Hill, Slatyford, South Dissington, Spetchells, Spital Tongues, Stamfordham, Sugley, Sugley Field, Throckley, Throckley Fell, Union Hall, Walbottle, Walbottle High Pit, Walbottle Quarries, West Denton, Whorlton, Winlaton,  Woolsington, and Wylam.

Sample burials:

  • 3 Feb 1813 Luke Blackburn, of East Denton, age: 85
  • 7 Nov 1819 John White, of Throckley, age: 105
  • 27 Aug 1818 Isabella Heaton, of Benwell, age: 100
  • 11 Jan 1832 Jane Trotter, of Newburn, age: 70, col: mor: [cholera morbus]
  • 3 Nov 1840 Margery Todd, of Dalton, age: 80, buried at H.T. [Holy Trinity, Dalton]
  • 10 Nov 1849 Ann Stonehouse, of Lemington, age: 54, chol [cholera]
  • 19 Apr 1863 Lucinda Taylor, of Eachwick, parish of Heddon, age: 29
  • 30 Sep 1875 Walter Humble, of Scotswood in parish of Benwell, age: 48, Coroner’s Inquest
  • 2 Nov 1880 John Maurice Milne Eggie, of Whorlton School, age: 4

New searches! Birthplace, Abode, or Census Address, and a restriction lifted for subscribers

We have added 3 exciting new search filters per requests from customers! They are:

  • Abode – In parish records, you may now specify a place name and it will be compared to the abode declared in the parish record. For example, you might be curious about the activities of the Barnfather family who lived at East and West Butsfield farms, so you would add %butsfield% to the new Abode field of the Parish Record Filters section. That will turn up baptisms, marriages, and burials of people who reported living at East Butsfield, West Butsfield, Butsfield Plantation, etc. You can also leave the name fields blank and search for everybody who claims that abode.
  • Birthplace – In census records, you may now restrict your search to persons born only in a certain place (as declared in the census, with whatever spelling they used.) Building on the example above, you could search for the surname Barnfather in All Censuses, moving %butsfield% to the new Birthplace field in the Census Filters section. You can leave the name fields blank and search for everybody who claims a particular birthplace.
  • Address – Annual subscribers (only) can now search for a specific census address in the Census Filters section. For example, you can search for %Farrington Hall% in the 1891 census to see who lived there in that year, or you can search for that address across all of our censuses to see who lived there across the years, or you can use this filter in combination with a family’s name. The Address box will not be visible to non-subscribers because a search for a specific address could allow you to see the entire household for free in the search results, and since we have cats and children who seem to want food on a regular basis, we can’t afford to do that.
  • Annual subscribers no longer have to enter the first 3 characters of a given name when you are searching for all the members of a household headed by a specific person. You can now enter just “George Wanless” in the Headed By fields in the Census Filters section, and you will see everybody living in households headed by people named George Wanless. We figure you’ve already paid for the information, so we might as well let you see it all up front in your search results. Non-subscribers still have to enter 3 characters in the First Name field, because otherwise we’d be giving away the entire household for free in the search results, and you already know how the cats feel about food (see previous bullet).
  • The menu of searchable Record Types has been restructured to group sub-categories under categories – for example, you can select All Marriage Records or you can restrict your search to one type of marriage record, such as Marriage Banns or Marriage Bonds. Functionally, this hasn’t changed much, except now Church Marriages and Church Burials are sub-categories that can be searched separately – before, they were only accessible by selecting All Marriages or All Burials. We recognize that while many of our customers are new to genealogy and are likely to start by searching All Records, many of you are well down the research path and prefer to narrow your search to a particular category of record, so we’ve tried to make that a little easier and more logical.
  • To the search form at the bottom of the Occupations page, we added options to search the 1881 and 1911 census and districts that had been added since we first built this page .

We recommend using wildcards for placenames, such as “%Shildon%”, which will return Old Shildon, New Shildon, Shildon Town, etc. Also, be aware that spelling varies wildly – if searching for Penshaw, you may have to try Painshaw, Pencher, Pensher, and other variants to get what you want. We should also warn you that searches for place names may take 30 seconds or more, due to the huge amount of data that has to be looked through, and the lack of ability to index it because of the wildcards.

This was a lot of code to change at once, so as usual, if we broke something, don’t panic; just let us know and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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In the next year, we will be substantially expanding our Northumberland parish record offerings, our coverage of pre-1700 County Durham parishes, and our post-1851 burial records. We will continue reviewing our oldest transcriptions, correcting errors and omissions. We offer certain records that no other site has – for example, after a recent persistent search through some mangled pages in the Ebchester parish register, we found some marriages  that had been missed by all known printed and online transcriptions to date. By comparing sources, we added some Ebchester burials that are recorded only in the Bishop’s Transcript of Medomsley! We feel that our attention to detail makes us one of the most useful genealogy sites in the market. We are obsessive about investigating anomalies in the records – for example, if we notice that a woman’s maiden surname or her father’s name changes across a group of records that all appear to involve her, we look at all the relevant records, write a note about the issue, and cross-index her records with all of her observed surnames, so you can find her. We also cross-index surnames that are not obviously the same, such as Smurfoot/Smurthwaite, Ollaman/Halliman, Harrasmith/Arrowsmith, even Gregor/McGregor. We hope to continue to remain your primary source for County Durham (and a growing part of Northumberland ) parish and census records.

Marley Pots Cemetery (Southwick) burials 1950-1998

5,198 burials at Marley Pots Cemetery in Southwick (Sunderland district), from January 1950 to August 1998. This is our final set of burial records from this cemetery.

Most children’s burials include the name of the father, and most burials of wives or widows include the husband’s name. For men’s burials, a profession is usually given. Sometimes the cause of death was listed, particularly if it was accidental (usually drowning.)

Sample burials:

  • 9 Jun 1950 Norman Cobb, age: 21, shipwright, drowned in the Wear
  • 13 Mar 1963 Paul Windham, age: 3, son of Frederick Ernest Windham, twin, drowned in the Wear
  • 24 Apr 1975 Eliza Moore Baston, age: 100, widow of William Baston, cremated remains, died at the Whitehaven Hospital, Cumbria
  • 21 Jan 1983 Charlotte Dryden Mason, age: 78, wife of Samuel Mason, died at the Ryhope General Hospital
  • 10 Jun 1998 Alan Telfer Todd, of 14 Redditch Square, age: 49, crane driver, died at the St Benedict’s Hospice