Benfieldside (Blackhill, Consett) Cemetery burials 1862-1920

15,247 burials at Benfieldside Cemetery, also known as Blackhill Cemetery or Consett Cemetery, on Durham Road in Blackhill next to Consett, in Lanchester district, from the cemetery’s opening in May 1862 to early May 1920.

Abodes listed include Backstone or Baxton Burn, Benfieldside, Berry Edge, Bessemer House, Blackfine, Blackhill, Bridge Hill, Consett, Consett Junction, Cutler’s Hall, Daisy Hill, Dipton, Duke of Wellington Inn, Dyke Nook Farm, Ebchester, Elm Park Farm, Fell Farm or Fell House, High Conside, High Gate, Highfield Villa, Howns Gill, Iveston, Knitsley, Knitsley Gardens, Knitsley Mill, Knitsley Station, Langley Park, Leadgate, Medomsley, Milkwell Burn, Mount Pleasant, Oakfield, Oban House, Park Mount, Rose Cottage, Rosemount, Sedgefield, Shotley Bridge, Shotley Field, Shotley Grove, Slonks, Snows Green, Springfield, St Cuthbert’s Lodge, Stag’s Head Inn, Stanifordham, Stobbs Wood Head, Summerhill, Temple Town, Tin Mill Cottage, Tinkler Hill, Viewfield, West Butsfield, West Law, Whinney House, and Woodbine Cottage

Because these are municipal cemetery records, they contain more genealogical detail than church burial records. Professions were usually given for adult males. In the case of adult women, the marital status and spouse names were usually given. Children usually had one parent listed.

There were two centenarians, including one woman claiming to be 114 years old.

  • 9 Oct 1868 Mary O’Neil, of Consett, age: 114, widow
    [Note: if her age is accurate, she must have been one of the world’s oldest living people.]

We found a Mary O’Neill aged 95 in the 1851 census, living with her married son Charles in Wolsingham. In 1861, Charles and his family were living at Berry Edge in Conside & Knitsley, but Mary is not listed with them, nor can we find her anywhere else. Perhaps she got missed by the census. In any case, her age is right, and her son was living in the right area 7 years before her death, so there’s a good chance this burial is hers.

More samples:

  • 6 Oct 1864 Catherine Dogherty, of 52 Blackhill, age: 3, daughter of Patrick Dogherty
  • 24 Jul 1888 John Edmond, of 11 Edith Street, Consett, age: 39, steel smelter, drowned at Scarborough
  • 12 Sep 1909 George Philipson, of 23 Sherburn Terrace, Consett, age: 51, yeast salesman
  • 20 Mar 1920 Janet Arnott, of 48 Puddlers Row, Consett, age: 73, wife of William Arnott


Thornley (by Wolsingham) burials 1852-1950

2,289 burials at Thornley St. Bartholomew near Wolsingham in Weardale district, covering 1852-1950. Due to the opening of nearby municipal cemeteries, burials in this churchyard tailed off after the late 1870s, and from 1900 to 1950, only 198 burials were recorded.

Abodes mentioned besides streets in Thornley include Black Prince Cottages, Blackfield Cottages, Bradley, Bradley Burn, Brick Flats, Chopwell, Cornsay Colliery, Crook, Dan’s Castle, Fir Tree, Harperley, Hedley Hill, Hedley Hope, Helm or Helme Park, High Stoop, Holborn House, Old Park, Roddymoor, Satley, Sunniside or Sunnyside, Thornley Grove, and many from Tow Law.


  • 30 Mar 1862 Mary Ingham, of Tow Law, age: 88
  • 19 Jan 1875 John Watson, of Tow Law, age: 69, first burial in the new ground by the church
  • 12 May 1931 Mary Craggs, of Sunniside, age: 37, died at Sedgefield Asylum

Wolsingham burials 1855-1902

2,266 burials at Wolsingham St. Mary & St. Stephen in Weardale district, covering 1855-1902. We now have a continuous run of burials in this churchyard from 1657 to the end of 1902.

Abodes mentioned besides streets in Wolsingham include Bishop Auckland, Bishopley, Bowlees, Bradley Hall, Brecken Hill, Byers Green, Castle Hill, Chatterley, Consett, Cornsay, Crook, Crow’s Field, Darlington, East Biggins, East End, Fawnlees, Frog Hall, Forsterley, Goscroft, Greenwell Hill, Hare Law Top, Hedley Hope, Helm Park, High Jofflees, High Stoop, Hole Beck Mill, Hole House, Holywood Hall,  Househope or Houselehope, Kirtley House Park, Lanchester, Landieu, Low Doctor Pasture, Meadhope, Mount Pleasant, New Hall, Park Wall, Quarry Houses, Redgate, Redmires, Salters Gate, Sandy Carr, Satley, Scotch Isle, Shildon, Stanhope, St. John’s Wolsingham, Summersides, The Ashes, Thistlewood, Thornley, Thornley Pit House, Tow Law, Tunstall House, Tunstall Reservoir, Tunstall Water Works, Upper Town, Viewley Hill, Waterhouses, White House, White Kirkley Cottages or Houses, White Lea, Willington, Wiserley, Witton Park, Wolsingham, and Wolsingham Park.


  •  9 Mar 1875 William Ellis, of Wolsingham Waterworks, age: 57, killed by a fall
  • 3 Nov 1872 Isabella Mackintosh, of Tow Law, age: 101
  • 24 Apr 1893 John Humble, of Wolsingham, age: 37, laid violent hands on himself, buried by Coroner’s Order

Middleton-in-Teesdale burials 1852-1901

2,794 burials at Middleton-in-Teesdale St. Mary the Virgin, covering 1852-1901.

Abodes mentioned besides Middleton, in both County Durham and Yorkshire, include Ash Hill, Aukside, Baldersdale, Barnard Castle, Bell, Bengy Hill, Beverley, Bishop Auckland, Blunt House, Bowbank, Bowlees, Breckham, Bridge House, Brocker’s Gill or Broker’s Gill, Catgill, Club Gill, Cokeland Nook, Coldberry, Common Top, Cotherstone, Court House, Cronkley, Croswick, Darlington, Dent Bank, Dirt Pit, Edge End, Egglesburn, Egglestone, Ettersgill,  Flushmere, Foggerthwaite, Force Garth, Forest & Frith, Friar House, Frosterley, Gaunless Mill, Gill Horn, Greenwell, Hamsterley, Hangingshaw, Harwood, High Dyke,  Holwick, Hood Gill, How Gill, Hude, Hudeshope, Knot Hill, Laithkirk, Lane Head, Low Houses, Lunedale, Marlbeck, Mickleton, Middle End, Middleside, Moor Riggs, Mount Pleasant, New Town, Newbiggin, Reveling, Romaldkirk, Roseberry, Shildon, Skears, Snais Gill, Spring Hill, Stable Edge, Staindrop, Stanhope Gate, Stannagill, Stockton, Stoney Gill Head, Stotley, Summery Hill, The Grove, The Hill, Town End, Town Head, Turners, Underfrith, West Pits, Woodlands, and Woodside.

Being churchyard burials, they are typically terse for the period, but a few have useful details:

  • 21 Dec 1856 Sarah Ann Watson, of Middleton, age: 1, otherwise known as Sarah Ann Nanson
  • 20 Mar 1865 Mary Vipond, of Middleton, age: 90
  • 26 Sep 1874 John Henry Brown, of Middleton, age: 86, for 46 years rector of this parish
  • 11 Dec 1888 Frances Bustin, of Bishop Auckland, age: 95
  • 7 Aug 1894 Thomas Edward Raine, of Town Head, age: 13, drowned in the river Lune
  • 26 Dec 1901 Thomas Beadle, of Holwick Head, Holwick, age: 83

Marriage witnesses added to Stranton 1804-1837 & Sunderland 1833

Nibbling away at our marriage witness gaps, we added 1,316 marriages witnesses to Stranton All Saints marriages covering 1804-1837 and 366 witnesses to marriages at Sunderland Holy Trinity in 1833. Also added 3 marriages at Stranton we’d missed the first time around. If you have purchased one of these marriages, you can review it by logging in, clicking My Account, then clicking the My Orders tab to see your purchases.

South Hetton baptisms 1874-1904 updated with occupations, abodes, birth dates

We have updated 1,510 baptisms at South Hetton Holy Trinity from 1874 to 1904 inclusive with the abodes and father’s occupations, added birth dates where we had missed them, and made corrections. If a major change, such as a name, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the father’s occupation and abode (and possibly the child’s birth date) and to see if any minor changes in spelling were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases.

Sunderland Holy Trinity baptisms 1835-1837

1,944 baptisms at Sunderland Holy Trinity covering 1835-1837, from the Bishop’s Transcript with some checking against the parish register. Abodes shown are mostly street names in Sunderland, Bishopwearmouth, and Monkwearmouth, plus Maling’s Rigg, Minorca, and the Sunderland Barracks. As with preceding years, the mother’s maiden surnames and children’s birth dates continued to be shown, for which we are grateful, as this information was not required in baptisms in this period. Here are some samples:

  • 1 Jan 1835 Robert Coates, of Robinson’s Lane, born 4 Jun 1834, son of Richard Coates (shoemaker) & Jane Turnbull
  • 24 Dec 1837 Catherine Fox, of Warren Street, born 3 Dec 1837, daughter of George Lax Fox (grocer) & Hannah Thompson

Here’s one that reaches back further than usual:

  • 16 Jan 1835 James Bell, of Dublin, born 23 Jun 1796, son of Nicholas Bell (herdsman) & Catherine Tyrell

On 22 Feb 1837, the Sidney family got together and baptized 7 children on the same day: two children (born in the early 1820s) of Joseph Sidney & his wife Grace Carter, one child of Joseph & Grace’s son Samuel (b. 1804), and 4 children of Joseph & Grace’s son Paul Carter Sidney (b. 1808). What a celebration they must have had afterwards!


Forest & Frith burials 1852-1901

475 burials at Forest & Frith St. James the Less in Teesdale district, covering 1852-1901.

According to author Richard Bell, who wrote a booklet on this parish in 1995, Forest & Frith is the largest parish (in area) in the Diocese of Durham, and also the least populated. Abodes mentioned (most of them individual farms) include Ash Dub, Ashgill Head, Bale Hill, Beck Head, Binks, Birkdale, Birkrigg, Bowes Close, Cocklake, Cronkley, Dale Head, Egg Pot, English Hill, Ettersgill, Forcefoot, Forcegarth End, Forest, Frog Hall, Gillet, Grass Hill or Hills, Hagg Pot, Hanging Shaw, Harwood, Herdship and Higher Herdship, Hill End, Hill Top, Honey Pot, Hunt Hall, Intack, Kirkersfold or Kirkhouse Fold, Knot Hill, Laneside, Langdon Beck, Low End, Manor Ghyll or Gill, Marches Gill or Marsh Ghyll or Marshes Gill, Midge Holm, Moor Riggs, Mount Pleasant, New House, Old Fold or Ford, Peg Horn’s Lodge, Pleasant Hill, Raby Terrace, Redwing, Rough Rigg, Row, Rowen Tree Foot, Sayer Hill, Sevy Hill, Stoney Coomb, Stoney Hill, The Moss, Thompson House, Underhurst or Underhurth, Unthank, Valance Lodge, Walker Hill, Water Meetings, Watgarth, Whey Syke, Widdy Bank, Willy Hole, Woolpits, and Woolpithill.

Because these are church burials, there are generally no details other than age and abode, but our samples below show a couple of more interesting ones:

  • 1 Feb 1860 Ralph Rumney, of Manor Ghyll, age: 21, lost in the snow January 29th
  • 7 Jun 1887 Mary Hutchinson, of Beck Head, Ettersgill, age: 92
  • 23 Nov 1901 Duncan McDougall, of Glasgow, age: about 42, found dead on Crookburn Fell near Green Hurth

Keys to the Past has an interesting discussion of Forest & Frith’s history.


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Marriage bonds 1810-1815 updated with full details; no more bond index!

Replaced the index to marriage bonds in the years 1810-1815 with full details, so those 2,984 records are now instantly available, including 11 new bonds we missed the first time around. This marks the completed fulfillment of this index – no more ordering bonds and having to wait a few days for the full details; they are all instantly available now!

Marriage bonds often provide ages, occupations, and place of residence for the bride and groom (and sometimes a parent or guardian of a minor) during a period when marriage registers did not provide that information. Please read the Marriage Bonds section for a description of what information is found in bonds, allegations, and associated documents, and how we present that information.

1813-1836 is a particularly difficult period for marriages in genealogy, because marriages in this period do not usually show the parents. It can be very useful to find a marriage license like these samples, with ages or family relationships shown:


  • 15 Jun 1813 William Winter (yeoman, widower), age 55, of Houghton-le-Spring obtained a licence to marry Margaret Bailey (spinster), age 51, of Houghton-le-Spring, directed to Houghton-le-Spring
    Surety: Joseph Winter, currier, of New Lambton
  • 8 Jul 1813 Thomas Best (gentleman, bachelor), age 21 & upwards, of Kelloe obtained a licence to marry Ann Scarth (spinster), age 20, of Castle Eden, directed to Castle Eden
    Surety: William Lane, gentleman, of Castle Eden, is also her grandfather & guardian and consents to the marriage
  • 11 May 1815 Isaac Woodhouse Spearman (master-mariner, widower), age 21 & upwards, of All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne obtained a licence to marry Elizabeth Wilkinson (spinster), age 19, of Whitby, Yorkshire, daughter of James Wilkinson (of Whitby, consents to the marriage), directed to All Saints
    Surety: Isaac Taylor, sail maker, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    [Note: The consent signed by James Wilkinson of Whitby is included in the bundle. Isaac Taylor also swears he has been acquainted with Peter Maxwell, the witness to the consent by James Wilkinson, for more than 20 years and is well-acquainted with his handwriting. Hutchinson Maxwell of Whitby, Yorkshire, swears that she well knows James Wilkinson and that he wrote the consent.]
  • 17 Aug 1812 John Archbold (mariner, bachelor), age 21 & upwards, of North Shields, Tynemouth, Northumberland obtained a licence to marry Catherine Blackett (spinster), age 18, of North Shields, directed to Tynemouth
    Surety: George Elliott, innkeeper, of Tynemouth, is also her father in law and consents to the marriage
    [Note: married 17 Aug at Tynemouth.]

Note that “father in law” usually means “stepfather” at this time, so an interested researcher might be able to track down George’s marriage to Catherine’s mother, thus obtaining her mother’s name.

Marriage bonds cover the entire Diocese of Durham i.e. Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire. There are a few licences in our collection that were issued by the Diocese of York. Because bonds cover the whole diocese, there is no way to limit your search of bonds to a single district. If you select a district from the District menu, your selection will be ignored when the marriage bonds database is searched.