Hartlepool St. Luke marriages 1934-1937

99 marriages at West Hartlepool St. Luke from Sep 1934 to the end of 1937. These are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages and include the witnesses.


  • 23 Sep 1937 George Irvine Miles (retired, widower), age 63, of 19 Welldeck Rd., son of George Miles (master mariner, deceased), married Mary Ann Whiteley (widow), age 56, of 90 Sheriff St., daughter of William Morris (farmer, deceased)
    Witnesses: Ernest W. Miles, Hettie C. Witty

Earsdon baptisms 1837-1844 enhanced with more information

Updated our existing 1,241 baptisms covering 1837-1844 at Earsdon St. Alban (and its subsidiary chapel at Blyth) in Tynemouth district. Most baptisms gained the following information: mother’s maiden surname, the birth places of both parents, and the child’s birth date. Starting in Oct 1838, the name of the parish in which the parents married is also included in most of these baptisms. We also corrected a few minor spelling errors in names.


  • 27 Dec 1844 Frances Vint, of Delaval Colliery, born 10 Dec 1844, 5th daughter of Robert Vint (mason, native of Tynemouth) by his wife Margaret Gair (native of Wallsend), married at Jarrow

Why did we not have this information before? Well, our initial transcription of Earsdon was done from the Bishop’s Transcript, which in most parishes usually mirrors the register,  but when checking some questionable entries against the parish register, we noticed that the register, starting in 1837, contained a great many more details, far beyond what was required for this period and like what you’d find in a 1798-1812 register. Obviously this was worthwhile information, so we have gone back through the original register and added all of the details found therein. We also added 45 new baptisms in late 1843 that were not in the Bishop’s Transcript.

If you purchased a baptism at Earsdon in this period, you should review it to see if any information was added or changed. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change, such as a name or date, was made, you have already been emailed.

If you think you might have had relatives in Earsdon, it’s worth searching again, especially on the Mother’s Maiden Surname field, since that was not available earlier.

West Hartlepool St. Matthew baptisms 1902-1945

612 baptisms at St. Matthew’s in West Hartlepool, from its opening in March 1902 to Dec 1945 when it was de-consecrated. St. Matthew’s was a mission church served by the clergy of Stranton All Saints. The building now serves as a Community Centre.

Nearly all of these baptisms include the child’s birth date, which was not required. Samples:

  • 21 May 1902 Freda Pounder, of 35 Wansbeck Gardens, born 13 Apr 1902, child of Frank (secretary for marine engineer) & Mary Pounder
  • 2 May 1928 Eileen Ivison, of 44 Arncliffe Gardens, born 11 Mar 1928, child of Richard (solicitor’s head clerk) & Emily Ivison

Abodes are nearly all street addresses in West Hartlepool, as seen in the above samples.


Hartlepool Methodist baptisms

Baptisms at three Methodist churches in Hartlepool and West Hartlepool:

  • 2,345 baptisms at Brougham Street Primitive Methodist Church from 1834 to Sep 1897. This church was demolished in 1965.
  • 398 baptisms at the Wesley Chapel covering 1855 to Feb 1874. This chapel was on Brunswick Street in West Hartlepool, dedicated on 28 May 1855. The congregation quickly outgrew the premises, and a new site was chosen in 1871, on the corner of Raby Rd. and Victoria Rd. The new church, which became known as the Big Wesley, was dedicated on 21 Jan 1873. It closed in 1973, but is still standing today.
  • 397 baptisms covering Sep 1855 to Oct 1868 at the Wesley Reform Chapel in West Hartlepool, which opened on 8 June 1851 but no longer exists. The records for this church, at the Teesside Archives, call this location Cambridge Place, but one announcement of its opening says it was on Church Street and that another Reform chapel had also opened in Hartlepool in 1851, but the address is not given. An 1857 map shows a Reform chapel on the corner of Lynn & John streets, which is just a few buildings off of Church street, and another Reform chapel at the opposite end of Lynn Street where it meets Stranton Lane. We think these records come from the chapel at the corner of Lynn & John streets, but we’re still trying to figure out why it is called Cambridge Place – any insight you have would be appreciated!

Many of these baptisms include the child’s birth date. Some of the baptisms at Brougham Street between 1834 and 1853 include the mother’s maiden surname. The Brougham Street baptisms state the father’s occupation; the other two churches do not. Here are some samples:

  • Brougham Street PM:  3 Sep 1834 Jane Hodgson, of Hartlepool, child of Joseph Hodgson (fish hook maker) & Jane Whitfield
  • Brougham Street PM: 18 Aug 1852 Elizabeth Pounder, of Chapel Street, Hartlepool, born 20 Jul 1850, child of Robert Pounder (fisherman) & Mary Horsley
  • Brougham Street PM: 17 Jun 1897 John Cecil Robinson, of 5 Hart Rd., born 27 May 1897, child of John (insurance agent) & Violette Robinson
  • Wesley Chapel: 13 Oct 1856 Emma Elizabeth Taylor, of Hartlepool, child of Samuel & Martha Taylor, aged 4 weeks
  • Wesley Reform Chapel: 17 Jan 1869 Edward Lingard, of Seaton Carew, born 25 Oct 1868, child of Samuel & Mary Lingard


Embleton baptisms, burials, marriages 1651-1760

Embleton St. Mary was a tiny parish, now in Stockton district, from 1651 to 1760, when it was absorbed into the parish of Sedgefield and became a chapelry. After that, all events at Embleton’s parish church were recorded in the registers of Sedgefield and the Embleton register was discontinued. Marriages in the Embleton register halted in mid-1753, and baptisms and burials halted early in 1760. Here is the complete package of Embleton events occurring in just over 100 years: 209 baptisms, 92 marriages, and 99 burials.

There are no baptisms recorded between Apr 1662 and Aug 1712, and no burials recorded between Nov 1661 and Nov 1714. It seems likely that the register for that period was lost or destroyed, unless the priest in charge simply didn’t record the events. Oddly, the marriage register has a similar gap, from Feb 1662 to Mar 1713, but there is one marriage recorded in the middle of this gap, in Nov 1696.

Sample baptisms:

  • 10 Feb 1656 Robert Dodshon, of E. Murton, son of Ralph & Mary Dodshon
  • 10 Jun 1750 Margaret Bridgnell, daughter of George & Mary Bridgnell

Sample burials:

  • 15 Nov 1657 Jane Walker, of Swainston, sister to Peter & Samuel
  • 15 May 1720 Jane Wake, of W. Murton, daughter of Thomas Wake
  • 19 Sep 1742 Thomas Rippin, of Swainston, servant to Thomas Chilton

Sample marriages:

  • 9 Nov 1659 William Chipchase, of Carlton in Redmarshall married Mary Walker, of Swainston
  • 24 Jun 1753 Samuell Story, of this parish married Ann Elstop, of this parish

Abodes mentioned besides Embleton include Amerston, Butterwick, East Murton, Elmdeen or Elmdon, Elwick Hall, High Elmdeen or Elmdon, Fishburn, Middle Swainston, Murton Moor, New Embleton, Old Hall, Swainston and Swainston Moor, West Murton, and Whin House.


Norton baptisms & burials 1792-1812

Filling a long-standing gap we’ve had at Norton St. Mary in Stockton district, we added 522 baptisms and 523 burials for the years 1792 through 1812. We looked at both the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript for these, and there were some interesting discrepancies – sometimes the information was just different, sometimes there was more information in the transcript than in the original register! All discrepancies have been annotated.

Naturally there are far more details in the 1798-1812 baptisms and burials than in the earlier years. As with most parishes, the amount of information provided varies by year and clerk – sometimes we get birthplaces for both parents, sometimes just for one, sometimes not all, and sometimes the mother’s name or surname is missing – but there are lots of baptisms and burials with full information.

In baptisms, the clerk often omitted the word “native” and just listed a parent as “of Norton”, but we know that the Bishop of Durham’s instruction was to list each parent’s place of birth, so we have added the word “native” in square brackets to clarify (and we researched a few of the parents’ christenings, just to make sure they were born in those places). Here are some sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1795 William Proud, son of Margaret Proud, spur [spurious = illegitimate]
  • 13 Jul 1797 Ann Rowe, daughter of John & Ann Rowe
    [Note: This baptism is not in the parish register, but is present in the Bishop’s Transcript of the parish register. Perhaps the clerk supplied the event from memory or from notes when creating the transcript at the end of the year.]
  • 14 Jun 1798 Ann Bussey, born 4 Feb, 1st daughter of George Bussey (gardener, native of Gainforth) by his wife Elizabeth Arrowsmith ([native] of Richmond, Yorkshire)
  • 5 Jul 1807 Jane Stubbs, born 14 Feb, 4th daughter of Benjamin Stubbs (labourer) & Jane his wife, late Garret [Gothart/Goddard] ([native] of Brunton, Yorkshire)
    [Note: The mother’s surname is Gothart & Goddard in other baptisms here with this father, and Goodard at her marriage.]
  • 27 Jan 1812 Mary Ann Fox, born 11 Aug, 3rd daughter of John Fox (brewer, [native] of Norton) & Elizabeth his wife, late Truet [Trewhit]
    [Note: The mother’s maiden surname is not given in the parish register, but is given in the Bishop’s Transcript, so perhaps the clerk added it from memory or from notes when he created the transcript at the end of the year. Her surname is consistent with other baptisms with this father, although it is also spelled Trewhit or Truefoot.]

Sample burials:

  • 29 Mar 1792 Margaret Farrow, age: 85, widow
  • 4 Nov 1797 Capt. William Christopher, of Stockton, age: 63, of the Hudson Bay Company
  • 30 Aug 1801 Richardson Wilkinson, of Norton, age: 39, died 27 Aug, son of James Wilkinson & Jane his wife late Adamson
  • 14 May 1812 Mary Ann Shelly, age: 22, died 12 May, wife of George Shelly (of Devon, an itenerant with wild Beasts)

I love the occupation of the husband in the last burial! Spelling and capitalization are as shown in the register.

Abodes are not usually mentioned in the baptisms in this period, but those mentioned in the burials, besides Norton, include Bishopton, Blakiston, Durham, Grindon, Hartburn, Portrack, Stockton, Thorpe, Wynyard, and Yarm.

Tanfield burials 1852-1960

8,026 burials at Tanfield St. Margaret of Antioch, covering 1852 through 1960 – over 100 years of burials!

Abodes mentioned in this large parish include Andrew’s House, Annfield Plain, Barcus Close, Beamish (and Beamish Burn, Beamish Gardens, Beamish Hall, Beamish Kennels, Beamish Lodge, Beamish Mill, Beamish Park, Beamish Red Row, and Beamish Stables), Beckley, Belle View, Berry Edge, Birk Heads, Birtley, Black Hill, Blaydon, Blue Bell, Bob Gins, Bradley, Bryan’s Leap, Burnhope, Burnopfield (and Burnopfield Colliery and Burnopfield Dyke Heads), Burns Houses, Bush Blades, Busty Bank, Byer Moor, Catch Gate, Causey (and Causey Arch, Causey Bridge End, Causey Dykes, Causey Hall, Causey Mill, and Causey Row)  Chester-le-Street, Clough Dean, Collierley, Collierley Dykes, Consett, Corfin’s House, Craghead, Croniwell, Crook Bank, Crook Gate, Dipton, Dunston, Dyke Heads,  East Tanfield, Ewehurst Head, Felling, Flint Hill, Fondley Set, Friar Side, Gateshead, Gibside, Greencroft, Grey Mare Hill, Handen Hold, Hare Law, Havannah, Hazel Grove, Hebburn, High Bush Blades, Hill Top, Hobson, Hobson Colliery, Iveston, Joicey’s Houses, Kibblesworth, Kip Hill, Kyo (and East Kyo and West Kyo), Lamesley, Lanchester, Leadgate, Leap Mill, Leazes, Lee Hill Hospital, Lintz (and Lintz Colliery, Lintz Ford, Lintz Hall, and Upper Lintz) Logan House, Marley Hill, Methold Houses, Mounset or Mountsett, Newcastle, No Place, North Shields, Oakey’s Cottages or Houses, Ox Hill, Pea Pit, Pelton, Pelton Fell, Pickering Nook, Pit Hill, Priestfield, Quagen or Quaking House, Raglan Place, Rowlands Gill, Scott’s Houses, Sheep Hill, Shield Row, Shipley’s Houses, Snook Hill, South Moor, South Shields, Spennymoor, Stanley (and East Stanley, West Stanley, Stanley Bank Head, and Stanley Hall), Stobb House, Sunderland, Sunniside, Swalwell, Tanfield, Tanfield Lea, Tanfield Moor, Tantobie, Teams, Toft Gate, Twizell, Urpeth, Victoria Garesfield, Waggon Hill, West Pelton, Wester Leigh or Western Leigh, Whickham, White-le-Head, Wild Cat House, Winlaton, Winlaton Mill, Wood Houses, and Wrekenton.

These samples include the oldest person in this set (aged 102), and an infant with an unusual name:

  • 9 Aug 1852 Sarah Lewthwaite, of Burnopfield, age: 41
  • 31 May 1884 Elizabeth Smith, of Burnopfield, age: 102
  • 28 Jul 1894 Forfarshire Waterman, of Tanfield Lea, age: 1 day
  • 11 Dec 1912 William Augustus Whale, of [blank abode], age: 52, died at Sedgefield Asylum
  • 14 May 1945 Joseph Watkins, of [blank abode], age: 56, died at the Ministry of Supply depot, Burnhill Sidings near Waskerley

Marriage bonds 1805-1809 updated with full details

Replaced the index to marriage bonds in the years 1805-1809 with full details, so those 2,797 records are now instantly available, including 2 new bonds we missed the first time around.

Marriage bonds often provide ages, occupations, and place of residence for the bride and groom (and sometimes a parent or guardian of a minor) during a period when marriage registers did not provide that information. Please read the Marriage Bonds section for a description of what information is found in bonds, allegations, and associated documents, and how we present that information.


  • 20 Mar 1809 Robert Allan (esquire), age 21 & upwards, of Newbottle, Houghton-le-Spring obtained a licence to marry Hannah Allan otherwise Havelock, age 21 & upwards, of Newbottle, This marriage was previously solemnized in Scotland, of the legality of which some doubts were entertained and therefore repeated viz. 20 Dec 1792
    Surety: William Bowes, clerk, of Houghton-le-Spring
    [Note: Ages in marriage bonds are often stated to be “21 & upwards”, proving that both parties were of legal age to marry. In this case, both bride and groom must be well over 21 if they first married in 1792.]
  • 1 Apr 1808 Joseph Cavers (staithman, widower), age 56, of Wallsend, Northumberland obtained a licence to marry Elizabeth Longbotham (widow), age 55, of St.Hild, South Shields, directed to Wallsend
    Surety: William Swan, farmer, of Wallsend
    [Note: married 3 Apr at Wallsend.]

Marriage bonds cover the entire Diocese of Durham i.e. Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire. There are a few licences in our collection that were issued by the Diocese of York. Because bonds cover the whole diocese, there is no way to limit your search of bonds to a single district. If you select a district from the District menu, your selection will be ignored when the marriage bonds database is searched.

West Hartlepool Hebrew Congregation Cemetery burials 1858-2011

121 burials in the West Hartlepool Hebrew Congregation (Jewish) Cemetery, which is part of Spion Kop cemetery on the bluffs of Hartlepool.

This cemetery supposedly opened in 1865, yet the first death in the register is dated 1858 – perhaps this body was originally buried elsewhere and moved by the family to this cemetery when it became available. The associated Synagogue, consecrated on Whitby Street in 1872, hosted an Ashkenazi Orthodox congregation. At its peak, there were about 40 families. The Hartlepool Synagogue closed in 1967 and its members joined the Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation. The Synagogue was demolished in the early 1970’s, but the congregational silver can be viewed by prior arrangement with Hartlepool Borough Council. In the period up to 1885, the deceased from Middlesbrough Hebrew Congregation were also buried at Hartlepool, being transferred by ferry. Presumably the many early unmarked graves in this cemetery are of infants from both Middlesbrough and Hartlepool. The earliest marked stone is 1877; the latest entry in the register was in 2011. The cemetery is still in occasional use.

This register is very informal. It is not in chronological order and some information is incomplete. Most burials show name and age, many show abode, a couple have extra information such as maiden name or relationship to another person, and we have included the plot/grave number. Unlike Anglican burial registers, the date given is the date of death, not of burial. We have also annotated many of these burials with additional information found on the headstones and in newspapers. Most of the stones are at least partially in Hebrew, so we have had to rely on the translations of other experts.


  • 25 Jun 1904 Calmer Lotinga, of West Hartlepool, age: 96, buried in plot N2L
  • 25 Feb 1919 Freda Barnett, age: 14, buried in plot E6R
    [Note: daughter of Abraham Barnett who d. 1918, per shared stone.]
  • 3 Apr 1919 Blumah Prinsky, of York, age: 77, buried in plot K1L
    [Note: stone says Blumah Tsyril Prinsky. The Hartlepool newspapers of Oct 1879 tell her sad story of domestic violence, mental illness, force-feeding, and confinement in an asylum. She was the wife of Moses Prinsky, mother of Solomon & Isabella, & sister of Isaac Kaufmann, jeweller of Hartlepool.]

Gateshead marriage witnesses 1835-1837 added

Added 692 witnesses to our existing 317 marriages at Gateshead St. Mary, covering 1835 to 1 July 1837. We also found one marriage we’d missed, and corrected some errors, mostly minor spelling adjustments. If you  purchased a marriage at Gateshead in this period, we recommend you take another look at it to see if anything has been changed, and to get the witnesses. You can review your purchased records by logging into Durham Records Online and clicking My Account, then click the My Orders tab. If you purchased a record in which a significant error has been corrected, such as a change in name or date, the corrected record has been emailed to you.