Barnard Castle Primitive Methodist Circuit 1872-1935

481 baptisms from the Barnard Castle Primitive Methodist Circuit, from August 1872 to Feb 1935. This register follows the register we already had online, which ran from 1851 to near the end of 1872.

Abodes mentioned, besides street addresses in Barnard Castle, include Boldron, Bowlees, Bridge End, Cotherstone, Eggleston, Ettersgill,  Forest, Harwood, Herdship, Holwick, Hoodgill/Hudegill, Lowhouses, Marches Gill, Marwood, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Moor Riggs, Mount Pleasant, New Middleton, Newbiggin, North Field,  Quarry Grange, Railway Cottages, Snaisgill, Stainton, Startforth, Streatlam, Stotley Lane, Thornbury, West View, and Westwick. Note that some of these are across the border in Yorkshire.

Starting in August 1879, most baptisms include the child’s birth date. Nearly all include the father’s occupation. Here are some samples:

  • 11 Sep 1872 John Edward Alderson of Middleton, child of John (quarryman) & Mary Alderson
  • 11 Jul 1891 Joshua Audas of Barnard Castle, born 22 Sep 1888, child of James (plumber) & Sarah Audas
  • 21 Nov 1913 Eva Hardaker of Thornbury Cottages, Bowes Road, Startforth Parish, born 22 Oct 1913, child of Joseph (plasterer) & Elizabeth Hardaker

Rothbury baptisms, marriages, burials: 1760-1837

At Rothbury, in the district of Rothbury, Northumberland, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register:

  • 3,897 baptisms: 1760 through the end of 1837
  • 3,605 burials: 1760 through the end of 1837
  • 953 marriages: 1760 to 1 July 1837

Mothers start appearing regularly in baptisms in mid-1772; before that, they are only named if the child is illegitimate. Interestingly, we found 6 baptisms in Sept-Oct 1807 that were in the Bishop’s Transcript but not in the parish register. Sample baptisms:

  • 7 Feb 1760 Jane Leighton of the Helm, daughter of Ralph Leighton
  • 20 May 1787 Jane Ramsay of Sheep-hirst, daughter of John & Ann Ramsay
  • 17 Dec 1797 Robert Hindhaugh, born 29 Oct, 2nd son of Joseph Hindhaugh (brewers clerk, native of this parish) by his wife Ann Twizel (daughter of Nathaniel Twizel, native of Hartburn)
  • 22 Nov 1812 Ann Aynsley of Rothbury, born 25 Oct, 5th daughter of George Aynsley (tailor, native of this parish) by his wife Catherine Dryden (daughter of Andrew Dryden, native of Ulgham)
  • 8 Jun 1827 Catherine Riddell of Fallowlees, born 5 Mar 1827, daughter of Walter (shepherd) & Jane Riddell
  • 24 Dec 1837 Mary Ann [Read/Soulsby], born 18 Nov 1837, illegitimate daughter of John Read (farmer of Wingates) & Isabella Soulsby (single woman of Rothbury)

Sample marriages:

  • 21 May 1761 William Pringle of the parish of Felton married Catharine Joyce of this parish, after banns
    Witnesses: John West, John Wood
  • 23 May 1800 Henry Collingwood of Lilburn Tower in the parish of Eglingham married Mary Anne Watson of Whitton Tower in this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Sarah Watson, Robert Walters
  • 18 Jun 1836 William Hedley (bachelor) of Alwinton married Catherine Ramsay (spinster) of this parish, after banns
    Witnesses: John Hodgson, Mariah Ramsay, Thomas Wintrip, Teresa Hodgson

About 20% of the burials during 1813-1829 go beyond the requirements of the period and state “son of”, “daughter of”, and “wife of”. Here are some samples:

  • 20 Feb 1760 Ann Common, of Snitter, daughter of Thomas Common
  • 8 May 1782 Elisabeth Robson, of Gallowfield house, an old widow with 109 years on her coffin
  • 25 Jan 1800 Paul Maving, of Rothbury, age: 91, hatter, died 23 Jan, birthday this day
  • 6 Feb 1807 Jane Orpeth, of the Holme, Longhorsley, age: 96, died 3 Feb, relict of the late Francis Orpeth
  • 6 Dec 1812 William Snowdon jnr., of Borrowdon, age: 53, died 3 Dec, son of William Snowdon (farmer)
  • 24 Jul 1829 Robert Wilkin, of Snook Banks, age: infant, son of William & Mary Wilkin
  • 19 Sep 1837 James Weatherstone, of Harehaugh, age: 19, committed suicide by hanging himself. Verdict of the Jury “Temporary mental derangement”. Died at Newtown.

This was our first foray into the district of Rothbury. We were amazed at the large number of hamlets and farms mentioned as residences, including (not an exhaustive list): Allenton (Alwinton), Alnham, Alnwick, Bambrough, Bickerton, Birkheads, Blagdon Burn, Blue-burn, Bogg Hall, Borrowton/Borrowdon/Burradon, Brinkburn, Brocklee or Brockley Hall, Bull-bush, Busy Gap, Butterknows, Caistron/Casteron, Callaley High House, Carterside, Cartington, Chirnells, Coat Walls, Coat-yards, Coldrife, Coldside, Colt Park, Cragg-end, Cragg-head, Crook, Dancing Hall, Dean Gate, Debdon, Doddington, East Row, Edlingham, Elsdon, Elyhaugh, Embleton, Dwesley, Ewheart, Fairnham/Farnham, Fairne-law or Fairneylee, Fallowlees, Felton, Flotterton, Folly House, Forest Bar, Forest Burn, Foul Lonning, Foxstones, Framlington, Gallowfield House, Gantlees, Garley, Garret-lee, Glanton, Grass Lees, Great Tosson, Gusset, Harehaugh, Healey Coat, Hepple, Hesley-hirst, High Trewhitt, Hill-head, Hollin Crook, Hollin-hill, Holm, Holystone, Hope, Hungry House, Ingoe, Ingram, Knocklaw, Knocks, Lane End, Lee, Little Mill, Little Tosson, Longframlington, Longhaugh, Longhorsley, Loning, Lorbottle, Lordinshaws, Low Hesley-hirst, Low Lee, Low Trewhitt, Meadowfield, Middle Row, Moral-hirst, Morpeth, Nether Lee, Netherton, Netherwitton, Newbiggin, Newtown, Paperhaugh, Park Elliot, Peth-foot, Plainfield, Pondicherry, Quarry House, Rennington, Rimpside, Rothbury, Ryehill, Sandylands, Sewers-hill or Suer’s Hill, Sharperton, Sheephirst, Silverside, Snitter, Snook Bank, Spylaw, Sunnyside, Thatch Meadows, Thorny-haugh, Thropton, Thrumb Mill, Tosson Mill, Trewhitt, Tumbleton, Twizel House, Wagtail Hall, Wardshill, Warton/Wharton, Weldon, West Hills, West Row, Westerheugh, Westfield House, Whitefield House, Whittingham, Whittle, Whitton, Windgates or Wingates, Wolfershield or Wolfersheal, Woodhead, Wreighill, Wrothley Westshiel, and Yetlington.

Ovingham baptisms 1762-1768 & 1869-1870

545 baptisms covering 1762-1768 and 1869-1870 at Ovingham St. Mary the Virgin in the Hexham district of Northumberland, extending this parish’s collection in both directions. We will try to fill the gap between our current stopping point of 1840 and the start of 1869 soon.

Abodes mentioned besides Ovingham include Broad Oak, Cherry Burn, Dammills, Dukes Hagg, Edgewell House, Eltringham, Harlah or Harlow Hill, Hall Yards, Hedley, Hollins, Horsley, Ion’s Wood, Mickley, Nafferton, Ovington, Oxclose, Pruddoe or Prudhoe, Rowchester, Spittle, Welton, Whittle, and Wylam.


  • 22 Mar 1762 Catharine Taylor, posthumous daughter of Richard Taylor (late of Wylam) & Jane (wife of Richard)
  • 20 Nov 1768 Margaret Pearson of Welton, daughter of Henry & Mary Pearson
  • 28 Aug 1870 George Latimer of Rutchester, son of William (hind) & Jane Latimer

Haswell marriages 1869-1935 updated with full details

Added witnesses, abodes, marital statuses, occupations, and father’s occupations to 700 marriages spanning 1869-1934 at Haswell St. Paul in Easington district, and added 15 new marriages to bring us to the end of 1935.

Sample marriage before the update:

  • 22 Nov 1870 John Howe, age 19, of Haswell, son of Thomas Howe, married Jane Rule Wren (spinster), age 18, of Haswell, daughter of William Wren

and after the update:

  • 22 Nov 1870 John Howe (bachelor, carrier), age 19, of Haswell, son of Thomas Howe (cabinet maker, deceased) married Jane Rule Wren (spinster), age 18, of Haswell, daughter of William Wren (miner)
    Witnesses: Robert Wren, Mary Ann Howe

If you have purchased a marriage at this church, you should review it to see the new information and any changes that were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our Easington district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.

Egglescliffe baptisms, marriages, & burials: 1539-1751

We present the earliest records at Egglescliffe (St. John the Baptist), just upstream from Stockton-on-Tees, in Stockton district:

  • 2,109 baptisms from the beginning of the first register in 1539 to the end of 1751
  • 1,679 burials from the beginning of the first register in 1540 to the end of 1751
  • 544 marriages from the beginning of the first register in 1541 to the end of 1751

There is a gap in the baptism register from Oct 1552 to May 1574, a similar gap in the marriage register from Nov 1552 to Nov 1574, and in the burial register from Feb 1551 to Apr 1574. In 1644, there is this note: “In this year there died of the plague in this towne one and twenty people, they are not all Buried in the Churchyarth and are not in the Register”.

We now have a continuous run of all existing Egglescliffe baptisms, marriages, and burials from around 1540 all the way to the end of 1851.

Many residents of the Yorkshire towns and hamlets lying just across the River Tees used Egglescliffe as their parish church. Abodes mentioned besides Egglescliffe (many are in Yorkshire) include Aislaby, Barwick, Billingham, Bishopton, Bridge End, Fishgarth, Hole House, Hurworth, Kirklevington, Long Newton, Newsham, Porke Knowle or Portknowle,  Sedgefield, Springhouse, Stainton, Stockton, Trafford Hill, Urlay Nook, Worsall, and Yarm.

Sample baptisms:

  • 25 Apr 1539 Ann Burden, daughter of Rowland Burden
  • 8 Sep 1598 John Conyers of Hutton, son of Roger Conyers, & buried same day
  • 5 Aug 1649 Ann Coatesworth of Yarme, daughter of William Coatesworth
  • 8 Jun 1701 Gabriel Burkell of Eag. Cons. [Egglescliffe Constabulary], son of William Burkell (weaver)
  • 14 Jan 1749 Isabel Iley, daughter of Matthew Iley (shoemaker)

Sample marriages –  in a surprise twist, 26 marriages between 1576 and 1682 name a parent or two, which was not commonly done in this period:

  • 15 Aug 1541 John May of Newton married Elizabeth Seamer of Ayslaby
  • 25 Apr 1624 John Hall, son of Robert Hall (of Trafford Hill) married Ann Burdous, daughter of Cuthbert Burdous (late deceased of Eglesclife)
  • 15 Nov 1751 George Brathwaite of Yarum married Elizabeth Cock of the parish of Eglescliffe

Sample burials – some are interestingly descriptive:

  • 18 Sep 1540 Mathew Page, son of Edward Page
  • 18 Nov 1623 John Addie, brother to Henry Nicholson of Eglescliffe
  • 23 Apr 1631 Anthonie Garnet, Gentleman & lord of Eglesclife
  • 15 Aug 1662 Margret Dent, of Aslaby, wife of George Dent
  • 3 Jan 1715 Evans Catterick, age: 94, near 60 years sexton of this parish
  • 21 Nov 1723 Faith Scarth, age: 90, widow, was 49 years a wife & 20 years a widow
  • 23 May 1737 Robert Meeburn, lusty young fellow, drowned learning to swimm
  • 17 Jun 1749 William Fishburn, of Eglescliffe, base begotten child of Frances Fishburn

Hamsterley Baptist Church: baptisms, marriages, and burials

At the Hamsterley Baptist Church in Hamsterley, Auckland district:

  • 605 births covering 1750-1837, one birth in 1845, and baptisms covering Nov 1859 through July 1869
  • 794 burials covering 1785-1965
  • 50 marriages covering 1840-1908

Baptists record the births of their children in the church register. Followers of the Baptist faith are baptized as adults, by full immersion – which, at Hamsterley Baptist Church, usually happened in the Bedburn beck. Click here to read an interesting history of this church, which opened in 1715.

There are 2 versions of this register at the Durham County Record Office: M5/3, which seems to be the terse “official” register, and M5/59, which seems to be a copy but often adds more detail to the entries. Our transcription is a combination of both versions, for maximum detail. Some births and burials are in one register but not the other. When there are conflicting birth dates, corroborating evidence generally shows M5/3 to be more accurate than M5/59. Witnesses to the birth (in the earliest records) and the baptisms for 1859-1869 are only in M5/59. If you consult one register and do not see the material we have transcribed, look in the other register.

Just after the last birth in 1837, there is a note in the register that reads “pages 77 to 86 missing when register was rebound in 1907”, which explains the birth & baptism gap from 1837 to 1859. The 1859-69 baptisms do not give the names of the parents (many of the 1859-1869 baptisms appear to be married couples).

Sample births and baptisms:

  • Hannah Wharton of Bracks House in the parish of St.Andrew Auckland, born 1 May 1750, daughter of Michael & Mary Wharton
  • William Palmerly of Binchester in the parish of St Andrew Auckland, born 26 Jun 1778, son of John & Sarah Palmerly, registered 12 Jan 1779
    Godparents or Sponsors: (witnesses present at the birth) Mary Dowson, Margaret Palmerly
  • Margaret Cowen of Wadley in the parish of Witton-le-Wear, born 25 Sep 1801, daughter of Matthew & Bridget Cowen
    [Note: birth date from register M5/3; M5/59 says 20 Sep.]
  • Palmerly White of Hamsterley, born 6 Feb 1822, son of Margaret White
  • Rachel Robson of Watlass near Bedale, Yorkshire, born 8 Jun 1837, daughter of Shadrach & Rachel Robson, born at Thornton Watlass, parish of Thornton Watlass
  • 13 Nov 1859 Alice Tennick of Hamsterley

Sample burials:

  • 1 Mar 1788 Susannah Featherson, of Pool Tree, parish of Hamsterley, age: 17, servant to Edward Cruddas, buried in the Dissenter’s Burying Ground in Hamsterley
  • 19 Feb 1818 Ann Pigg, of Barnard Castle moor, age: 21, wife of George Pigg, joiner, and daughter of Thomas Thompson and his wife Hannah (of Podshole [Podge Hole]), she died in childbed
  • 12 Apr 1837 Jane Croudace, of Field House [Witton-le-Wear], age: 74, widow of the late John Croudace
  • 6 Jun 1857 Ralph Heron, of Hamsterley, age: 76, son of Ralph & Jane Heron
  • 9 Sep 1898 Margaret Spence, age: 84, died at Heighington
  • 8 May 1951 Dougal McLachlan, of Etherley, age: 79

Sample marriages – ages are listed only between 1870 and 1880 and after 1903:

  • 2 Dec 1840 Silas Angus of High Hope near Matfen, Northumberland married Margaret Atkinson of Smith House
  • 31 May 1870 Edward Tolson, age 24, of Crook married Eliza Emma Sparham, age 22, of Crook
  • 21 Sep 1904 Irvine Hodgson, age 24, of Toft Hill married Laura Elizabeth Thompson Laverick, age 27, of Etherley


Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1801-1805

2,438 baptisms at All Saints church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering the detail-rich period of 1801-1805, from the Bishop’s Transcript with some checking against the film of the original register.

Many County Durham residents repeatedly moved back and forth across the River Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle, following the available work, so you will find many of the same families that are also found in Gateshead, Hebburn, Jarrow, Heworth, and other border communities along the Tyne.


  • 1 Jan 1801 Amos Topping, born 2 Sep 1800, 5th son of Thomas Topping (watch glassmaker, native of St Nicholas) by his wife Hannah Bearup (daughter of Richard Bearup, farmer, of Stannington)
  • 28 Jun 1801 George Barron Ord, born 20 May 1801, 10th son of Jacob Ord (barber surgeon, native of this Chapelry) by his wife Elizabeth Morrison (daughter of William Morrison, joiner, of this Chapelry)
  • 8 Apr 1804 Elizabeth Brownlee, born 6 Sep 1803, 10th daughter of Thomas Brownlee (waterman, native of this Chapelry) by his wife Dorothy Harper (daughter of Mark Harper, pitman, of St Andrews)
  • 29 Dec 1805 John Hoodless, born 4 Dec 1805, illegitimate son of Mark Pinkney (agent, [native] of St Nicholas) by Martha Hoodless (singlewoman)

Sunderland Cemetery burials 1918-1934

10,492 burials at Sunderland Cemetery (Stockton Rd, Grangetown) covering 1918-1934. As is usual for this cemetery, most records include a parent, spouse, or occupation. Some samples:

  • 2 Dec 1918 Abraham Bradley, of 15 Spelter Works Road, age: 19, soldier
  • 20 Oct 1923 Ellen Hepton, of 7 Trafalgar Square, age: 88, wife of William Moody Hepton
  • 5 Jan 1928 Greta Newby, of 10 St Leonard Street, age: 20, daughter of Frederick Newby
  • 10 Jul 1930 Joshua Varley, age: 23, son of Joshua Varley, died at the Highfield Hospital
  • 10 May 1934 Harry Hayden, age: 28, mariner, drowned in the Wear
  • 29 Dec 1934 Bridget McVoy, of 22 Markham Street, age: 66, widow of Patrick McVoy

Tanfield’s “lost register” 1577-1719

Researchers are often disappointed to learn that the earliest parish register of Tanfield St. Margaret, up to 1719, has been lost or destroyed. Fortunately, some extracts of the first register were recorded in a manuscript compiled by Sir Cuthbert Sharp (1781-1849), a distinguished antiquarian and friend of Robert Surtees, with whom he collaborated on that mammoth work on Durham’s history, The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham. Prominent Durham families and their pedigrees were included in that book, which may explain why Sharp collected noteworthy extracts from a number of selected parish registers. This small book, titled “Manuscript Library of Sir C. Sharp“, is one of a collection known as Sharp MS22, held in Durham Cathedral’s Library. On page 54 of the manuscript, under the heading of Tanfield, appears this statement: “The early register in a most lamentable condition has been drowned”. Some of these extracts were mentioned in the 3rd volume of Sharp’s “Chronicon Mirabile seu Excerpta Memorabilia e Registris Parochialibus Com. Pal. Dunelm.” circa 1841, and some were mentioned in the Surtees volumes in 1820. It is quite likely that the register was lost long before 1820, and also likely that Sharp and Surtees got these extracts from a much earlier transcription by George Allan,Thomas Randall, or Christopher Hunter.

One of our team recently transcribed the 271 extracts from Sharp’s manuscript, consisting of 146 baptisms, 31 marriages and 94 burials between the years 1577 and 1719. The second register, which we have had online for years, begins in 1720. When comparing Tanfield to a parish with similar numbers of records for 1720-1730, we estimate (very roughly) that these 271 extracts represent around 2% to 3% of the records that originally existed for 1577-1719, with their content heavily skewed toward the nobility and land-owning families.

Sample baptisms:

  • 13 Apr 1578 Nic. [Nicholas] Greenwell
  • 18 Sep 1616 William Blakeston, son of Mr. Nich. [Nicholas] Blakeston
  • 20 Oct 1715 Dulcibella Davison of Beam[ish], daughter of Mr. Wm. [William] Davison

Sample marriages – the earliest marriage in the transcript is in 1615:

  • 20 Aug 1615 Saumewell Hancocke married Alice Sotheren
  • 19 Aug 1714 George Humble married Ann Headley of par. Ryton [the parish of Ryton]

Sample burials – the earliest burial is in 1578:

  • 9 Nov 1596 Anne Shafto, wyff of Mr. Shafto
  • 1 Jan 1628 Sir Wm. Wray, of Beamish, Knt. [Knight]
  • 3 Oct 1718 Mr. James Blaxton, son of James Blaxton

All of these records will display the following note:

  • [Note: this register was water-damaged beyond repair and is no longer extant, so this record is from Cuthbert Sharp’s pre-1841 register extracts held at the Durham Cathedral Library.]

Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1940-1947

8,898 burials from the beginning of 1940 to 24 March 1947 at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Bishopwearmouth, district of Sunderland.

Because these are cemetery records rather than church burials, there is usually either an occupation, parent, or spouse listed in the record, and sometimes the cause of death (usually only if it was dramatic, such as drowning). Deaths in hospitals and deaths due to World War II are also noted.. Here are some samples:

  • 1 Jan 1940 Ernest Albert Sutton, of 59 Bede Street, age: 85, builder
  • 3 May 1940 Mary Grieve, of 20 Holmlands Park North, age: 97, widow of William Todd Grieve
  • 5 Aug 1941 Jane Murray Malone, age: 20, daughter of George Malone, died at the Municipal Hospital
  • 27 Dec 1943 James Edwin Grozier, age: 23, sergeant, R.A.F., killed in action over Germany
  • 24 Mar 1947 Ada Boyles, of 27 Belle Vue Park, age: 72, wife of Herbert George Boyles
  • 19 Apr 1941 Thomas Welsh Hazard, of Oddfellows Hall, Laura Street, age: 39, caretaker, Civilian War Death