South Shields St. Hilda baptisms 1880-1891

9,906 baptisms at South Shields St. Hilda spanning 1880-1891, from the Bishop’s Transcript with extensive checking against the parish register.

Like our recent release of baptisms from this church, this register continued to display peculiar errors. Some were recognizably phonetic – Field for Veale, Hervert for Herbert – as if the cleric simply didn’t understand what the parent said for their surname. More often, the clerics continued the unexplained mixing up of the letters “N” and “L” – we found Dougal for Dougan, Mannum for Mallum, Sawkinn for Sawkill, Cartol for Carton, and Gawil for Gawin, among others. There were also substitutions of “t” for “h” –  Hust instead of Hush, Marst instead of Marsh.

Here are some sample baptisms:

  • 7 Jan 1880 Amy Margaret Sheringham of South Shields, born 6 Dec 1879, child of Cornelious (commercial traveller) & Jennet Sheringham
  • 1 Sep 1886 Catherine Mary Fenwick of Cornwallis Street, born 17 Aug, child of Dorothy Fenwick (unmarried woman)
    [Note: father’s name Joseph Wawn, of Fowler Street, crossed out.]
  • 29 Nov 1891 Andrew John Millett of 85 Adelaide Street, born 3 Nov 1891, child of Charles (tailor) & Annie Millett

We also saw a rise in the number of German and Scandinavian mariners living in or visiting this busy port:

  • 11 Sep 1881 Christina Blom of South Shields, born 16 Jul 1881, child of Franz Oscar Blom (sailor) & Eleanor Blom
  • 26 Sep 1888 Gustave Emmanuel Hagelburg of 67 Commercial Road, born 22 Jul 1888, child of Gustave Emmanuel Hagelburg (mariner) & Mary Hagelburg


Aycliffe baptisms, burials, & marriages: 1560-1650

At Aycliffe St. Andrew in Darlington district, from the beginning of the first register in 1560 to the end of 1650:

  • 1,599 baptisms
  • 432 marriages
  • 1,171 burials

Abodes mentioned besides Aycliffe include Brafferton, Brough Close, Coplaw, Cotham or Coatham, Grindon, Ketton, New Town, Preston, and Woddam (Woodham). Oddly, the abodes are recorded more often in the earlier records and less often in the later records, with only a few abodes recorded after 1605.

Sample baptisms:

  • 22 Oct 1560 Anthony Helcote of Brafferton, sonne of Xpofer [Christopher] Helcote
  • 22 Nov 1601 Isabell Cotsforth of the new town, daughter of Mr Raphe Cotsforth
  • 27 Oct 1650 Luke Alecsander, son of William Alecsander

Sample marriages:

  • 20 Oct 1560 Thomas Grisse [Grice] of Rickwall Myll married Margaret Tutyn
  • 24 Jun 1600 Martyn Maynger of [the] P[ar]ish of Eshe married Ann Prierman
  • 25 Jan 1646 William Brass married Doryti Proudlock

Sample burials:

  • 17 Oct 1560 Jennett Mordon, of Grindon, daughter of Mr. Thomas Mordon
  • 19 Jul 1597 Anthony Cuthbert, plague victim
  • 31 Oct 1605 Alice Hansome, wife of Thomas Hansome
  • 25 Feb 1644 Margarit Cotsfurth

Ovingham baptisms 1790-1804

906 baptisms covering 1790-1804 at Ovingham St. Mary the Virgin in the Hexham district of  Northumberland, filling a gap we had in our collection, which now runs from 1769 to 1840. These are from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register, for maximum detail.

Abodes mentioned besides Ovingham include Airey Hill, the Boathouse, Broomhouses, Cherry Burn, Dukes Hagg, Edgewell, Eltringham, Haerlow or Harlow Hill, Halls Yard, Hedley, Hollins, Horsley, Mickley, Mount Hully or Hooly, Nafferton, Ovington, Oxclose, Pruddoe or Prudhoe, Rowchester, Spittle, Welton, Whittle, and Wylam.

Sample baptisms:

  • 10 Jan 1790 Robert Minto of Hedley, son of Robert & Ann Minto
  • 1 Jul 1798 Ralph Maughan, born 25 May 1798, 2nd child of John Maughan (cordwainer, native of Corbridge) by his wife Margaret Newton (native of Ryton)
  • 29 Jul 1804 George Armstrong Clemison, born 9 Mar 1804, 7th child of John Clemison ([native] of Hexhamshire) by his wife Elisabeth Bell ([native] of St Johnlee)

Durham St. Mary the Less baptisms 1560-1784, burials 1559-1761

At St. Mary the Less (also known as St. Mary in the South Bailey, or Little St. Mary’s) in the city of Durham:

  • 404 burials from the beginning of the first register in 1559 to the end of 1761, meeting up with the burials we already had online starting in 1762. We now have all the burials here from 1559 through 1917.
  • 407 baptisms from the beginning of the first register in 1560 to the end of 1784, meeting up with the later baptisms we already had online. We now have all the baptisms here from 1560 through 1993.

The registers were in Latin up to 1659 – we have left the names in Latin and provided English equivalents for the non-obvious names. Mothers are named in baptisms for 1658-1664 but then not again (except single mothers) until 1731, after which they appear in most baptisms. There are no baptisms recorded during 1645-1655 and only 1 burial between Sep 1645 and March 1654. This was a small parish, so there are numerous 1-to-3-year stretches with no baptisms or burials. No baptisms Jun 1778 to Mar 1784 or Oct 1784 to Nov 1787. No burials 1685-1689.

Sample burials:

  • 8 Mar 1563 Jacobus Wilson, filius [son] of Emerii Wilson
  • 27 Dec 1684 Madam Dorothy Carnaby, wife of Thomas Carnaby (Esqr.), was buried…in Lynnen contrary to the Act of Parliment, where upon Thomas Carnaby, Esqr., her husband, hath pd. the forfeiture of fifty shilings to the Church Wardens of Little St. Maries, which they have disposed of to the poore of the sayd parish
  • 26 Nov 1732 Rev’d Mr. John Waring, A.M. rector of little St. Mary’s, S. Bailey & precentor of ye Church of Durham & vicar of Billingham
  • 30 Jan 1761 George Pickering, son of Richard & Mary Pickering

Sample baptisms:

  • 5 Jul 1560 Francisca Fawell, daughter of Thomae Fawell
  • 29 Aug 1642 Thomas Penniman, son of Jacobi Penniman (militis [soldier])
  • 27 Jul 1747 Elizabeth Bedford, daughter of Mr. John Bedford (M.D.) & Elizabeth (his wife), publickly baptized
  • 8 Jul 1772 Sarah Viner, born 7 Jun 1772, daughter of the Rev’d Samuel Viner & Sarah (his wife)

South Shields St. Paul Presbyterian baptisms 1809-1968

1,513 baptisms at South Shields St. Paul Presbyterian church from Oct 1809 to Oct 1844 and from 28 July 1860 to March 1968. There is no explanation in the register for the gap between 1844 and 1860; we assume an entire register was lost or destroyed. The earliest baptism recorded was actually in 1800. 

From the National Archives: “St Paul’s Presbyterian church was formed in 1822 from the amalgamation of a Presbyterian congregation at Academy Hill dating from 1779 and East Street Chapel, which came into being as a chapel in 1810, although it had existed from 1805 as a preaching station in Market Street, South Shields. By 1877 the chapel in East Street had become too small and a building committee was formed to establish a new church. This opened for worship in Westoe Road on 16 February 1880. St Paul’s was united with St John’s on 23 March 1968 and closed. The new congregation became St Paul and St John Presbyterian Church.”

The register commencing in 1860 calls this church "East Street United Presbyterian". This church was also variously called the Scotch Church and the Presbyterian Secession Church, because the East Street Chapel was originally founded by a group of Anti-Burghers, a small and very strict Scottish sect with firm discipline, who had earlier split from the Church of Scotland.

These are wonderful baptisms! Nearly all of these baptisms give the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date. From 1809 to 1844, the birthplaces of the parents are usually listed. From  1812 to 1824, the names of the parents of each parent are usually listed. Yes, that’s right, you get maternal AND paternal grandparents!


  • 17 Apr 1813 William Blenkinsop, born 8 Apr 1813, son of William Blenkinsop (seaman, native of Newburn, Tyneside, Northumberland, son of William Blenkinsop, staithman at Leamington, Northumberland and Hannah Dove of Hexhamshire) and his lawful wife Sarah Phillips (daughter of David Phillips, tayler of Newburn and Ann Stoker of Blue Houses near Newcastle), baptized by Rev. Robert Heslop of Swalwell, witnessed by Jane Morris (her mark)
  • 29 Aug 1824 James Curry, born 29 Jul 1824, son of John Curry (carpenter, native of Dalserf, Lanarkshire, Scotland, son of Alexander Curry of Dalserf also, & Marion Wiseman of Strathaven, Lanarkshire) and his lawful wife Mary Horsburg (native of Jedburgh, Scotland, daughter of William Horsburg of Kelso, & Jannet Balmer of Jedburg aforesaid)
  • 25 Feb 1835 Jane Scott Dale Sinclair, born 4 Feb 1835, daughter of Robert Sinclair (master mariner, [native of] Stronsey, Orkney) & Mary Fisher ([native of] South Shields)
  • 30 Aug 1862 Catherine Lockyear of Orme Street, South Shields, born 7 Aug 1862, daughter of James Lockyear (seaman) & Jessie Brass
  • 7 Jun 1882 Gertrude Maltman of 47 Eleanor Street, born 28 Apr 1882, daughter of William Maltman (draper) & Margaret Jouers
  • 28 Dec 1917 Marjorie Martha Mowat of 12 Bright Street, born 17 Nov 1917, daughter of William Alfred Mowat (Engineer Lieutenant) & Jessie Annie Miller

Ovingham burials 1798-1840, marriages 1813-1837

At Ovingham St. Mary the Virgin in the Hexham district of  Northumberland:

  • 2,055 burials covering 1798-1840, from the parish register
  • 391 marriages covering 1813 to the end of May 1837, from the Bishop’s Transcript

Unfortunately, the vicar or curate stopped following the Bishop’s directions for burials in mid-1801, ceasing to record the maiden surname of the mothers. After that, the clerics were inconsistent about including even the mother’s given name in a child’s burial. A few causes of death are recorded, and some maiden names of deceased married women.

Sample burials:

  • 8 May 1799 Bella Browel late Siddel, of Mickley, age: 42, died 6 May, wife of Gilbert Browel (farmer), [died] in child bed
  • 22 Nov 1799 Thomas Robson, age: [blank], died 20 Nov, labourer, native of Chollerton, fell down the pit at Wylam
  • 5 Oct 1800 Albany alias Aubone Surtees, of Woodhead, age: 89, died 30 Sep, Gent and son of Edward Surtees (gent)
  • 5 Jul 1805 Margaret Carr, age: 2, died 3 Jul, daughter of Matthew Carr (taylor)
  • 3 Jun 1806 Deborah Hay, age: 1 & 1/2, died 2 Jun, daughter of Thomas & Sarah Hay
  • 26 Feb 1812 Jacob Glenwright, of Prudhoe Castle, age: 22, died 24 Feb, servant to William Laws
  • 7 Jun 1824 Margaret Wigham, of Harlow Hill, age: 89
  • 27 Sep 1833 George Allison, of Horsley, age: 106

Sample marriages:

  • 4 Jul 1814 William Kitchin of the parish of Chollerton in the County of Northumberland married Jane Browell of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: John Browell, Jonathan Harle
  • 7 Dec 1828 Clement Minto of this parish married Sarah Gardener of the parish of Ryton, by banns
    Witnesses: Robert Dawson, James Maugham

Middleton-in-Teesdale baptisms 1852-1901

2,355 baptisms at Middleton-in-Teesdale St. Mary the Virgin in Teesdale district, covering 1852-1901, bringing our baptisms here even with our burials, which also run to the end of 1901.

Abodes mentioned besides Middleton include Ash Hill, Aukside, Balderside, Bank Top, Barnard Castle, Bell, Bengy Hill, Beverley, Bow Lees, Breckham, Bridge Lane, Brocket Gill, Catgill, Cokeland, Common Top, Croft Head, Crosswick, Darlington, Dent Bank, Dirt Pit, East Friar House, Edge End, Egglesburn, Egglestone, Flushmere or Flusher Mire, Gateside (Newbiggen), High Dike or Dyke, High Scars or Skears,Hill, Hood Gate or Hude Gate, Hood Gill, Hope House, Howgill, Hude, Hudshope, Hunterwell House, Inkerman Cottage, Lane Head, Lane Side, Leckworth, Low Houses, Low Shipley, Masterman Cottage, Mickleton, Middle End, Middleside, Mount Pleasant, New Town, Newbiggen, Pea Mount, Porter Row, Reveling, Rigg, Scarborough, Scars or Skears, Snais Gill or Snares Gill, Spring Hill, Stable Edge, Staney or Stoney Gill, Staney or Stoney Gill Head, Stotley Lane, Summery Hill, Thatch Lea or Lee, The Hill, Throstle Gill, Town End, Town Head, West Pasture, Woodland, and Woodside.


  • 1 Feb 1852 Jane Grieve of Middleton, child of Anthony (smelter) & Jane Grieve
  • 23 Apr 1876 Henry Walton of High Dyke, born 29-Nov 1874, child of Isaac (quarryman) & Margaret Walton
  • 1 Sep 1901 John William Inglesant of 18 Market Place, Middleton, child of Herbert Inglesant (sett maker) & Sarah Jane Inglesant

After the last baptism, I had to go find out what a sett maker was – essentially, Herbert would have cut and dressed small stones for use in paving, working in one of the several quarries in the area. This article is about Dartmoor, but the process of sett making was probably similar in County Durham.

Houghton-le-Spring baptisms 1581-1650, marriages 1563-1601, burials 1581-1600

At Houghton-le-Spring St. Michael & All Angels:

  • 2,502 baptisms from the beginning of the first register in 1581 to the end of 1650
  • 235 marriages from the beginning of the first register in 1563 to the end of 1601
  • 889 burials from the beginning of the first register in 1581 to the end of 1600

There are no baptisms in the register for these periods: March 1582 to August 1584, 4 March 1591 to 19 Dec 1591, June 1592-Jan 1593, Oct 1593-Feb 1596, May 1596-Sep 1597, Mar 1622-Jan 1624, Sep 1640-Aug 1642, Feb 1644-Apr 1645, Dec 1645-June 1647, and Oct 1647-May 1648. There are no marriages for these periods: Jan 1568 to May 1581, Nov 1585 to Nov 1588, Dec 1592 to Nov 1593, and May 1596 to May 1601. There are no burials from March 1594 to the end of 1595, and all the burials in 1596 are undated and about a dozen are repeated in July 1597, which is odd.

Abodes mentioned besides Houghton include Biddick, Biddick Thornes, Bidwick Steath (Biddick Staith), Brunt More or Burnt Moore, Cocken, East Herrington, East Rainton, Eppleden or Eppleton, Floters Mill, Haining House, Herrington Mill, Hetton, Law Hill, Low Marley, Middle Herrington, Moorehouses or Morehouses, Mooresley or Moorsley, Morton or Murton, Murton House, Newbottle, a few from Newcastle, Offerton aka Ufferton, Penshaw (aka Pensher, Penshire, Pencher), Penshaw Wood, Rainton Mill, Rainton or Renton Pits, Warden Law, Waterside, West Herrington, and West Rainton.

Sample baptisms:

  • 11 Aug 1581 Alison Rutter of W. [West] Rainton, daughter of Richard Rutter
  • 21 Dec 1600 Raiph Headlam of Offerton pits, sonne of Robert Headlam
  • 29 Sep 1650 Jane Unthank of Hetton, daughter of Mathew Unthank

Sample marriages:

  • 8 Jun 1563 Symon Humble married Elizabeth Short
  • 21 Apr 1589 Mathew Chaiter of H. [Houghton] married Christabell Aire of B. [Bishop] Warmoth
  • 9 May 1601 John Grainger of Hetton married Margaret Younger of Hetton

Sample burials:

  • 12 Nov 1581 James Rutter, of Newbotle, carpenter
  • 6 Jun 1592 Jennett Bee, of Houghton, wife of George Bee
  • 7 Aug 1599 Margaret Pendreth, of Mooresley, daughter of Raphe Pendreth


Monk Hesleden marriages 1883-1972 updated

At Monk Hesleden St. John in Easington district:

  • Added witnesses, abodes, marital statuses, occupations, and father’s occupations to 646 marriages spanning 1883 to Apr 1972.
  • Added 2 new marriages to finish 1972 and one we’d missed in 1929.

Sample before the update:

  • 22 Jun 1905 John George Beck, age 20, son of William Beck married Alice Williams (widow), age 19, daughter of Jonathan Taylor

and the same marriage after the update:

  • 22 Jun 1905 John George Beck (bachelor, labourer), age 20, of Castle Eden Colliery, son of William Beck (farm hind) married Alice Williams (widow), age 19, of Castle Eden Colliery, daughter of Jonathan Taylor (farmer, deceased)
    Witnesses: C. Beck, Mary Campbell

If you have purchased a marriage at this church, you should review it to see the new information and any changes that were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our Easington district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.

Deaf Hill marriages 1884-1916 updated; 1917-1918 added

At Deaf Hill cum Langdale St. Paul in Easington district:

  • Added witnesses, abodes, marital statuses, occupations, and father’s occupations to 499 marriages spanning 1884 to Oct 1916.
  • Added 35 new marriages from Oct 1916 to the end of 1918, plus 2 we’d missed in 1914.

Sample before the update:

  • 12 Feb 1900 Michael Moorin, age 55, son of Richard Moorin married Ann Baldwin (widow), age 62, daughter of John Porter

and the same marriage after the update:

  • 12 Feb 1900 Michael Moorin (widower, joiner), age 55, of Deaf Hill, son of Richard Moorin (farm labourer, deceased) married Ann Baldwin (widow), age 62, of Langdale, daughter of John Porter (miner, deceased)
    Witnesses: James Horan, Ellen Green

If you have purchased a marriage at this church, you should review it to see the new information and any changes that were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our Easington district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.