Blaydon Cemetery burials 1873-1906 (unconsecrated section)

[Edited 15 Jan 2014 – this register was labeled Stella St. Cuthbert, and we originally announced it as such, but after further research, it turned out to actually be burials in the unconsecrated section of Blaydon Cemetery.]

973 burials in the unconsecrated section of Blaydon Cemetery at Blaydon in Gateshead district, from 22 March 1873 to 5 May 1906.

Abodes mentioned besides street names include Blaydon, Blaydon Haugh, Bleach Green, Derwenthaugh, Elswick, Lemington, Newcastle, Old Pit, Path Head, Ryton, Scotswood, Stargate, Stella, Stella Staith, Summerhill, Summerhouse Hill, Swalwell, Teams, Wallsend, Whickham, and Winlaton.

This register is like a post-1812 church burial register, with little information supplied:

  • 11 Jan 1876 Ann Armstrong, of Fountain Lane, age: 86
  • 13 Jan 1900 John Dover, of 8 Back Garden Street, age: 91

although there are occasional details:

  • 15 Feb 1883 Catherine Maher, of Stella, age: 48, found drowned at Derwenthaugh
  • 5 Apr 1903 Bernard Harvey, of 46 Park Terrace, Swalwell, age: 59, killed at Swalwell Colliery

Burials in the consecrated section of Blaydon Cemetery will follow shortly.


South Shields St. Hilda burials 1798-1812

5,508 burials at South Shields St. Hilda, covering 1798-1812 inclusive. This is the wonderful period in which many details are given, such as the maiden surname of mothers and deceased married woman, occupations of men, and in many cases, cause of death:

  • 25 Apr 1798 Mary Ilderton late Appleby, of South Shields, age: 27, died 23 Apr 1798, wife of Peter Ilderton (mariner), cause of death: child bed
  • 29 Jul 1812 James Shara, of the Orkneys, age: 17, died 27 Jul 1812, mariner, cause of death: consumption

This was the strangest register. It had a huge number of inconsistencies with the baptism register, and inconsistencies between burial records that appear to belong to the same parents. Here are some examples, with our annotations:

  • 20 Feb 1798 Ann Turnbull, age: 7 months, died 18 Feb 1798, daughter of George Turnbull (shoemaker) & Ann his wife late Jameson
    [Note: This mother is Elizabeth Jameson in other burials with this father.]
  • 31 May 1812 Margaret Arvin [Irvin], age: 14 days, died 28 May 1812, daughter of James Arvin [Irvin] (shipwright) and his wife Margaret late Fender
    [Note: The surname is Irvin in other records for these parents.]

The clerk really had trouble with this mother’s surname – it was Young in both baptisms, so we have added Young as an alternate name:

  • 23 Nov 1801 Rebeccah Nicholson, age: 2, died 21 Nov 1801, daughter of George Nicholson (mariner) & Rebeccah his wife late Smith [Young], cause of death: small pox
    [Note: The mother is Rebecca Young in this child’s baptism.]
  • 23 Mar 1809 Ann Nicholson, age: 4 months, died 21 Mar 1809, daughter of George Nicholson (mariner) and his wife Rebecca late Richardson [Young]
    [Note: The mother is Rebecca Young in this child’s baptism.]

Abodes are not often mentioned in this period, but the abodes that are mentioned include the Poor House, Barnes, Boldon, Newcastle, North Shields, Scarbrough, South Shields, Sunderland, Westoe, and Woodhorn. Many sailors passed through this port, so there were unfortunate drowned souls who hailed from the Orkneys, Hamburg, Sweden, Yarmouth, Montrose, Hull, London, and Aberdeen.

This data set filled a gap we had, so we now have a continuous block of burials at this church from 1763 through 1855.

Earsdon baptisms & burials 1762-1772

963 baptisms and 745 burials at Earsdon St. Alban in Tynemouth district, Northumberland, covering 1762-1772, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register.

Abodes mentioned include Backworth, Baulkwell, Briarden, Burradon, Dairy House, Earsdon, Fountain Head, Golden’s Hole or Gowden’s Hole, Halliwell (Holywell), Hartley, Hartley Engine, Hartley Pans, High Murton, Holystone House, Killingworth, Link House, Look Out, Lysdon, Mare Close, Monkseaton, Moor Edge, Murton, New  York, Newcastle, Newsham, North Shields, Preston, Rake House, Seaton, Seaton Delaval, Seaton Sluice, Seghill, Shiremoor, Silver Hill, South Blyth, The Lodge, Tynemouth, Wallsend, Whitley, Whitridge or Whiteridge, and Willington.

Sample baptisms – only a very few state the father’s occupation, and mothers are not named (unless they are unmarried) until June 1772:

  • 31 Jan 1762 Angus Sadler, of Hartley, son of Joseph Sadler
  • 24 Jun 1770 Thomas [Reay/Chisman], of Hartley Pans, illegitimate son of Nicholas Chisman & Alice Reay
  • 14 Nov 1771 William Warkman, of Earsdon, son of Reverend William Warkman (minister of Earsdon)
  • 23 Aug 1772 Thomas Porteus, of Hartley, son of Emanuel & Margaret Porteus

Sample burials:

  • 14 May 1762 Anne Cramlington, of Earsdon, wife of Mr Lancelot Cramlington
  • 10 Aug 1772 Ann Dodds, of Hartley Pans, daughter of Joseph & Susannah Dodds

West Hartlepool St. Aidan baptisms 1890-1905, marriages 1891-1909

1,591 baptisms and 500 marriages at West Hartlepool St. Aidan, which was carved out of the parishes of Seaton Carew Holy Trinity and Stranton All Saints in late 1890. These records are from the first baptism and marriage register; the baptisms run from Oct 1890 to June 1905, and the marriages run from April 1891 to Sept 1909.

Nearly all of these baptisms give the birth date of the child, which was not required. Samples:

  • 14 Oct 1890 Reginald Alderson, of 22 South Burn Tce., born 13 Sep 1890, child of John (foreman) & Catherine Alderson
  • 16 May 1905 Dorothy Davies, of 5 Hampshire St., born 9 May 1905, child of James (instructor of physical exercise) & Gertrude Davies

Sample marriage:

  • 11 Jul 1904 Thomas Jackson (widower, labourer), age 56, of 4 Sarah St., son of Richard Jackson (shoemaker, deceased), married Mary Ann Riddell (widow), age 55, of 4 Sarah St., daughter of Robert Humphrey (blacksmith, deceased), by banns
    Witnesses: Elizabeth Hewitson, Edith Lawther


South Hetton baptisms 1849-1852 updated with occupations, abodes

We have updated 389 baptisms at South Hetton Holy Trinity from 1849 to 1852 inclusive with the abodes and father’s occupations, and made a few corrections. If a major change, such as a name change, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the father’s occupation and abode. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases.

West Hartlepool St. Oswald baptisms & marriages 1895-1932

At West Hartlepool St. Oswald:

  • 4,001 baptisms from January 1895 to mid-Sept 1931
  • 849 marriages from the first marriage at this church in 1904 to the end of August 1932

The parish of St. Oswald’s was carved out of the parish of Christ Church, first as a chapelry in 1892 and then as its own parish in 1904. Marriages were not performed there until 1904.

Here are 3 generations, represented by the baptism of Olga Doris Foster by her parents, her marriage, and the baptism of her own child:

  • baptized 11 Jul 1901 Olga Doris Foster, of 11 Perth St., born 15 Jun 1901, child of Ogle Foster (blacksmith) & Mary Ellen Foster
  • 24 Dec 1925 Harold Johnson (bachelor, clerk), age 33, of 124 Milton Rd., son of George William Johnson (leather merchant, deceased), married Olga Doris Foster (spinster), age 24, of 1 Powlett Rd., daughter of Ogle Foster (smith)
    Witnesses: Thomas Fawcett, Gertrude Johnson, Ogle Gillispie Foster
  • baptized 4 Nov 1926 Harold Foster Johnson, of 124 Milton Rd., born 2 Oct 1926, child of Harold Johnson (rate collector) & Olga Doris Johnson

Before this church received its official register book in 1895, baptisms were recorded in a temporary register (a notebook). We expect to add the contents of that register, which covers 1892-1894, next week.

Houghton-le-Spring marriage witnesses 1830-1837

Added 1,162 witnesses to our existing 566 marriages at Houghton-le-Spring St. Michael & All Angels for 1830-1837, and corrected some errors, mostly minor spelling adjustments. If you have purchased a marriage at Houghton-le-Spring in this period, we recommend you take another look at it to see if anything has been changed, and to get the witnesses. You can review your purchased records by logging into Durham Records Online and clicking My Account, then click the My Orders tab. If you purchased a record in which a significant error has been corrected, such as a change in name or date, the corrected record has been emailed to you.


  • 7 Jun 1836 John Storrow, of this parish married Hannah Hutchinson Bowery, of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Richard Bradley, R. Bowery, Jr., Isabella Bowery, Mary Jane Rowe

Durham Primitive Methodist Circuit baptisms 1856-1879

5,362 baptisms on the Durham Primitive Methodist Circuit from Feb 1856 to August 1879. We now have a complete set of baptisms on this circuit from the first register in 1841 to 1960 – almost 120 years of Primitive Methodist baptisms in the area surrounding the city of Durham.

Compared to the previous set of baptisms from this circuit (1841-1856), we noticed, based on the abodes, that the circuit seemed to have expanded northeast toward Chester-le-Street and Houghton-le-Spring and south toward Spennymoor, with more abodes listed from those areas than in previous years.

Abodes mentioned include Bear Park, Beech Grove, Bell’s Villa, Belmont, Bishop Middleham, Brancepeth, Brandon and Brandon Colliery, Broom Park, Broomside, Byers Green, Carrville, Cassop, Cassop Colliery, Castle Eden & Castle Eden Colliery, Charlaw & Charlaw Colliery, Chester-le-Street, Chilton & Chilton Colliery, Cornforth, Coxhoe, Crossgate, Crow Trees, Dragon Villa, Durham St. Cuthbert, Durham St. Giles, Durham St. Margaret, Durham St. Nicholas, Durham St. Oswald, Easington Lane, the parish of Easington, East Rainton, Edmondsley, Esh, Ferryhill, Findon Hill, Framwellgate Moor, Frankland, Freehold, Gilesgate Moor, Grange Iron Works, Hallgarth, Haswell, Haswell Colliery, Haswell Lane, Haswell Moor, Hett, Heugh Hall or Houghall, High Moorsley, High Pittington,  Kelloe, Lambton, Langley Park, Leamside, Low Moorsley, Low Pittington, Low Spennymoor, Ludworth, Merrington Lane, Moorsley, Monk Hesleden (also called Church Hesleton, Esselton, Hesselton, and Heslington), Mount Pleasant, Nettlesworth, Neville’s Cross, New Brancepeth Colliery, New Durham, New Elvet, New Pittington, New Spennymoor, Old Pittington, Old Sherburn, Page Bank, Pittington or Pittington Hallgarth, Pity Me, Quarrington Hill, Rainton Gate, Running Waters, Sacriston, Sedgefield, Shadforth, Sherburn, Sherburn Hill, Shincliffe, Shincliffe Colliery, Shotton, Shotton Colliery, Sleekburn or Sleetburn, South Wingate, Spennymoor, Thornley (near Kelloe), Trimdon, Trimdon Colliery, Trimdon Foundry, Trimdon Grange, Tudhoe, Ushaw Moor, West Rainton, West Sherburn, Whitwell Pit, Whitworth, Willington (near Brancepeth), Wingate, and Witton Gilbert.


  • 4 Aug 1879 William Morrison Todd, of Edmondsley, child of William Todd (miner) & Mary Ann Todd
  • 2 Oct 1865 Thomas Smallwood, of Framwellgate Bridge, Durham, child of William (shopkeeper) & Ellen Smallwood
  • 12 Aug 1856 Robert Eggleston, of Haswell, child of John (blacksmith) & Ellen Eggleston

Middleton-in-Teesdale marriage witnesses added 1817-1851

Added 2,250 witnesses to our existing 914 marriages spanning 1817-1851 at Middleton-in-Teesdale St. Mary the Virgin, and added one marriage we had missed the first time. Abodes were added where they had been missing and minor corrections were made. If you have purchased a marriage at Middleton-in-Teesdale in this period, we recommend you take another look at it to see if anything has been added or changed, and to get the witnesses. You can review your purchased records by logging into Durham Records Online and clicking My Account, then the My Orders tab. If you purchased a record in which a significant error has been corrected, such as a change in name or date, the corrected record has been emailed to you.

All of the marriages after mid-1837 are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages, at a price far lower than what you would pay at a registry office…


  • 15 Jan 1818 Christopher Dent, of Mickleton, Romaldkirk, Yorkshire married Elizabeth Tinkler, of Middleton, by banns
    Witnesses: John Dent, Jonathan Horn, clerk
  • 20 Jun 1841 Thomas Nattrass (widower, miner), age 56, of Middleton, son of Cuthbert Nattrass (miner), married Barbara Shields (widow), age 56, of Middleton, daughter of Robert Peverel (farmer)
    Witnesses: Jonathan Horn, Matthew Horn
  • 17 Nov 1851 Thomas Dent (widower, shoemaker), age 43, of Mickleton, Yorkshire, son of William Dent (shoemaker), married Mary Lee (spinster), age 50, of Middleton, daughter of Thomas Lee (miner)
    Witnesses: John Lee, Ralph Lee, Elizabeth Lee