Gateshead St. James baptisms 1891-1896

Filling a gap we had at Gateshead St. James, we added 1,087 baptisms from 1 Jan 1891 to 2 Aug 1896. We now have continuous baptism coverage at this church from its  opening in 1865 through Feb 1901.


  • 18 Jan 1891 Thomas William Landreth, of 12 Easton Court, born 24-Dec 1890, child of William Thomas Landreth (holder up) & Sarah Agnes Landreth
  • 15 Jul 1896 Mary Ann Herron, of 5 Frank Terrace, born 17-Jun 1896, child of Reginald (butcher) & Elizabeth Herron

Stanley Primitive Methodist Circuit baptisms 1923-1937

2,316 baptisms on the Stanley Primitive Methodist Circuit in Lanchester district from July 1923 to mid-March 1937.

Many towns did not have Methodist churches, so the Primitive Methodist preacher rode around his local circuit, baptizing children as he went, sometimes in chapels, sometimes in homes. The registers are not kept in strictly chronological order. This set includes these books:

  •     Book 10: 1924-1928
  •     Book 11: 1928-1931
  •     Book 12: 1933-1937
  •     Book 17: 1923-1930
  •     Book 18: 1930-1936

Circuits often covered a fairly large geographical area. In this data set, residences mentioned include Annfield Plain, Beamish, Blackhouse, Burnhope, Catchgate, Co-operative Villas, Craghead, East Stanley, Edmondsley, Grange Villa, Greencroft, High Hold, Holmside, New Kyo, Oxhill, Pelton, Pelton Lane Ends, Shield Row, South Moor, South Pontop, Stanley, Tanfield Lea, Tantobie, Twizell, and West Pelton.

Sample baptisms:

  • 9 Nov 1924 Alice Morton Moss, of 7 Langley Ave., Langley, born 11-Oct 1924, child of John Albert Moss (coal miner) & Margaret Ada Moss
  • 28 Sep 1930 Harry Featherstone, of 10 King Tce., South Moor, born 1-Sep 1930, child of George (miner) & Evelyn Featherstone
  • 2 Jul 1935 John Patrick Loan, of 38 Queen St., Grange Villa, born 5-Dec 1930, child of Francis (miner) & Elizabeth Loan

Gosforth baptisms & burials 1813-1839, marriages 1813-1836

At Gosforth St. Nicholas in the Castle Ward district in the county of Northumberland – just beyond Newcastle and across the River Tyne from Gateshead in County Durham:

  • 2,255 baptisms covering 1813-1839
  • 1,767 burials covering 1813-1839
  • 791 marriages covering 1813-1836

These are all from the Bishop’s Transcript. Abodes mentioned include Benton Grange, Bigges Main, Blake Gate, Blakelaw, Blood House, Brunton (and Brunton Hall and Brunton Mill), Bullock Steads, Bulman Village, Causeway End or Causey End, Cox Harbour, Coxlodge, Cragg Hall, Dean Houses, East Brunton, East Farm, East Gosforth, East Kenton, Fawdon, Gosforth, Gosforth Bar, Gosforth House, Haddrick’s Mill, Hazelrigg, Heaton, Hens Harbour, Heworth, High Laws, Jesmond, Jubilee Pit, Kenton, Kenton Bank Foot, Kenton Lodge, Long Benton or Longbenton, Low Gosforth, Matthew Bank, Middle Brunton, Newcastle, North Gosforth, Pecks Houses, Regent Pit, Roseworth, Salter’s Bridge, Seghill, Six Mile Bridge, Slateyford, South Gosforth, Sunnyside, Three Mile Bridge, Wallsend, Waterworks, and Wideopen.

Sample baptisms:

  • 8 Aug 1813 Matthew Carr Leonard, of Kenton, child of Matthew (collier) & Sarah Leonard
  • 4 Feb 1821 William Leighton Wood, of Wallsend, son of George (corver) & Maria Wood
  • 29 Dec 1839 Mary Ramsay, of Kenton, daughter of Robert (quarryman) & Sarah Ramsay

Sample marriages:

  • 16 Jan 1814 John Noble, of the parish of Framlington married Isabella Crawford, of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: Sarah Noble, Christopher Nixon
  • 5 Mar 1822 Francis Hewson (bachelor), of this parish married Margaret Summers (spinster), of the parish of All Saints in the Town and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne, by licence
    Witnesses: Mark Young, Jnr., John Rogerson, William Rogerson
  • 20 Sep 1830 John Burrell, of this parish married Mary Leonard, of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: Thomas Hislop, Sarah Leonard

Sample burials:

  • 1 Mar 1814 Thomas Bury, of Newburn parish, age: 95
  • 7 Mar 1821 Margaret Marshall, of Kenton, age: 98
  • 6 Jun 1833 Margaret Wild, of Coxlodge, age: 91

Tynemouth baptisms 1827-1832

3,941 baptisms at Christ Church in Tynemouth parish, Northumberland, covering 1827-1832.This extends our Tynemouth coverage from 1813 forward.

Besides many streets in North Shields, residences include Allotment, Backworth, Balkwell, Billy Mill, Burdon Main, Chirton, Coble Dean, Collingwood Main, Cullercoats, East Howdon, Flatworth, Hayhole, High Flatworth, Hill Top, Howdon and Howdon Pans, Low Chirton, Low Flatworth, Low Light or Low Lights, Macaroni, Mardon, Monkhouse, Monkseaton, Moor Houses, Mount Pleasant, Murton, New Whitley, New York, Newcastle, North Shields, Percy Main, Philadelphia, Preston, Shiremoor, South Shields, Tynemouth, Tynemouth Barracks or Garrison, Tynemouth Castle, Waterville, West Chirton, Whitehill Point, Whitley, Whitley Hill Head or Hillheads, and Wooden Bridge.


  • 1 Jan 1827 John Elliott Archer, of Church Stairs, born 10 Dec 1825, son of George (shoe maker) & Mary Archer
  • 26 Sep 1830 Margaret Pyecroft, of North Shields, child of James (mariner) & Dorothy Pyecroft
  • 25 Dec 1832 Cuthbert Howstan Little, of Percy Main, child of Henry (pitman) & Elizabeth Little

Earsdon burials 1837-1844 enhanced with more information

A few months ago, we discovered that the Earsdon parish register contained far more information than the Bishop’s Transcript did for baptisms and burials, starting in 1837, and in March we updated our Earsdon baptisms accordingly with the new information. We have now updated our existing 1,581 burials covering 1837-1844 at Earsdon St. Alban (and its subsidiary chapel at Blyth) in Tynemouth district. Generally, the following information was added:

  • for a child: the name and occupation of the father, the name and maiden surname of the mother, the death date
  • for a married woman: her maiden surname, husband’s name and occupation, her death date
  • for an adult male: his occupation and death date

Sometimes the cause of death was listed if it was unusual or dramatic, such as drowning. We also corrected several minor spelling errors in names or place names.


  • 2 Jan 1837 John Gilroy, of Seaton Sluice, age: 74, died 30 Dec 1836 , glassmaker
  • 22 Jan 1837 George Tunney, of Seaton Sluice, age: 10, died 20 Jan, son of James Tunney (husbandman) by his wife Hannah Stephenson
  • 30 Dec 1841 Martha Aisbett late Winship, of Delaval Colliery, age: 37, died 28 Dec, wife of William Aisbett (sinker)
  • 22 Dec 1844 Mary Eltis late Lambert, of Whitley, age: 57, died 19 Dec, relict of Robert Eltis (enginewright)

If you purchased a burial at Earsdon in this period, you should review it to see if any information was added or changed. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

If you think you might have had people in Earsdon and you were unable to find them before this, it’s worth searching again, especially on the Mother’s Maiden Surname field, since that was not available earlier, and it’s also worthwhile to run a search using a female’s maiden surname in the Surname field, as that information is also new.

Why did we not have this information before? Well, our initial transcription of Earsdon was done from the Bishop’s Transcript, which in most parishes usually mirrors the register,  but when checking some questionable entries against the parish register, we noticed that the register, starting in 1837, contained a great many more details, far beyond what was required for this period and like what you’d find in a 1798-1812 register. Obviously this was worthwhile information, so we have gone back through the original register and added all of the details found therein.

Heighington baptisms 1822-1900, marriages 1837-1900, burials 1822-1847

At Heighington St. Michael in Darlington district:

  • 2,170 baptisms covering 1822-1900
  • 403 marriages covering 1837-1900. These are civil-registration-era marriages with all the details, including witnesses.
  • 630 burials from 1822 through July 1847, filling a gap in this parish’s burial set

We now have continuous coverage of baptisms, marriages, and burials at Heighington from 1765 to the end of 1900.

Abode mentioned besides Heighington include Botany Cottage, Broom Dyke(s), Brusselton, Burtree Gate, Coatsay Moor, Cow Fold, Cross Lanes, Cuckoo House, Darlington, Elm Grange, Fowler House, Grange Mill, Greenfield, Grimshaw Cottage, Hawthorn, Hedworth, High Side, High Side Bank, Holywell House, Hope, Houghton Bank, Houghton-le-Side, Humbleton, Killerby, Low Walworth, Middridge, Middridge Grange, Moor House, Ness Crook, New Moor, New Shildon, Newbiggin, Newcastle (which was rather far away!), Out Barn, Ox Moor, Pale Acres, Park House, Peel Acres, Primrose, Red House, Redworth, Royal Oak, School Aycliffe, Todd’s Fall or Todfall, Toytop, Twinsburn, Walworth, Walworth Gate, Walworth Moor, Waskerley Park, West Thickley, Whitworth, and Williamsfield.

Sample marriage:

  • 23 Jan 1887 William Lax (widower, gentleman), age 69, of Heighington, son of Thomas Lax (farmer, deceased), married Mary Ann Mitchell (widow), age 60, of Heighington, daughter of David Alderson (farmer, deceased)
    Witnesses: Elizabeth Strickland, James Chapman

Sample burials:

  • 12 Feb 1824 John Orr, of [blank], age: 70 supposed, stranger
  • 11 Mar 1831 Elizabeth Wake, of Redworth, age: 96
  • 13 Jan 1846 Joshua Richmond, of Heighington, age: 91

Sample baptisms:

  • 24 Jan 1822 Ann Scafe, of Redworth, daughter of Gibson (joiner) & Mary Scafe
  • 13 Nov 1836 John Newby Todd, of Royal Oak, child of Christopher (farmer) & Matilda Todd
  • 22 Mar 1857 Robert Gouldsborough, of Houghton Bank, son of Ralph (farmer) & Elizabeth Gouldsborough
  • 28 Sep 1879 Elizabeth Ann Bellwood, of Ness Crook, Redworth, child of John (farmer) & Sarah Bellwood
  • 11 Feb 1899 Eva Mary Idle commonly known as Neasham, of Redworth, child of Richard (joiner) & Ann Idle commonly known as Neasham

Heighington is not indexed at, so these records may provide some new information for Darlington-area researchers.


South Hetton baptisms 1905-1926 updated with occupations, abodes, birth dates

We have updated 1,361 baptisms at South Hetton Holy Trinity from 1905 to 1926 inclusive with the previously-missing abodes, father’s occupations, and birth dates, and we made a few corrections. We also added 51 baptisms to finish up 1926. This completes our review/update of our South Hetton baptism set; they now have all the details found in the baptism register.

If a major change, such as a name, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any other changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases.

Lanchester burials 1852-1880

2,776 burials at Lanchester All Saints in Lanchester district, covering 1852-1880.We now have over 300 years of burials here, from the first available register in 1560 to the end of 1880.

Abodes mentioned include Annfield Plain, Bargate, Berry Edge, Blackhill, Bleach Green, Boggle Hole, Broom Houses, Broom Shields, Browney Bank, Burnhope, Burnhope Colliery, Butsfield (and East and West Butsfield), Captain’s House, Caribees, Castleside, Chapman’s Well, Cold Pike, Cold Rowley, Colliery Dykes, Consett, Cornsay, Crag Head or Craghead, Crook Hall, Delves, Dipton, Durham, Durham Hill, Edmondsley, Fen Hall, Four Lane Ends, Greencroft, Hamsteels, Happyland, Hedley Hill, High Brooms, High Langley, High Woodside, Hole House, Holly Bush, Holmside, Hornsby Hill or Ornsby Hill, Howden Bank, Humber House, Hurbuck, Iveston or Ivestone, Kaysburn, Knitsley, Kyo, Lanchester, Lanchester Mill, Langley, Leadgate, Low Town, Maiden Hall, Maiden Law, Mawsfield, Middles, Newbiggin, Nursing Field, Old Park, Ousterley, Ox Hill, Pontop, Quaking Houses, Quebec, Red Houses, Redwell Hills or Red Wells Hills, Satley, Sheep Walks, Shotley Bridge, South Annfield, South Moor, Square House, Stand Against All, Stanley, Stobbilee, Stockerley Grove, Stoney Heap, Sunnyside, Sunnybrow, Try em All, Wagtail, Waskerley, Waterhouses, White-le-Head, and Woodlands.


  • 18 Jan 1852 Thomas Kilburn, of Low Mill, age: 79, found drowned at Newcastle
  • 25 Jun 1860 Mary Musgrove, of Craghead, age: 29, mother of Cuthbert, 1 day old, buried June 21
  • 16 Mar 1877 Jane Bates, of Urpeth Flour Mill, age: 72
  • 20 Apr 1866 Ann Reed, of [the] Workhouse, age: 105

Bishopwearmouth baptisms 1829-1837

4,361 baptisms at Bishopwearmouth St. Michael & All Angels in Sunderland district, covering 1829-1837. This register is very difficult to read. The writing is extremely tiny and faded, and it is very hard to make out the abodes and occupations, so we cross-checked many of these baptisms against other baptisms, burials, and censuses to make sure we were transcribing them as accurately as possible.


  • 7 Jan 1829 Alfred Picton Bowlby, of Wearmouth, son of Thomas Bowlby (shipowner) & Williamina Martha Arnold Bowlby
  • 7 Apr 1833 Frances Humpatch, of Deptford, daughter of William (flint glass maker) & Margaret Humpatch
  • 25 Dec 1837 Cuthbert Graham, of Upper Sans Street, son of William (musician) & Jane Graham

Here’s an example of a record we cross-checked against others because it was looked like an anomaly; then we added the alternate surname “Cook” and an explanation:

  • 20 Nov 1836 Margaret Wiseman [Cook], of Ayres Quay, daughter of Albinus (glassmaker) & Isabella Wiseman [Cook]
    [Note: Looks like the clerk mixed up the parents’ surnames. Albinus Cook married Isabella Wiseman 30 Jun 1827 in Bishopwearmouth and their other children are baptised as Cook.]

Abodes mentioned besides streets in Bishopwearmouth (my favorite is Pudding Skin Lane!) include Arch Engine, Ayres Quay, Bainbridge Holm, Ballast Hills, Barley Mow, Barnes, Blue House, Burdon, Deptford, Fletcher’s Dubs, Ford, Galley’s Gill, Gateshead, The Green, Grindon, Hendon, Hetton Spouts, Hetton Staiths, High Barnes, Humbleton Hill, King’s House, Lambton, Low Barnes, Middle Farrington, Millfield, Monkwearmouth, New Town, Newcastle, North Hall, North Moor, Old Burdon, Pallion, Pans or Panns, Ryhope, Silksworth, South Farrington, Southwick, Southwick Boat, Springwell House, Sunderland, Sunniside, Tunstall, Tunstall Hill, Wearmouth (Bishopwearmouth), Wearmouth Green, and West Hendon.

Thornley marriages 1844-1864 updated with witnesses, occupations, etc.

260 marriages at Thornley by Kelloe in Easington district, covering 1844-1864, were updated by adding the witnesses, occupations of the grooms and fathers, marital statuses, and abodes. One new marriage was discovered and several errors were corrected. If a major change, such as a name, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a marriage at this church in this period, you should review it to get the added information and to see if any minor changes in spelling were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases.

For example, where one of these marriages in our database might have previously looked like this:

  • 3 Feb 1845 William Heppel, full age, son of Thomas Heppel, married Mary Hornsby, full age, daughter of George Hornsby

it now looks like this:

  • 3 Feb 1845 William Heppel (bachelor, labourer), full age, of Thornley, son of Thomas Heppel (labourer), married Mary Hornsby (spinster), full age, of Thornley, daughter of George Hornsby (mason)
    Witnesses: John Cradock, Isabella Hornsby

This is part of our quest to go back through the oldest entries in our database, adding in the missing details to make them more useful and valuable to our customers.