Pre-1753 Hart baptism & burial dates modified

We went through our early baptisms and burials at Hart St. Mary Magdalene, comparing to the register, and, for dates between 1 Jan and 25 Mar in the years 1577 to 1752 inclusive, changed the date, where necessary, to be consistent with today’s dating scheme; that is, changed to the following year. For example, Jan 1750, following Dec 1750 and called 1750 under the old calendar, gets changed to Jan 1751. All parish records on our site are supposed to use the modern dating scheme for consistency, but we have discovered that some of our older transcriptions don’t conform and we are fixing them.

In the process, we discovered 13 baptisms we missed: all of 1733 and part of early 1734, so if you’re looking for somebody born at Hart then, you might want to run another search. We also found 12 burials that we missed in 1675, 20 in 1682 and 1 in 1706. We also made a few minor corrections to names and added some months or days that had been unclear.

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Monkwearmouth All Saints baptisms 1847-1874

2,262 baptisms at Monkwearmouth All Saints from the start of the first register in October 1847 to the end of 1874. All Saints parish was created out of Monkwearmouth St. Peter’s in 1847.

Most of the abodes listed in these baptisms are streets or addresses in Monkwearmouth, but also mentioned were Bonner’s Field, Monkwearmouth Colliery, Fulwell, Hebburn, Jarrow, Monkwearmouth Grange, Monkwearmouth Shore, North Quay, Roker, the Ropery, Ryhope, Sheepfolds, and Southwick

The first child in the register is, fittingly, the minister’s son. Here are some samples:

  • 11 Oct 1847 Arthur Horn Kennicott, of Roker Terrace, Monkwearmouth Shore, born 11-Oct 1847, child of Benjamin Centum Kennicott (minister of All Saints District, Monkwearmouth) & Emma
  • 16 Mar 1856 William [Knowles/Philipson], of Colliery, born 2-Apr 1854, child of William Knowles (architect) & Margaret Philipson
  • 10 Sep 1862 George David Blair, of John Street, born 23-Jun 1862, child of David (mariner) & Flora Blair
  • 18 Sep 1874 William George Whitehouse, of 4 Bloomfield St., born 7-Feb 1874, child of William (puddler) & Caroline Whitehouse


Pittington baptisms 1852-1876, 1887-1905, burials 1872-1895, 1899-1905

Filling some gaps at Pittington St. Lawrence in Durham district, we have added, direct from the parish register:

  • 2,659 baptisms covering 1852-1876 and 1887-1905
  • 1,395 burials covering 1872- 1895 and 1899-1905

We now have Pittington baptisms from 1574 to the end of 1905, except for a gap of 1651-1700, and we have burials for 1593-1905 and marriages 1574-1905.

Pittington was a sprawling parish, just east of the city of Durham, with two arms reaching east to pinch around part of Easington parish. Residences mentioned besides Pittington include Arthur’s Hill (Newcastle), Bees Bank, Bells Villa (St. Giles), Belmont, Belmont Colliery, Bird in Bush, Broomside, Broomside Farm, Broomside Pit, Byers Green, Carrville, Cookshold Farm, Dragon Villa, Durham city, Easington Lane, Edmondsley, Elemore (and Elemore Colliery, Cottage, Grange, Hall, Lodge, and Vale), Fatfield House, Framwellgate Moor, Hallgarth, Hallgarth Cottages, Hallgarth Mill, Hastings House, Haswell, Hetton-le-Hole, Hetton-le-Hill, High Moorsley, High Pittington, Hill Side Farm, Leamside, Littletown, Littletown Farm, Littletown Main Engine, Londonderry Pit, Low Pittington, Ludworth, Main Engine, Middle Rainton, Murton Colliery, New Durham, New Pittington, Old Belmont, Old Newsham, Old Pittington, Pittington Vicarage, Quarrington Hill, Quarry Cottage, Railway Cottage, Shadforth, Sherburn, Sherburn Hill, Sherburn New Houses, Sherburn Station, Shincliffe, South Hetton, Spyall or Spyhall Cottage, Sunderland, The Rift, Thornley, West Rainton, and West Sherburn.

Sample baptisms:

  • 4 Feb 1852 Sarah Summers, of Pittington, born 18-Nov 1828, child of George (joiner) & Jane Summers
  • 11 Jul 1875 Catherine Jackson Reed, of Low Pittington, child of Matthew Potts Reed (miner) & Alice
  • 10 Jul 1887 Gwendoline Crosby, of Sherburn, child of John (innkeeper) & Ellen Crosby
  • 25 May 1905 Frances Wakenshaw, of High Pittington, child of Charles (greengrocer) & Agnes Wakenshaw

Sample burials:

  • 12 Sep 1876 Jane Watson, of Littletown, age: 98 and 11 months
  • 5 Apr 1887 Kezia Laverick, of High Pittington, age: 55
  • 30 Jul 1905 Jane Bamlett, of West Sherburn, age: 85

All burials here after 1 May 1892 are in Hallgarth Cemetery, which is adjacent to the original churchyard.


Gateshead St. James baptisms 1865-1890, marriages 1865-1880

At Gateshead St. James, whose parish was carved out of Gateshead St. Mary in 1865:

  • 4,817 baptisms from the start of the register in July 1865 to the end of 1890
  • 513 marriages from the start of the register in August 1865 to the end of 1880

The marriages are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages, with ages, fathers, occupations, and witnesses. We like the groom’s father’s occupation in this one:

  • 7 Feb 1875 Robert Burbage (widower, engineer), age 31, of Monk Street, son of Robert Burbage (pyrotechnist), married Louisa Field (spinster), age 26, of Tent Street, daughter of William Field (labourer)
    Witnesses: Herbert Lewis Bridger, Margaret Bridger

and note the value (to us genealogists) of a 2nd or 3rd marriage later in life – if this groom first married before 1837, his first marriage would not have included the name of his father, but because he married again after the advent of civil registration, we get his father’s name and occupation:

  • 9 Mar 1872 George Durham (widower, collier), age 58, of Old Pit, son of Henry Durham (collier), married Mary Anne Fawcus [Falcus] (spinster), age 36, of Park Lane, daughter of Timothy Fawcus [Falcus] (glass cutter)
    Witnesses: James Thompson, Elizabeth Fawcus

Most of the baptisms show the child’s birth date, including some baptisms performed long after the child’s birth.

Sample baptisms:

  • 24 Sep 1868 Lucy Clifford Batey, of Union Lane, born 12-Sep 1847, child of James (builder) & Lucy Batey
  • 6 Oct 1875 Mary Ann (Weatherburn) Bamborough, of 57 Park Lane, born 4-May 1841, child of Henry (mill wright) & Ann Bamborough, adult
    [Note: Mary Ann Bamborough is now married to Joseph Weatherburn; four of her children were baptized here the same day.]
  • 17 Apr 1886 Eden Morrison, of London, born 11-Jul 1854, child of David (shipwright) & Martha Morrison, husbands name Curry, 58 Engine Terrace, brass finisher
    [Note: this is apparently the baptism of a married adult, Eden Curry formerly Morrison.]

Most of the abodes are street addresses in Gateshead. Also mentioned as abodes are Allhusen’s Village, Backfield Farm or House, Deptford House, Felling, Felling Gate, Ford House, Friar’s Goose, Hawk’s Cottages and Works, Hebburn, Mount Greenwich, Mount Pleasant, New Gateshead, Newcastle, North Shields, Old Engine, Old Fold, Old Pit, Park House, Penman’s Depot, Quarry Field,  Salt Meadows, Shear Legs, South Shore, Tyne Main, and Windmill Hills.

Shotley Bridge Primitive Methodist Circuit baptisms 1908-1943

1,251 baptisms performed on the Shotley Bridge Primitive Methodist circuit between 1908 and 1943 inclusive, from registers 8, 9, and 10, completing our transcription of the 10 registers in this series, which runs for 100 years from 1843 to 1943.

Methodist preachers traveled around a circuit of villages, baptizing children at each meeting location, making notes of each baptism and later entering the baptisms into the register. The entries are not in chronological order, and several years of entries are usually  mixed together. Most of the baptisms include the child’s birth date.

This circuit covered the northwest border of County Durham with Northumberland, running between Muggleswick in County Durham to Wylam in the parish Ovingham, Northumberland. Residences mentioned include Allendale, Baxton Burn, Benfieldside, Blackfine, Blackhill, Blanchland, Bradley Cottages, Butsfield, Carr House, Castleside, Consett, Delves Lane, Dormand Cottages, Hollinside, Knitsley, Lanchester, Leadgate,  Malton Colliery, Medomsley, Middlewood, Muggleswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Prudhoe, Ramshaw, Rowley, Shotley Bridge, Temple Town, The Mill (Lanchester), The Nook (Lanchester), Waskerley, Westwood, and Woodlands.

Although all of these locations are not in Lanchester district, we have assigned this “parish” to be in Lanchester district for search purposes, because much of it is in that district.


  • 15 Jun 1908 Elliott Ferguson, of Leadgate, born 20-May 1908, child of James Lancelot Ferguson (engineer) & Dorothy Jane Ferguson
  • 9 Oct 1913 Edith Annie Osborne, of 19 Seymour St., Consett, born 13-Sep 1913, child of Christopher (government inspector of works) & Elizabeth Osborne
  • 21 Nov 1923 Nancy Burnham, of 14 Dacre Gdn., Consett, born 29-Oct 1923, child of Norman Burnham (china dealer) & Eva Maud Burnham
  • 24 Aug 1931 Millicent Iris Hemmings, of 22 St. Mary’s Cres., Blackhill, born 3-Aug 1931, child of George Hemmings (steel smelter) & Millicent May Hemmings

Gateshead Venerable Bede baptisms 1876-1885

538 baptisms at Gateshead Venerable Bede, from the start of the first register in December 1876 to 6 May 1885. The parish of Venerable Bede was first a chapelry, created in late 1876, and by 1885, it was a separate parish, carved out of the parishes of Gateshead St. Edmund and Gateshead St. James. We will follow this with some St. James baptisms shortly.

Many of these baptisms include birth dates, which is helpful because quite a few of them were baptized more than 10 years after they were born. Abodes mentioned are mostly street addresses in Gateshead plus a few in Newcastle-upon-Tyne across the river.


  • 24 Dec 1876 Alice Maud Waterman, of Tennyson St., born 4-Nov 1876, child of William Walker Waterman (pastry cook) & Sarah Ann Elizabeth Waterman
  • 11 Dec 1878 Duncan Creighton, of 18 Chaucer St, born 9-Oct 1862, child of William (tailor) & Isabella Creighton
  • 26 Mar 1884 Elizabeth Petrie, of 5 Martin Terrace, born 4-Oct 1871, child of William (shoemaker) & Mary Petrie

Shotley Bridge Primitive Methodist Circuit baptisms 1878-1924

3,146 baptisms performed on the Shotley Bridge Primitive Methodist circuit between 1878 and 1924 inclusive, completing our transcription of registers 6 and 7. The dates are somewhat deceptive, as book 8, the next one we will transcribe, starts in 1908, so there is an overlap of years with book 7. Methodist preachers traveled around a circuit of villages, baptizing children at each meeting location, making notes of each baptism and later entering the baptisms into the register. The entries are not in chronological order, and several years of entries are usually  mixed together.

This circuit covered the northwest border of County Durham with Northumberland, running between Muggleswick in County Durham to Wylam in the parish Ovingham, Northumberland. Residences mentioned on both sides of the border include Allendale, Allendale Cottages, Allensford, Baxton Burn, Benfieldside, Berry Edge, Blackfine, Blackhill, Blanchland, Bog Cottages, Boltshope Park, Bradley Cottages, Brazil Cottage, Broomhill, Browney Bank, Burnhill, Butsfield, Carr House, Carribees, Castleside, Consett & Consett Junction, Crookhall, Cutler’s Hall, Delves Lane, Derwent Cottages, Dormand Cottages, Eddisbridge, Eltringham & Eltringham Colliery, Halfway Houses (Prudhoe), Happy Land,  Honey Hill, Hown’s Gill, Iveston, Knitsley, Knitsley Grange, Knitsley Mill, Lanchester, Leadgate, Little Black Hedley, Low Westwood, Maiden Law,  Medomsley, Medomsley Edge, Meeting Slack, Mickley, Mickley Square (Ovingham), Middlewood, Mosswood, Mount Pleasant, Muggleswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newton, Oakwood House, Pont View, Primrose House, Prudhoe, Puddlers Row, Ramshaw, Red House, Rowley, Shotley Bridge, Springwell, Stewardfield or Stewartfield, Sunniside, Temple Town, The Nook (Lanchester), Waskerley and Waskerley Park, West Butsfield, West Wylam, Westwood, Woodlands, and Wylam.

Although all of these locations are not in Lanchester district, we have assigned this “parish” to be in Lanchester district for search purposes, because much of it is in that district.


  • 23 Jul 1878 Ralph Winship, of West Wylam, child of Richard Winship (miner) & Mary Ann Winship
  • 1 Nov 1888 Charles Archer, of Eddies Bridge, Shotley Low Quarter, child of William Archer (farmer) & Mary Ellen Archer
  • 5 Jun 1901 James Redshaw Charlton, of 24 Furness St., born 3-Feb 1901, child of Edward Charlton (coke drawer) & Mary Hannah Charlton
  • 31 Oct 1910 Brenda Swainston, of 47 Durham Rd., Blackhill, born 5-Oct 1910, child of William Henry Swainston (fish merchant) & Dorothy Ann Swainston
  • 24 Jan 1924 Charles Laverick, of 17 Station Cottages, Lanchester, born 9-Dec 1923, child of Albert Laverick (N.E.R. bill poster) & Eva Maud Laverick

Sacriston baptisms 1866-1875

565 baptisms at Sacriston St. Peter in Chester-le-Street district, from the Bishop’s Transcript of the first register in 1866 to the end of 1875. Sacriston became a chapelry in Witton Gilbert parish in 1863, and was made a separate parish in 1866. Abodes mentioned besides Sacriston include Beech Grove, Edmondsley, Findon Hill, Nettlesworth, Page Bank, Plawsworth, and Witton Gilbert.


  • 9 Aug 1866 Alice Moss, of Nettlesworth, child of Thomas (pitman) & Letitia Moss
  • 22 Aug 1875 Henry Kinchin, of Sacriston, child of Thomas Clark Kinchin (school master) & Elizabeth

Here is an article on Sacriston history from the Northern Echo newspaper, and here is the County Council’s history of Sacriston.

South Shields St. Stephen baptisms 1846-1848

115 baptisms at South Shields St. Stephen, from the beginning of the register in Oct 1846 to the end of 1848, from the Bishop’s Transcript.

The parish of St. Stephen was carved out of South Shields St. Hilda in 1846, first as a chapelry within the parish of St. Hilda. In 1848 St. Stephen’s became a separate parish. It is on the northeast edge of South Shields, near the River Tyne and an area known as The Lawe.


  • 27 Oct 1848 Mary Jane Bone, of Shadwell Street, born 20 Dec 1841, daughter of Alexander Hunter Bone (pilot) & Margaret

Here is a picture of St. Stephen’s church from the air, taken in 1927:

St. Stephen's, South Shields, 1927 aerial picture

St. Stephen's, South Shields, 1927 aerial picture


Here is the same image today on GoogleMaps – if you click the + once, you can get the same sort of angled view as above:

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Etherley baptisms & burials 1834-1862

906 baptisms and 564 burials at Etherley St. Cuthbert in Auckland district, from the Bishop’s Transcript.

Etherley parish was carved out of Auckland St. Andrew in 1834, and residences mentioned in this set include Bell’s Green, Bishop Auckland, Butterknowle, Cockfield, Escomb, Etherley, Etherley Lane, Gauger’s Arms, George Pit, Glebe Farm House, Glebe Terrace, Gordon Gill, Houghton House, Lands, Morley, Phoenix Row, Pit Green, Ramshaw, Red Barns, Shildon, Spring Gardens, The Oaks, Toft Hill, Tow Law, Weather Hill, West Auckland, White House, Wind Mill, Witton Castle, Witton Park, Wolsingham Park, and Woodside Lane.

Sample baptisms:

  • 26 Oct 1834 Thomas Weatheral, of Etherley, son of Thomas (pitman) & Phillis Weatheral
  • 28 Aug 1842 Elizabeth Glass, of Shildon, daughter of Robert (joiner) & Isabella Glass
  • 27 May 1855 Arthur Widdas, of Etherley, son of James (colliery clerk) & Jane Widdas

One wonders if this boy’s given names contain a clue as to his father’s identity:

  • 26 Oct 1862 George Bowman Elliott Studholme, of Etherley, son of Elisabeth Studholme (single woman)

Sample burials:

  • 19 Nov 1834 Nicholas Hetherington, of Toft Hill, age: 21
  • 18 Feb 1846 Nathaniel Blackwell, of Weather Hill, age: 30
  • 9 Jul 1862 Samuel Musson, of Witton Park, age: 67