Pittington baptisms 1852-1876, 1887-1905, burials 1872-1895, 1899-1905

Filling some gaps at Pittington St. Lawrence in Durham district, we have added, direct from the parish register:

  • 2,659 baptisms covering 1852-1876 and 1887-1905
  • 1,395 burials covering 1872- 1895 and 1899-1905

We now have Pittington baptisms from 1574 to the end of 1905, except for a gap of 1651-1700, and we have burials for 1593-1905 and marriages 1574-1905.

Pittington was a sprawling parish, just east of the city of Durham, with two arms reaching east to pinch around part of Easington parish. Residences mentioned besides Pittington include Arthur’s Hill (Newcastle), Bees Bank, Bells Villa (St. Giles), Belmont, Belmont Colliery, Bird in Bush, Broomside, Broomside Farm, Broomside Pit, Byers Green, Carrville, Cookshold Farm, Dragon Villa, Durham city, Easington Lane, Edmondsley, Elemore (and Elemore Colliery, Cottage, Grange, Hall, Lodge, and Vale), Fatfield House, Framwellgate Moor, Hallgarth, Hallgarth Cottages, Hallgarth Mill, Hastings House, Haswell, Hetton-le-Hole, Hetton-le-Hill, High Moorsley, High Pittington, Hill Side Farm, Leamside, Littletown, Littletown Farm, Littletown Main Engine, Londonderry Pit, Low Pittington, Ludworth, Main Engine, Middle Rainton, Murton Colliery, New Durham, New Pittington, Old Belmont, Old Newsham, Old Pittington, Pittington Vicarage, Quarrington Hill, Quarry Cottage, Railway Cottage, Shadforth, Sherburn, Sherburn Hill, Sherburn New Houses, Sherburn Station, Shincliffe, South Hetton, Spyall or Spyhall Cottage, Sunderland, The Rift, Thornley, West Rainton, and West Sherburn.

Sample baptisms:

  • 4 Feb 1852 Sarah Summers, of Pittington, born 18-Nov 1828, child of George (joiner) & Jane Summers
  • 11 Jul 1875 Catherine Jackson Reed, of Low Pittington, child of Matthew Potts Reed (miner) & Alice
  • 10 Jul 1887 Gwendoline Crosby, of Sherburn, child of John (innkeeper) & Ellen Crosby
  • 25 May 1905 Frances Wakenshaw, of High Pittington, child of Charles (greengrocer) & Agnes Wakenshaw

Sample burials:

  • 12 Sep 1876 Jane Watson, of Littletown, age: 98 and 11 months
  • 5 Apr 1887 Kezia Laverick, of High Pittington, age: 55
  • 30 Jul 1905 Jane Bamlett, of West Sherburn, age: 85

All burials here after 1 May 1892 are in Hallgarth Cemetery, which is adjacent to the original churchyard.


Pittington marriages 1834-1905 updated

Added 3,398 witnesses plus minor corrections (and a few major ones) to our existing 1,614 marriages in the years 1834-1905 at Pittington St. Lawrence in Durham district, and added 17 marriages that had been missed in the initial transcription of the register.

If you have purchased a marriage at Pittington in this period, we recommend you take another look at it to see if anything has been added or changed, and to get the witnesses. You can review your purchased records by logging into Durham Records Online and clicking My Previous Orders in the menu at the left side of the page. If you purchased a record in which a significant error has been corrected, the corrected record has been emailed to you.

If you have been unable to find a marriage you thought should be around Pittington in this time frame, please try your search again – maybe it will be one of the marriages that have been added.


  • 9 Feb 1834 Thomas Maugham, of this parish married Ann Studham, of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: William Studham, Michael Morris
  • 13 Jul 1837 Robert Robinson (widower, miller), age 55, of Langley, Parish of Brancepeth, son of Bartholomew Robinson (labourer), married Sarah Cowans (spinster), age 50, of Pittington, daughter of Michael Cowans (labourer), by licence
    Witnesses: Michael Morris, Eleanor Hedley
  • 7 Oct 1905 John Walker (bachelor, stoker), age 33, of Sherburn Hill, son of Thomas Walker (miner), married Elizabeth Barrass (spinster), age 38, of Pittington, daughter of Timothy Allison Barrass (blacksmith), by licence
    Witnesses: James Barrass, Robert Davison