Ryhope burials 1879-1937

2,902 burials at Ryhope St. Paul in Sunderland district, covering 1879-1937, joining the burials we already had here for 1828-1878.

There are 3 burial registers here. The 1st register covers 1828-1876, and the 2nd register starts where the 1st register left off in 1876 and goes to Sep 1895. The 3rd register partially overlaps the 2nd register, starting in 1880 and going to 1937, so there is an overlap in years from 1880 to Sep 1895. We suspect that the burial ground was expanded in 1880 and that the 3rd register covers burials in the expansion. Ryhope’s municipal cemetery opened in 1898 and the number of burials at St. Paul fell off dramatically after 1899. There does not seem to be any overlap between the municipal cemetery register and the St. Paul’s registers; that is, burials in the municipal cemetery register (which we also have online) are not also recorded in the St. Paul’s register. Most of the tombstones at St.Paul’s have been removed.

Abodes mentioned besides Ryhope include Bishopwearmouth, Burdon, Grangetown, Hendon, Herrington, Hollycarrsides, Monkwearmouth, Old Burdon, Oxclose, Pallion, Ryhope Colliery, Ryhope Grange, Silksworth, the Spelter Works, Sunderland, Tunstall and Tunstall Hill, the Waterworks, the Workhouse, and Whitburn. From 1895, Ryhope was the site of the Sunderland Borough Asylum (called Cherry Knowle Hospital after the creation of the National Health Service in 1948), and there are numerous burials listed from the Borough Asylum.

Numerous pictures of old Ryhope can be seen here:

Note the page numbers in a row at the bottom; there are 20 pages of pictures to view.

Sample burials:

  • 19 Feb 1879 James Hagan, of [blank abode], age: about 35, killed by falling over a cliff
  • 17 May 1888 Isabella Armour, of Ryhope Village, age: 3, in same grave as her mother
  • 8 May 1895 Rebecca Morgan, of Cliff Road, [Ryhope] Village, age: 97
  • 21 May 1908 Wilfred Herbert Snowdon, of Ryhope Street South, age: 18
  • 4 Sep 1922 Joseph Greenshields, of Burdon Moor Farm, age: 62

Ryhope baptisms 1849-1860

259 baptisms at Ryhope St. Paul in Sunderland district, to complement the set that went online earlier this week. Abodes mentioned besides Ryhope include Bishopwearmouth, Burdon and Old Burdon, Burdon West Houses, Colliery (Ryhope Colliery), Hendon Grange, Lechmere Field House, New Winning, Oxclose, Ryhope Grange, Ryhope Mill, Silksworth and Silksworth Moor, Thristley House, Tunstall, and Wall House.

About half of these include the mother’s maiden name – we could see no pattern in where the clerk included the mother’s maiden surnames and where he did not.

Some samples:

  • 27 Oct 1850 Charles Bolton, of Old Burdon, son of Robert Bolton (farmer) & Mary Ann Sheraton
  • 12 Jul 1851 Frank William Ritson, of Ryhope, born 5-Apr, son of Francis (captain of the ship John Ritson) & Jane Ritson
  • 11 Apr 1855 Arthur Ritson, of Ryhope, son of Francis Ritson (captain of the ship John Ritson) & Jane Thompson

Note that the 1851 Ritson baptism includes the child’s birth date but not the mother’s maiden surname, and the 1855 Ritson baptism includes her maiden surname.

Ryhope baptisms 1827-1848 & burials 1828-1878

At Ryhope St. Paul in Sunderland district:

  • 272 baptisms from the start of the register in August 1827 to the end of 1848, from the Bishop’s Transcript. We hope to have Ryhope baptisms for 1849-59 online next week.
  • 1,790 burials covering 1828-1878. Of these, mid-1859 through 1878 are from the parish register and the rest are from the Bishop’s Transcript. We are temporarily missing 1855 (about a dozen burials) and we hope to get those online next week.

Ryhope chapel was built in 1826, the register starts in 1827, marriages were performed there starting in 1854, and Ryhope became its own parish in 1856. Abodes mentioned besides Ryhope include Bishopwearmouth, Burdon, Hendon, Monkwearmouth, Murton Colliery, New Winning, Outerdipe or Outer Deep Farm, Oxclose, Ryhope Colliery, Ryhope Grange, Ryhope Mill, Silksworth, the Spelter Works, Sunderland, Tunstall, and Tunstall Colliery.

The great thing about these baptisms is that, starting with 1828, the parish clerk recorded the mother’s maiden surname in most baptisms, and many baptisms have the child’s birth date as well. For example:

  • 13 Apr 1828 Elizabeth Lazenby, of Ryhope, born 24-Mar, daughter of Edward Lazenby (shoemaker) & Elizabeth Lynn
  • 28 Oct 1838 John George Robinson, of Burdon, born 23-Sep, son of Thomas Robinson (farmer) & Dinah Fairbridge
  • 13 Jun 1847 Ann Isabella Grundon, of Ryhope Lane, daughter of Robert Grundon (farmer) & Ann Isabella late Surtees

After mid-1844, the incidence of mother’s maiden surnames drops off to about 25%.

Sample burials:

  • 15 Jan 1828 John Dixon, age: not known, found drowned on the beach, belonging to the Brig, Charles, of Boston, a wreck
  • 5 Mar 1839 Elizabeth Mallam, of Ryhope Grange, age: 59
  • 4 Jul 1849 John Steadman, age: about 55 years, found dead in Tunstall Hope
  • 21 Dec 1862 Cecilia Coulson, of 38 Railway Street, age: 30
  • 22 Dec 1878 Clement Wilson, of Colliery Inn, Ryhope St., age: 30

FromĀ A Topographical Dictionary of England (1848):

“RYHOPE, a chapelry, in the parish of BishopWearmouth, union of Sunderland, N. division of Easington ward and of the county of Durham, 3 miles (S.) from Sunderland; containing 868 inhabitants, of whom 423 are in the township of Ryhope. The chapelry comprises the townships of Ryhope, Burdon, Silksworth, and Tunstal; the first contains 1570 acres of good arable and meadow land. The soil is generally of a light sandy nature, and very favourable for the production of rye, potatoes, and barley. The village, which is one of the pleasantest in the county, is situated on the verge of a fine tract of country, bordered by the ocean, and in the summer season is much frequented for the purpose of bathing. The road from Sunderland to Stockton passes through it, and the railway to Durham and Hartlepool skirts it on the south and east.”

Numerous pictures of old Ryhope can be seen here:

Note the page numbers in a row at the bottom – there are 20 pages of pictures to view.