Bishopwearmouth 1570 census (compiled from other sources)

The parish of Bishopwearmouth – an unofficial census of 1570

by Ken Coleman

The sort of material available that is for a comparative estimate of the population of the North Riding between the 13th and 16th centuries is totally lacking for County Durham. The County was exempted from national taxation and it is not until the Hearth Tax assessments of the 1660’s that the Palatinate was brought fully into the national system, at the end of a long period of demographic change and social upheaval.

In a survey of parishes and chapelries taken for the Privy Council in 1563, the Parish of  Bishopwearmouth was in Easington Ward and included six townships: Bishopwearmouth, Burdon, Ford, Ryhope, Silksworth and Tunstall. The survey recorded 190 households. From the registers of Bishopwearmouth St. Michael’s church, which commenced in 1567, I have tried to identify individuals that may have resided in the parish in 1570. These are listed below in surname alphabetical order together with their abode where known.

Remember, this is not an official census and should not be quoted as a source proving that somebody lived here, but it does provide a compilation of residence data from other sources that may be helpful.

Name Abode
Alcoke, Henry Salt Panns
Adercoope, male Salt Panns
Aldercock, male Salt Panns
Anderson, Annas Wearmouth
Anderson, Annas Burdon
Anderson, Annas Burdon
Anderson, Catherine Burdon
Anderson, Edward Panns
Anderson, Eleanor poss Wearmouth
Anderson, John Sunderland
Anderson, John Burdon
Anderson, Margaret
Anderson, Margaret
Andrew, male (poss Bartholomew) Silksworth
Annison, Christopher Sunderland
Annison, Jane Sunderland
Annison, Richard Sunderland
Annison, Rowland
Annison, William
Arkell, Agnes Sunderland
Arkell, Annas
Arkell, Eleanor Sunderland
Arkell, Jane
Arkell, Janet Sunderland
Arkell, John poss Sunderland
Arkell, Thomas
Arrow, male poss Sunderland
Arrow, female poss Sunderland
Arrow, Alison poss Sunderland
Arrow, Janet poss Sunderland
Atchison/Atkinson, male (poss Anthony) poss Silksworth
Atkinson, female poss Silksworth
Atkinson, Annes
Atkinson, Elizabeth
Atkinson, Robert
Atkinsyde, Marjory poss Ryhope
Atkinsyde, Thomas poss Ryhope
Ayre, female poss Tunstall/Field House
Ayre, Alison Wearmouth
Ayre, Anthony Tunstall
Ayre, Anthony Tunstall
Ayre, Eleanor poss Sunderland
Ayre, John poss Wearmouth/Field House
Ayre, Margaret
Ayre, Maude poss Silksworth
Ayre, Robert
Ayre, Thomas poss Wearmouth/Tunstall
Ayre, William poss Tunstall/Field House
Bailes, male
Bailes, Joane Wearmouth
Bailey, male Burdon
Bailey, female
Bailey, female
Bailey, Richard Silksworth
Bainbridge, Elizabeth Wearmouth
Bainbridge, John Wearmouth/Sunderland
Bainbridge, Nicholas Wearmouth
Bainbridge, Richard buried 1605 – Barnes
Baker, Thomas poss Burdon
Bates, Matthew Tunstall/Silksworth
Beaumont, male Tunstall
Bee, Annas
Bee, Eleanor
Bee, Janet Ryhope
Bee, Janet Wearmouth
Bee, John Wearmouth
Bee, Mabel bur 1602 – Bishopwearmouth
Bee, Ralph poss Wearmouth
Bee, Robert
Bee, William poss Wearmouth
Bell, male Sunderland
Bell, female Sunderland
Bell, Annas Sunderland
Bell, Elizabeth Ryhope
Bell, Elizabeth Sunderland
Bell, John Salt Panns
Bell, Margaret poss Sunderland
Bell, Percival bur 1607 – Sunderland
Bell, Rutter (female)
Bell, Thomas
Benton, John Poss not native of area
Beverley, male Tunstall
Beverley, female Tunstall
Biddick, Elizabeth Wearmouth
Bisset, female Wearmouth
Bisset, John Wearmouth
Blakiston/Blackstone, Edward Farneton Hall
Blakiston, Elizabeth Farneton Hall
Blakiston, George, gent
Blakiston, Ralph, gent
Blakiston, Ralph, gent Farneton Hall
Blakiston, Robert, gent Farneton Hall
Blakiston, Thomas Monkwearmouth (curate in 1565)
Blunt, John Sunderland
Blunt, Molly Sunderland
Blunt, Mary
Blunt, Robert Sunderland
Bolton, male poss Sunderland
Bolton, female poss Sunderland
Booth, Charles poss Silksworth
Bowman, Annes
Bowyer, male Sunderland
Bowyer, female Sunderland
Bowyer, Hugh Sunderland
Bridges, Thomas bur 1591 – Ferry Boat
Broom, Robert
Brough, male Ryhope
Brough, Richard Wearmouth
Brown, Allen Wearmouth
Brown, Francis
Brown, Isabel
Brown, Isabel bur 1594 – Sunderland
Brown, Janet
Brown, John
Brown, John poss Sunderland
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Robert Sunderland
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William (married Janet Harrison 1570)
Brown, William ‘the Wright’ (bur 1579)
Brunton, male Sunderland
Burdon, Adam Ryhope
Burdon, Annas
Burdon, Annas
Burdon, Annas
Burdon, Alison (poss Alison Thompson marr J. Burdon in 1580)
Burdon, George Silksworth
Burdon, Grace Burdon
Burdon, Isabel bur 1604 – Ryhope
Burdon, John
Burdon, John
Burdon, Margaret Burdon
Burdon, Marjory Ryhope
Burdon, Richard
Burdon, Richard bur 1584 – Ryhope
Burdon, Robert
Burdon, Thomas Ryhope/Silksworth
Burdon, Thomas Ryhope/Silksworth
Burn, male
Burn, widow bur 1588
Burn, Annes
Burn, Cuthbert poss Ryhope
Burn, Edward bur 1606 – Sunderland
Burn, Jane bur 1622 – Ryhope
Burn, Robert poss Wearmouth
Burn, Robert
Burn, Thomas bur 1605 – Silksworth
Butler, male
Butler, female
Butcher, Richard
Cape, Alison
Cape, Isabel
Cape, William Wearmouth
Chamer, Andrew poss Wearmouth
Chamer, Annas
Chamer, John Wearmouth
Chamer, Richard Wearmouth
Chamer, Robert
Chamer, Rowland Wearmouth
Chamer, William
Chamer, William
Charlton, male
Charlton, female
Chater, Matthew Tunstall
Chilton, Alison Wearmouth
Chilton, Elizabeth
Chilton, Thomas bur 1614 – Burdon
Chilton, William poss Silksworth
Clark, Charles Silksworth
Clark, Marie bur 1601 – Silksworth
Cliff, Alice Wearmouth
Cliff, Richard bur 1591 – Ford
Cole, Thomas Pallion
Cole, Thomas Wearmouth
Coleson, Andrew poss Sunderland
Coleson, Jane
Coleson, John Sunderland
Collier, Adam
Collier, Annas
Collier, Jane
Collier, John Wearmouth
Collier, William
Cook, Alison
Cook, Annas
Cook, Christopher Wearmouth
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Jane
Cook, John
Cook, Mary
Cook, Richard
Cook, Thomas wife bur 1588 – Silksworth
Cooper, male
Cooper, Elizabeth
Copeland, Adam Silksworth
Copeland, Annas Silksworth
Craggs, Alison
Craggs, Ralph bur 1603 – Wearmouth
Crawford, Annas poss Silksworth
Crawford, James
Crawford, John Silksworth
Crawford, Margaret poss Silksworth
Crawford, Marjory poss Silksworth
Curry, William
Curtis, Alison poss Silksworth
Curtis, Bridget
Cutter, Alison
Cutter, Robert
Dantree, Robert
Davie, Alison
Davie, Janet
Davie, Margaret
Davie, Mary
Davie, William poss Wearmouth
Davison, male Sunderland
Davison, female Sunderland
Dawson, Eleanor bur 1578 – Ryhope
Dawson, Janet
Dawson, John
Dawson, John
Dawson, Richard
Denton, Peter, gent
Dickinson, Anthony son bapt 1608 – Bishopwearmouth
Dixon, male
Dixon, female
Dixon, George poss Wearmouth
Dixon, John
Dobson, Anthony
Dobson, Henry
Dobson, Meriel
Dobson, Richard
Ellis, Alice
Emlington, male
Emlington, female
Emlington, Elizabeth
Farmer, male
Farmer, female
Farmer, Alison
Farrow, Elizabeth poss Silksworth
Fawdon, Allison
Fawdon, Annas
Fell, male
Fell, female
Fell, Annas poss Ryhope
Fell, Janet poss Ryhope
Fell, John poss Ryhope
Fenwick, Molly
Fergus, William Salt pans
Fife, Thomas
Fife, Thomas
Fletcher, Ralph poss Wearmouth
Flood, Henry poss Wearmouth
Foster, Alexander Silksworth
Foster, John Silksworth
Foster, Richard
Foster, Robert poss Silksworth
Foster, William (married in 1568. Curate, bur 1579)
Frizell, Barty Silksworth
Frizell, John bur 1595 – Wearmouth
Fullerton, Arche
Gibson, Annas
Gibson, Anthony
Gibson, Bartholomew bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Gibson, Connande/Conante Ryhope
Gibson, Elizabeth bur 1587 – Silksworth
Gibson, John Silksworth
Gibson, John bur 1587 – Silksworth
Gibson, Margaret
Gibson, Richard
Gibson, William Wearmouth
Glenn, John Silksworth
Goodchild, male (William?)
Goodchild, Alison poss Wearmouth
Goodchild, John poss Ryhope
Goodchild, Ralph
Goodchild, Richard
Goodchild, Robert Sunderland
Gowland, Cuthbert bur 1581 – Sunderland
Gowland, Margaret poss Sunderland
Gowland, Robert Barns
Gowland, William
Gray, Alice (widow) bur 1612 – Sunderland
Gray, Humphrey
Gray, Isabel Silksworth
Gray, James
Gray, Jane
Gray, John
Gray, Margaret widow, bur 1609 – Sunderland
Gray, Robert Silksworth
Gray, Thomas Wearmouth
Gray, William poss Ryhope
Gray, William
Green, male
Green, female
Green, Arch
Green, John
Green, Thomas
Green, William
Hall, Elizabeth bur 1597 – Ryhope
Hall, George Silksworth/Ryhope
Hall, John bur 1590 – Pallion
Hall, Margaret bur 1583 – Silksworth
Hall, William bur 1599 – Wearmouth
Harding, John poss Sunderland
Harrison, Agnes widow, bur 1606 – Wearmouth
Harrison, Alice bur 1597 – Wearmouth
Harrison, Anthony bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Harrison, Barbara
Harrison, Catherine bur 1592 – Silksworth
Harrison, Cicely bur 1601 – Sunderland
Harrison, Clement bur 1600 – Sunderland
Harrison, Janet bur 1597 – Ryhope
Harrison, Margaret
Harrison, Margaret bur 1590 – Sunderland
Harrison, Richard
Harrison, Robert
Haswell, Annas
Haswell, ,Janet bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Heppell, Ann
Heppell, Elizabeth
Heppell, Ralph Sunderland
Heppell, Richard
Heppell, William
Hilton, Elizabeth Wearmouth
Hilton, Isabel Wearmouth
Hilton, John
Hilton, Thomas Wearmouth
Hobson, female
Hobson, Alison
Hobson, Isabel Wearmouth
Hobson, Richard Wearmouth
Hobson, Richard
Hockeson/Hodgson, Anthony
Hodge, Alley Sunderland
Hodge, Alison
Hodge, Janet Sunderland
Hodge, John
Hodge, Robert Sunderland
Hodge, William Sunderland
Holiday, Elizabeth
Holiday, John Tunstall
Holiday, Margaret
Holiday, Matthew
Holme, Adam Wearmouth
Holme, Alice Wearmouth
Holme, Alison
Holme, Elizabeth Wearmouth
Holme, John Wearmouth
Holme, Nicholas
Holme, Ralph
Holme, Mr. Rowland Wearmouth
Howdon, Edward poss Silksworth
Howdon, Henry poss Silksworth
Huntley, Alice
Huntley, Catherine Burdon/Sunderland
Huntley, Elizabeth Burdon
Huntley, Roger Silksworth
Jackson, Annas
Jackson, Christable
Jackson, Cuthbert bur 1603 – Sunderland
Jackson, George bur 1588 – Sunderland
Jackson, Gilbert Wearmouth
Jackson, John
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Martin poss Sunderland
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, William
Jefferson, Alison Ryhope
Jefferson, George poss Ryhope
Jefferson, Jane Ryhope
Jefferson, Janet
Jefferson, Nicholas
Jefferson, Richard
Jefferson, William Ryhope
Jervis, Agnes Wearmouth
Jervis, Anne Wearmouth
Jervis, George Wearmouth
Jervis, Isabel
Jervis, Marjory bur 1622 -Sunderland
Jervis, Maud Sunderland
Jervis, Nicholas bur 1590 – Wearmouth
Jervis, Ralph Ford
Jewson, Annes
Johnson, Annas
Johnson, Dorothy
Johnson, Edward poss Burdon
Johnson, Eleanor
Johnson, Eleanor
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elizabeth Claxheugh
Johnson, Grace
Johnson, James bur 1591 – Sunderland
Johnson, James
Johnson, Janet
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Lancelot
Johnson, Marjory
Johnson, Nicholas bur 1593 – Sunderland
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Rowland bur 1604 – Panns
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Walter bur 1604 – Panns
Johnson, Elizabeth
Jordan, Elizabeth bur 1597 – Ferry Boat
Jordan, Francis Ferry Boat
Jordan, Robert bur 1590 – Ferry Boat
Jordan, Thomas Ferry Boat/Ford
Jordan, William bur 1584 – Ferry Boat
Kester, John
Kitchen, Thomas bur 1596 – Sunderland
Lambert, widow bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Lambert, Annes Sunderland
Lambert, Janet bur 1595 – Ryhope
Lambert, Richard marr 1591; bur 1614 – Tunstall
Lambert, Robert poss Sunderland
Lambert, William bur 1590 – Ryhope
Lawson, Richard bur 1587 – Ryhope
Lawson, Robert poss Ryhope
Lawson, Thomas poss Ryhope
Lawther/Lowther, James bur 1622 – Sunderland
Loader/Lawther, Margaret, wife of James bur 1614 – Sunderland
Lowder/Lawther, William marr 1587, poss Wearmouth
Lazenby, John poss Sunderland
Leadbeater, Ralph bur 1595 – Sunderland
Leadbeater, Richard poss Sunderland
Learman, Anthony marr 1599 – poss Wearmouth
Learman, John son bapt’d 1602 – Bishopwearmouth
Ley/Lees, Alexander
Leigh/Lees, James
Leiss/Lees, John
Least/Lees, William
Legget, Alison bur 1585 – Burdon
Legget, Robert marr 1574; bur 1588 – East Burdon
Legget, William bur 1591 – East Burdon
Leper, female wife of John bur 1575 – Sunderland
Leper, John poss Sunderland
Liddell/Liddle, Charles Sunderland
Liddell/Liddle, Margaret
Liddell/Liddle, Robert poss son bapt’d 1599 – Panns
Littlefare, Annas
Littlefare, Annas
Littlefare, Christopher marr 1582; bur 1615 – Wearmouth
Littlefare, John bur 1603
Ludworth, Richard poss Silksworth
Maislet, Thomas
Marshall, George bur 1587 – Sunderland
Marshall, Robert
Matthew, Annas bur 1582 – Wearmouth
Matthew, Barbara bur 1589 – Silksworth
Matthew, Margaret
Matthew, Margaret bur 1596 – Wearmouth
Matthew, Ralph bur 1600 – Wearmouth
Matthew, Richard bur 1588; wife bur 1602 – Bishopwearmouth
Matthew, Robert poss Wearmouth
Matthew, William
Meavin, Anne bur 1603 – Wearmouth
Meavin, John bur 1596 –
Merriman, Robert bur 1598 – Wearmouth
Middleton, Alison
Middleton, Cicily
Middleton, Eleanor
Middleton, George daughter bapt’d 1576 – Silksworth
Middleton, Jane
Middleton, John bur 1590 – Ryhope
Middleton, Katherine
Middleton, Maud widow bur 1605 – Sunderland
Middleton, Ralph, Mr son bapt’d 1602 – Tunstall
Middleton, Richard, Mr child bapt’d 1591 – Tunstall
Middleton, Thomas Wearmouth
Miller, Eleanor
Miller, Isabel widow bur 1616 – Panns
Miller, John bur 1597 – Salt panns
Miller, Richard wife Elizabeth bur 1609 – Panns
Miller, Robert bur 1616 – Panns
Mower/Moore, female, wife of Thomas bur 1575 – Sunderland
Moir/Moore, Adam
Moore, Alison bur 1580 – Sunderland
Moore, George
Moore, John poss Sunderland
Moore, Mary
Mower/Moore, Thomas wife bur 1575 – Sunderland
Maier/Moore, William
Moyser, male (father of children bapt’d in 1570s )
Moyser, female (mother of children bapt’d in 1570s)
Moyser, John daughter bapt’d 1582; bur 1595 – Ryhope
Moyer/Moyser, Richard
Moyston, Elyan (female)
Nicholson, Annas bur 1596 – Sunderland
Nicholson, Anne bur 1619 – Sunderland
Nicholson, John bur 1604 & 1606 – Sunderland
Nicholson, Robert
North, male daughter bapt’d in 1567
North, female daughter bapt’d in 1567 –
North, Alison
North, Marjory
North, Robert
Oliver, John
Oliver, Robert
Oliver, William bur 1609 – Claxheugh
Pasmore, Elizabeth wife of Thomas bur 1602 – Ryhope
Pasmore, John
Pasmore, Margaret
Pasmore, Mary bur 1591 – Ryhope
Pasmore, Ralph daughter bapt’d in1603 – Ryhope
Pasmore, Robert bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Pasmore, Thomas Ryhope
Pasmore, Thomas wife bur in 1602 – Ryhope
Pasmore, William bur 1587 – Ryhope
Pattison, Allison
Pattison, Annas
Pattison, Dorothy bur 1585 – Sunderland
Pattison, George bur 1584 – Wearmouth
Pattison, Isabel bur 1584 – Wearmouth
Pattison, Margaret
Pattison, Robert
Pattison, Robertson bur in 1574 – Wearmouth/Sunderland
Pattison, Thomas
Pattison, William bur 1590 – Sunderland
Pearson, ‘Dame’ bur 1587 – Ryhope
Pearson, Dorothy
Pearson, William bur 1594 – Ryhope
Pode, John bur 1616 – Wearmouth
Porret, Margaret
Porret, Richard daughter bapt’d in 1602 – Sunderland
Ranson, Margaret bur 1600 – Ryhope
Ranson, Thomas poss Ryhope
Ratcliff, Annas
Ratcliff, George
Ratcliff, Thomas
Read/Reed, Christopher
Read/Reed, Elizabeth
Read/Reed, Margaret bur 1584 – Silksworth
Read/Reed, Ralph
Read/Reed, Richard bur 1585 – the Levene Mills
Redhead/Readhead, Annas bap/bur during 1602/3 in Ford
Relph, Annas, the elder bur 1584 – Ryhope
Relph, Annas bur 1584 – Ryhope
Relph, Thomas
Relph, William
Richardson, Alice
Richardson, Lancelot
Richardson, Thomas bur 1600 – Wearmouth
Richardson, Thomas son bapt’d in 1605 – Ford
Richardson, William bur 1592
Robinson, Janet
Robinson, Janet bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Robinson, John bur 1599 – Ryhope
Robinson, Marjory, widow bur 1613 – Ryhope
Robinson, Nell
Robinson, Ralph
Robinson, Robert poss Ryhope
Robinson, Rowland son bapt’d in 1601 – Sunderland
Robinson, Steven bur 1585 – Silksworth
Robinson, William
Rose, Cicelia, widow bur 1611 – Silksworth
Rose, Michael bur 1586 – Sunderland
Rose, William bur 1587 – Ryhope
Rowell, Elizabeth
Rowell, Isabel, widow bur 1605 – Sunderland
Rowell, John
Rowell, Richard
Roxby, Alison
Roxby, Annas
Roxby, Christophe Sunderland
Roxby, George bur 1582 – the Ferry boat
Roxby, Isabel
Roxby, Isabel
Roxby, Janet bur 1588 – Wearmouth
Roxby, Janet
Roxby, Margaret
Roxby, Peter
Roxby, Robert bur 1591 – Sunderland
Roxby, Thomas
Rutherford, Elizabeth bur 1587 – Silksworth
Rutherford, John Sunderland
Rutherford, Marjory bur 1587 – Sunderland
Sander, Alison bur 1597
Sander, Catherine
Sander, Catherine bur 1597 – Sunderland
Sander, Elizabeth
Sander, John
Sander, Phyllis bur 1590 – Sunderland
Sander, William
Scott, Catherine bur 1604 – Salt pans
Scott, Janet bur 1592 – Sunderland
Scott, John
Scott, William
Scurfield, Alison
Scurfield, Elizabeth poss Grindon
Scurfield, Elizabeth poss Grindon
Scurfield, Elizabeth poss Grindon
Scurfield, George poss Grindon
Scurfield, William Grindon – burials of child (1579) & wife (1597)
Shadforth, Alison bur 1590 – Ryhope
Shadforth, Ann bur 1581 – Ryhope
Shadforth, Annas
Shadforth, Elizabeth poss Ryhope
Shadforth, Janet
Shadforth, Janet poss Ryhope
Shadforth, John bur 1575 – Ryhope
Shadforth, Phylis
Shadforth, Richard bur 1590 – Ryhope
Shadforth, Thomas bur 1575 – Ryhope
Shadforth, Thomas bur 1586 – Ryhope
Shadforth, William bur 1578 – Ryhope
Shadforth, William bur 1584 – Ryhope
Shafter, Anthony poss Salt pans
Sharp, Alison bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Sharp, George bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Sharp, John daughter bapt’d 1580 – poss Wearmouth
Shepherdson, Alice
Shepherdson, Ann bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Shepherdson, Annas
Shepherdson, Elizabeth
Shepherdson, Janet bur 1585 – Sunderland
Shepherdson, Johnson bapt’d 1580; wife bur 1611 – Wearmouth
Shepherdson, Margaret bur 1580 – Wearmouth
Shepherdson, Margaret
Shepherdson, Richard
Shepherdson, Richard
Shepherdson, Thomas
Shepherdson, Thomas wife bur 1580 – Ryhope
Shepherdson, William
Shepherdson, William
Slater, William poss not native of area
Smirk, Eleanor bur 1590 – Silksworth
Smirk, John
Smirk, Thomas marr 1583 – poss Silksworth
Smirk, Thomas bur 1589 – Silksworth
Smirk, William
Smith, widow bur 1587 – Tunstall
Smith, Annas
Smith, Catherine (Katheryn)
Smith, Eleanor
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Grace
Smith, Isabel bur 1581 – Wearmouth
Smith, Janet
Smith, John
Smith, Lucy, widow bur 1600 – Tunstall
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Mary
Smith, Richard bur 1595 – Tunstall
Smith, Robert
Smith, Roger
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William bur 1595 – Sunderland
Smith, William son bapt’d 1601, wife bur 1602 – Sunderland
Solane, Alison
Solane, Ann
Solane, Margaret
Solbone, Annas poss not native of parish
Sparrow, Isabel bur 1588 – Wearmouth
Sparrow, Robert
Sparrow, Thomas bur 1588 – Wearmouth
Sparrow, Thomas
Spence, Elizabeth
Spence, Sybil
Spence, William
Stevenson, Alison
Stevenson, Elizabeth
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Margaret bur 1595 – Sunderland
Stevenson, Robert
Stokeld, Ann, widow bur 1615 – Ryhope
Stouk/Stokeld, Annas
Stoklin/Stokesley, Alison
Stokesley, Andrew
Stokesley, Elizabeth bur 1587
Stokesley, Richard
Stokesley, Thomas bur 1593 – Wearmouth
Story, Alison
Story, John
Surret, male children bapt’d 1567 & 1571
Surret, Elizabeth marr 1578
Surret, Isabel bur 1592
Surret, Jane bur 1584 – Wearmouth
Surret, John
Surtees, Jane bur 1575, poss Silksworth
Tate, Arnot bur 1588 – Wearmouth
Tate, Janet bur 1593 – Wearmouth
Tate, John
Taylor, John bur 1575 – Burdon
Taylor, John poss daughter bapt’d in 1579 – Sunderland
Taylor, Lance/Lancelot
Taylor, Robert bur 1604 – Ryhope
Taylor, Thomas & wife wife bur 1604 – Sunderland
Thompson, Alison
Thompson, Annas
Thompson, Annas
Thompson, Anne
Thompson, Bell
Thompson, Bryant
Thompson, Christian
Thompson, Eleanor bur 1596 – the Barns
Thompson, Ellen
Thompson, George
Thompson, George bur 1585 – Wearmouth
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Isabel, alias Fell bur 1587 – Wearmouth
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Janet
Thompson, Janet bur 1578 – Wearmouth
Thompson, Janet
Thompson, Katherine
Thompson, Molly bur 1594 – Wearmouth
Thompson, Nicholas
Thompson, Ralph
Thompson, Ralph
Thompson, Richard bur 1575 – Ryhope
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Sander bur 1596 – Sunderland
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas
Todd, Peter bur 1585 – Silksworth
Todd, William poss daughter bur 1596 – Wearmouth
Tunstal, Anthony, gent
Tunstal, Eleanor
Turner, Matthew bur 1599 – Wearmouth
Waby, John
Waby, William bur 1611 – Ryhope
Walker, Annas
Walker, Eleanor bur 1598 – Ryhope
Walker, Elizabeth, widow bur 1621 – Wearmouth
Walker, William
Wallis, Edward daughter bapt’d in 1587 – Salt pans
Wallis, John poss Salt pans
Wallis, Richard
Wallis, Thomas marr 1584; labourer bur 1592
Wanlass, John
Warner, Elizabeth bur 1581 -Wearmouth
Warner, Nicholas
Watson, Agnes, widow bur 1606 – Wearmouth
Watson, Alison
Watson, Anthony marr 1583; bur 1614 – Ryhope
Watson, Cuthbert bur 1605 – Ryhope
Watson, Edward bur 1610 – Sunderland
Watson, Elizabeth
Watson, Elizabeth marr 1574 poss Ryhope
Watson, Elizabeth marr 1574 poss Ryhope
Watson, Elizabeth marr 1579 poss Ryhope
Watson, Elizabeth marr 1582 poss Ryhope
Watson, Isabel bur 1583 – Wearmouth
Watson, Isabel
Watson, Janet
Watson, Richard
Watson, Robert
Watson, William bur 1575 – Ryhope
Welbourn, George marr 1577; son bapt’d 1582 – Grindon
Wheldon, John bur 1586 poss the salt pans
White, Christopher
White, Eleanor bur 1597 – Wearmouth
White, Isabel
White, John bur 1590 – Ryhope
White, Margaret bur 1588 – Ryhope
White, Margaret
Whitehead, George, ferryman bur 1581 – Sunderland
Whitehead, Margaret, widow bur 1625 – Sunderland
Whittingham, Joan bur 1595 – Wearmouth
Whittingham, Richard marr 1593; daughter bur 1612 – Burdon
Whittingham, Thomas child bur 1592 poss Burdon
Wilkinson, ‘Dame’ bur 1590
Wilkinson, widow son George bur 1601 – Bishopwearmouth
Wilkinson, Alison
Wilkinson, Anthony
Wilkinson, Bartey bur 1593 – Ryhope
Wilkinson, Cuthbert marr 1592; child bur 1597 – Silksworth
Wilkinson, Eleanor bur 1594 – Ryhope
Wilkinson, Elizabeth
Wilkinson, Elizabeth
Wilkinson, Janet bur 1576 – Silksworth
Wilkinson, John son bapt’d 1576 – Ryhope
Wilkinson, Kirstyn
Wiley, Alexander marr 1570; bur 1578 – Sunderland
Wiley, Alice
Wiley, Margaret
Wiley, Thomas bur 1582 – Sunderland
Wiley, William
Williamson, male
Williamson, female
Williamson, Thomas bapt’d 156
Willis, John, sealer wife bur 1608

Among the 190 households within the six townships recorded in the 1563 survey were the individuals working in the salt pans situated near Bishopwearmouth. The salt pans (later to be known as the township of Wearmouth Panns) were no doubt included within the township of Bishopwearmouth, formerly South Wearmouth. The Blakiston family resided in Farn(e)ton Hall which from John Speede’s 1610 map of Durham is located south west of Silksworth, and presumably was considered part thereof. Thomas Blakiston was the curate of Monkwearmouth in 1565.

The following is an analysis of 785 individuals; 367 of whom are of unknown abode; 103 who were (possibly) residing in Sunderland, and a further 14 from areas around Sunderland’s environs.

(Bishop)Wearmouth Ryhope Silksworth Farn(e)ton Hall Salt pans Burdon Tunstall Ferry Boat(Ford) Total
108 77 50 4 18 18 15 11 301
Sunderland Barnes Pallion Grindon Claxheugh Levene Mills ‘Others’(blanks) Total
103 3 2 6 2 1 367 484

If from the total count of 785 we subtract 117 (103+14) and assume that two-thirds of the 367 ‘Others’ (no-abode) were residing within the confines of Bishopwearmouth parish, and one-third in Sunderland, we arrive at a population for Bishopwearmouth of 541 which roughly equates to just under 3 persons per household.

Also in the 1563 survey in the Chester Ward, under East Division, there were 90 households in the parish of Monkwearmouth, which included the townships of Monkwearmouth Shore, Fulwell, Hylton and Southwick. (Unfortunately, due to a fire in 1790, in the church of Monkwearmouth St Peter, the early registers of the parish were lost and with them went valuable information that would have identified the individuals to support the statistics.)