Seaham Lifeboat Disaster of November 11, 1962

On 17 Nov 1962, the lifeboat ‘George Elmy’ went out to rescue the coble ‘Economy’. Nine men died in the rescue attempt.

Lifeboat Crew of the ‘George Elmy’
John T. Miller (Coxswain)
Fred Gippert (Second Coxswain)
Arthur Brown
Leonard Brown
James Farrington

Crew of the coble ‘Economy’
David Burrell (aged 9)
Gordon Burrell
George Firth
Joseph Kennedy

Sole Survivor of the coble ‘Economy’
Donald Burrell (later moved to Nottingham, died there in early 1990s, his ashes were scattered in the North Sea off Seaham).

The East Durham Heritage Group has a far more detailed article on the disaster.