Early Durham Surnames

An analysis of the historic distribution and incidence of surnames in County Durham in the sixteenth century.


Search for a surname below to see the distribution of Births*, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in County Durham in the 16th Century

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Entering a surname automatically displays the generally accepted primary spelling first, followed by associated variant and deviant spellings. The vital event data columns below list the numbers of individuals with variously spelt surnames extracted from official records between 1500-1599.

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Note: *Although somewhat unorthodox, the categorisation of Births has been used to not only record actual births but to capture and assign birth years to the myriad of individuals mentioned in wills and manorial records prior to commencement of baptismal registers. The assumed years of births are speculative, based on average ages for the period, although in some instances are verifiable according to information found in later (parish) records.