Darlington North Road Wesleyan Methodist Circuit baptisms 1899-1934

609 baptisms from the Darlington North Road Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, from Nov 1899 to April 1934.

Note that there was also, at the same time, a Darlington North Road Wesleyan Methodist CHURCH, with an entirely separate set of records. These baptisms are from the Darlington North Road Wesleyan Methodist CIRCUIT. A circuit covered a larger area, traveled by a circuit-riding minister. Abodes mentioned besides street addresses in Darlington include Aycliffe, Bishopton, Bradbury, Croft, Croft Spa, Fighting Cocks, Hurworth, Middleton St. George, Mordon, Neasham, North Cowton, Sadberge, and Sedgefield.

Sample baptisms:

  • 30 Sep 1900 Oswald Percy Chapman of 18 Louisa St., Darlington, born 4 Sep 1900, son of Robert Watson Chapman & Mary Matilda Chapman
  • 11 Feb 1917 Florrie Beadle of Little Kelton Farm, Aycliffe, born 16 Jan 1917, daughter of George Harold Beadle & Florrie Beadle

Like most Methodist registers, these baptisms do not show the father’s occupation but they do show birth dates. There is overlap with a prior register, which runs from 1887 to 1922, so we do not yet have all baptisms on this circuit for 1899 to 1922. Working on it!

Dalton-le-Dale marriages 1874-1877 & 1905-1966 updated with full details

At Dalton-le-Dale St. Andrew in Easington district, updated 510 marriages from mid-May 1874 to Sep 1877 and from Aug 1905 to the end of 1966, adding ages, occupations, marital statuses, abodes, father’s occupations, and 1,051 witnesses.

This does not include marriages between Sep 1877 and Aug 1905 because they are in a separate register that contains Dalton-le-Dale and Murton Holy Trinity mixed together, during a period when the same vicar served both churches and kept all the records in one register. Updating those is another project we will tackle soon.

Sample marriage before the update:

  • 12 Jun 1876 William Edward Young, son of Thomas Young married Elizabeth Haswell , daughter of William Haswell

and after the update:

  • 12 Jun 1876 William Edward Young (bachelor, joiner), full age, of Bishopwearmouth, son of Thomas Young (painter) married Elizabeth Haswell (spinster), full age, of Murton, daughter of William Haswell (farmer)
    Witnesses: Nicholas Norman, Elizabeth Ann Young

This is part of our background project to update our Easington-district marriages with full details. If you purchased a marriage at this church, we recommend that you review it by clicking My Account – My Orders and checking that marriage to see if anything has changed, and to see the additional details. If you purchased a record that received anything more significant than a minor spelling change, the corrected record has been emailed to you.

Heighington baptisms 1585-1764, burials 1559-1764

At Heighington St. Michael in Darlington district, from the beginning of the earliest registers:

  • 3,939 baptisms from 7 March 1585 to the end of 1764
  • 3,428 burials from 29 Sep 1559 to the end of 1764

We now have continuous coverage of baptisms, marriages, and burials at Heighington from the 1500s to the end of 1900. Heighington was never indexed by FamilySearch.org, and these earliest registers do not appear to be transcribed anywhere else online, so we believe we have the earliest and most comprehensive coverage of Heighington on the Internet, easily available from the comfort of your armchair!

Residences mentioned include Bolam, Bracks, Brock Holes, Coats a moor or Coatsmoore {Coatsay Moor), Cockerton, Cuckow or Cuckoo House, Darlington, East Thickley, Grainge, Grainge Hall, Grainge Mill, Greystones, Hardass, Haughton Bank, Hawthorn, Heighington, Highside Bank, Holywell Hall, Killerby, Lane House, Loneing House, Low Walworth, Middridge Grainge, New Moor, Newbiggin, Ox Moor Lane, Peel Acres, Primrose Hall, Red House, Redworth, School Aycliffe, Sim Pasture or Simpasture, South Field or Southfield, Standy/Strandy/Straney Mire, Swan House (Darlington), Thickley, Todfields or Todfolds, Toy Top or Toytop, Twins Burn, Walworth, Walworth Lane, Walworth Moor, West Thickley, and White House or Whitehouse.

The baptism register is a mixture of Latin and English until 1654. From July 1654 through March 1658, birth dates are given instead of baptism dates. From April 1666 to the end of 1673 the baptisms contain both the father and mother, date of birth and the occasional abode, which is very rare for this period. Baptisms are missing (due to missing pages) for October 22nd 1675 to July 24th 1679, 30 May 1694 to 5 May 1695, and June 20th 1712 to December 10th 1715, and the page for Oct 1607 through January 1608 is torn, leaving only 2 baptisms with useful information, out of 9 originally present. Sample baptisms:

  • 14 Sep 1585 Radulph [Ralph] Crathorne, filius [son] of Mathei Crathorne
  • 14 May 1621 Cuthbertus Rashell, filius [son] of Gulielmi [William] Rashell
  • Richard Bailes, born 17 Aug 1654, sonne of William Bailes
  • 12 Mar 1669 William [Wilde/Earyholme], born 3 Mar 1669, son of William Wilde & Alice Earyholme (wife of Christopher Earyholme), begotten in adultery
  • 24 Jul 1673 Joseph Loyselure, born 23 Jul 1673, son of Nicholas Loyselure & Jennet (his wife)
  • 8 Oct 1721 Joseph [Swinbank/Jolly], bastard child of John Swinbank & Ann Jolly, for which they both did pennance on St. Matthew’s Day
  • 21 Oct 1764 Paul Elsinger of Redworth, son of John Elsinger

The burial register is a mixture of Latin and English until mid-1651. There are no burials recorded for Jan 1577 to Apr 1580, Apr 1582 to March 1584, June 1694 to May 1695, plus numerous gaps of 3-6 months where there may have actually been no burials, or they were not recorded. Sample burials:

  • 25 Jan 1565 Anna Denham, daughter of Rolandi Denham
  • 3 Apr 1615 Sith Richinsonne, uxor [wife] of Leonardi Richinsonne
  • 21 Jul 1661 Mr. Gilbert Wildbor, minister here
  • 3 May 1682 Dorothy Crispy, buried in woolen according to ye Act of Parliament
  • 26 Jul 1701 John Smelt, found dead in the fields
  • 7 Jan 1731 George Elliot, of Coatsamoor, servant to John Richardson
  • 11 Mar 1764 Martha Heaviside, of Heighington, daughter of Michael Heaviside

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Merrington baptisms, marriages, burials 1580-1700

At Merrington St. John in Auckland district, from the earliest register, which started in 1580 (in the modern calendar), to the end of 1700:

  • 2,172 baptisms. There are no baptisms recorded from Feb 1677 to Oct 1681.
  • 560 marriages. There are no marriages recorded for 1586, June 1594 to June 1598, 1665, and Feb 1670 to May 1677.
  • 1,620 burials

Merrington, an ancient parish, included four constabularies: Merrington, Ferryhill, Chilton and Hett. Residences mentioned include Butcher Race, Chilton (Great and Little), Coundon, Ferryhill, Hett, Hett Mill or Milne, Leasingthorne, Merrington, Middlestone, Rushyford, Tuddow (Tudhoe), Westerton, and Windlestone.

Mothers are named only in baptisms of illegitimate children, and most baptisms before 1600 do not name either parent. From 1654 to mid-1658, birth dates are given instead of baptism dates. Here are some sample baptisms:

  • 10 Oct 1592 Lucik [Luke] Kay
  • 12 Apr 1601 Mary Mebowrne of Hett, daughter of John Mebowrne
  • 5 Feb 1626 Roberte Jackson of Newcastle, son of Thom Jackson, wife was travelling this way was delivered in the bakehouse in Ferryhill
  • 14 Dec 1645 Allice [Blayer/Kay], base begotten childe of Peter [Blayer/Kay] (Scottsman) & Margrett Kay (dwelling in Ferryhill & daughter of Robert Kay)
  • Christo [Christopher] Widdefeild of Middleston, born 2 May 1655, sonn of Robert Widdefeild
  • 28 Dec 1700 Thomas Douthwaite of Rusheyford, sonne of John Douthwaite

Marriages in this period are typically terse:

  • 28 Jan 1580 Thomas Turping of Hett married Ann Nycholson
  • 8 Jul 1648 Mr Henry Murthwaite [Smurthwaite] (a Preacher) married Mary Cooke
  • 28 Jul 1664 Richard Shutleworth (Esq.) married Mrs Margrett Tempest
  • 27 May 1700 Lanclott Smith of Great Chilton married Marie Chypsays [Chipchase] of Great Chilton

There are few identifying details or relationships in the burials before 1598. A plague swept through the area in the summer and fall of 1598 and carried off at least 36 inhabitants, killing multiple members of the Burnopp, Lax, Dyxson, Heviside, Weddefeild, Ferry, Coltman, and Arrow families.

  • 4 Apr 1584 Allison Alde
  • [no date] 1598 John Arrow, of Merrington, who dyede in the visitation
    [Note: plague victim.]
  • 6 May 1604 Dorathe Swinborn, of Hett, daughter of Cuthbert Swinborn
  • 9 May 1643 Jane Morland, of Greate Chilton, wife of Humphray Morland
  • 26 Jan 1683 John & Jane & Elizabeth Brasse, of Ferryhill, son & daughters of John Brasse, all 3 murdered in their father’s house by one Andrew Mills
  • 16 Jul 1700 Francis Heaviside, of Merrington, who was slaine at a Lime Quarry

The horrific story of the murdered Brasse children can be found here.

Dunston baptisms & burials 1876-1910

The parish of Dunston (Christ Church) was carved out of the parish of Whickham in 1872. From the beginning of the first baptism and burial registers of Dunston, we have added:

  • 3,854 baptisms from June 1872 to the end of 1910
  • 2,428 burials from May 1876 to the end of 1910

Sample baptisms:

  • 20 Aug 1872 Robert Mitford Wight of Team Villas, child of Edward (accountant) & Margaret Wight
  • 10 Feb 1891 Florence Wintrim Greener of Dunston, child of George (ironworker) & Hannah Greener
  • 30 Nov 1910 Mary Kenyon of 19 Clephen Street, child of Joseph (sawyer) & Isabella Kenyon

Sample burials:

  • 8 Feb 1880 Mary Penman, of Dunston, age: 91
  • 22 Jul 1901 Isaac Speight, of Dunston, age: 87
  • 7 Aug 1910 John Clasper, of 36 Park Road, Newcastle, age: 81

Residences mentioned besides Dunston include Farnacres, Gateshead, Newcastle, and Team.

Bishopton burials 1852-1909

479 burials at Bishopton St. Peter in Stockton district, from Jan 1852, where our previous transcription left off, to 30 April 1909.

Abodes mentioned include Archdeacon Newton, Aycliffe, Bishopton, Carlton Iron  Works, Cobby Castle, Darlington, East Newbiggin, Fightin Cocks, Gilly Flat, Great Stainton, Little Stainton, Longnewton, Middlesbrough, Morden, Newbiggin, Norton, Redmarshall, Sedgefield, Stillington Moor, Stockton-on-Tees, Stonyflat, Thorp, West Newbiggin, Whinny Hill, and Woogra.

Sample burials:

  • 28 Jan 1853 Abraham Dixon, of Little Stainton, age: 78
  • 13 Mar 1907 Henry Gibson Tinkler, of Bishopton, age: 85

Coniscliffe burials 1846-1910

508 burials at Coniscliffe St. Edwin in Auckland district, from June 1846 where our previous transcription left off to Nov 1910. Abodes mentioned include Archdeacon Newton, Baydle Beck, Bishop Auckland, Carlbury, Cockerton, Coniscliffe, Darlington, High Coniscliffe, Low Coniscliffe, Piercebridge, Stockton, Thornton Hall Cottages, and Ulnaby.

Sample burials:

  • 6 Oct 1852 Catherine Bowes, of High Coniscliffe, age: 94
  • 24 Sep 1908 John Oswald Stainthorpe, of Killerby, age: 37

Bywell St. Peter baptisms, marriages, and burials: 1813-1837/38

At Bywell St. Peter (Hexham district, Northumberland):

  • 471 baptisms covering 1813-1838
  • 154 marriages from 1813 to the end of June 1837
  • 306 burials covering 1813-1837

Abodes mentioned include Acomb, Acomb Pit House, Apperley, Bat House, Bearl, Birches Nook, Broomhaugh, Broomley, Bywell, Burnt House, Burtree Hall, Bywell, Click-em In, Corbridge, Fotherley, Gallow Hill, Guest Burn, Hamsterley (Medomsley parish), Healey, High Fotherley, Hindley and Hindley Steel, Horse Close, Lead Hill, Lightwood Gate, Mickley, New Ridley, Newton, Newton Hall, Newton Kiln House, North Acomb, Painshaw Field, Peeee or Peepey, Raw House, Riding, Ridley Mill, Roachy Foot, Shaw House, Shildon Fell House, Shildon Hill, Sod Hall, South Acomb, Stelling, Stocksfield, Stocksfield Barr, Stocksfield Gate, Styford Barns, and Whins.

Sample baptisms:

  • 18 Apr 1813 William [Hunter/Armstrong], illegitimate son of William Hunter (farmer of Fell House) & Elizabeth Armstrong (of Broxbushes)
  • 14 Jan 1838 Nicholas Lawson of Bywell, son of Ralph (nurseryman) & Isabella Lawson

Sample marriage:

  • 18 Jan 1813 William Wallace of the parish of St. John’s in the town & county of Newcastle upon Tyne married Ann Neal of this parish, by banns with consent of parents
    Witnesses: John Wallace, William Wallace

Sample burials – before 1825, some burials have relationships or occupations listed:

  • 14 Jan 1815 Elizabeth Stobert, of Riding, age: 3, daughter of Forster & Jane Stobert
  • 6 Jun 1815 Elizabeth Minto, of Mickley, Ovingham Parish, age: 30, wife of Clement Minto
  • 9 Jun 1827 John Green, of Birches Nook, age: 101

Hurworth marriages 1701-1769

274 marriages at Hurworth All Saints in Darlington district, filling a gap we had from 1701 to 1769 inclusive. Starting in 1754, this includes about a dozen cases of banns that were called at Hurworth but were not followed by a marriage at Hurworth – the couple either married elsewhere, or did not marry, but we like to record such banns in case there is no other record of the marriage. We now have a complete run of marriages at Hurworth from 1559 to 1837 inclusive, and banns (for marriages that did not occur here) for 1754-1812.

Abodes mentioned besides Hurworth include Croft, Darlington, Dinsdale, Kirby Ravensworth, and Neasham. Witnesses first appear in 1754.

Sample marriages:

  • 25 Apr 1706 Thomas Moody married Jane Smathwait of Neesham
  • 14 May 1769 Thomas Rudd of the parish of Bolton married Christian Wilson of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: John Wilson, Henry Wilson

Sample of marriage banns without a subsequent marriage at Hurworth:

  • 7 Jul 1754 Richard Humphrey of the parish of Haughton & Jane Harpley of this parish, banns called June 23 & 30 & July 7