Newcastle St. Andrew burials 1844-1853

2,678 burials at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1844 to 22 Sep 1853, after which date the churchyard was closed to interments by order of the Council. Abodes listed are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include Ballast Hills, the Barracks, Byker, Elswick, Fenham, Gateshead, the Infirmary, Jesmond Vale, the Lunatic Asylum, Shield Field, Spital Tongues, the Union Workhouse, and Walker.

Sample burials:

  • 13 Jul 1845 Elizabeth Oliver, of Spital Tongues, age: 97
  • 3 Jun 1847 Anthony Mewbray, of Sandyford Lane, age: 87
  • 22 Feb 1848 Ann Lynn, of Skinner Burn, age: 100
  • 28 Jul 1850 Sarah Colvin, of Gallowgate, age: 89
  • 17 May 1852 Archibald Henderson, of Prudhoe Place, age: 89
  • 15 Sep 1853 Hetherington Wilson, of Northumberland St., age: 46



Alnwick St. Michael marriages 1782-1812

1,083 marriages at Alnwick St. Michael on the east coast of Northumberland, from the beginning of 1782 to the end of 1812. We now have all the marriages at this church from 1782 to 1853 inclusive.

This data set also includes banns that were called at Alnwick between 1782 and 1812, but the couple did not marry there. If the record-keeping in the parish in which they did marry was sloppy or a disaster later befell the parish register, sometimes the banns are the only record of a marriage, or at least the intent to marry.

Abodes mentioned besides Alnwick and Denwick include the nearby parishes or chapelries of Bamburgh, Belford, the confusingly similar Edlingham, Eglingham, and Ellingham, Embleton, Felton, Gateshead, Hexham, Howick, Lesbury, Longhoughton, Morpeth, Newcastle, Rothbury, Shilbottle, Tynemouth, Ulgham, Warkworth, Whittingham, and Wooler.

Sample marriages:

  • 9 Oct 1782 John Ferriar (of the parish of Stockton in the county of Durham) married Barbara Gair (of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Martha Burrell; Jane Catherine Gair; Elizabeth Lambton; Elizabeth Ferriar; Thomas Ilderton
  • 11 Jun 1797 John McPherson (widower, age 77, of this parish) married Margaret Towson (widow, age 62, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Nichles Forster; James Taylor; Thomas Patterson
  • 4 Apr 1809 John Allan (bachelor, of this parish) married Hannah Scotland (spinster, a minor with consent of guardians, of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Catherine Davis; Joseph Daglish

Sample banns publication:

  • 28 Jun 1812 Ralph Turnbull (widower, of this parish) & Catherine Murray (spinster, of the parish of Embleton), [date is last banns publication date]

Newcastle St. Andrew burials 1840-1843

931 burials at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1840 through 1843. Abodes listed include Ballast Hills, the Barracks, Gateshead, the Infirmary, Kenton, Longbenton, the Lunatic Asylum, the Poor House or Workhouse, Spital Tongues, Tynemouth, and many streets in Newcastle.

Sample burials – only a few list an occupation or identifying detail other than name, date, age, and abode:

  • 9 Jan 1840 Joseph Spotswood, of Gallowgate, age: 61
  • 12 Oct 1841 Mary Raisbeck, of Shield Field, age: 90
  • 9 Nov 1842 Elizabeth Heaton, of Todds Nook, age: 75
  • 23 Apr 1843 Thomas Scott, of Claremont Place, age: 84, late parish clerk of St. Andrew’s

Pontop Hall marriages 1779-1802 updated

Updated 25 marriages at Pontop Hall Roman Catholic church in Lanchester district from 1779 to 1802, correcting errors, adding the witnesses and an explanatory note to all of the marriages, and returning all of the names to their original Latin to remove any translation inaccuracy.

Sample marriage before the update:

  • 22 Jan 1787 John Foreman (of Langley) married Elizabeth Rippon (of Iveston)

and the same marriage after the update:

  • 22 Jan 1787 Joen. [John] Foreman (of Langley in parochia Lanchester) married Eliz. Rippon (vidua, of Iveston)
    Witnesses: Gul. Elliot; Maria Elliot
    [Note: the Catholic Church did not have a license to perform marriages at this time, so this wedding was purely ceremonial. This couple legally married at Lanchester 23rd Jan 1787 – note it only says “vidua” (widow) in this register, not in the Lanchester register.]

If you have purchased a marriage at this church, we encourage you to review it to get the new information and see if any additional changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and sort by the Modified column to put changed records at the top. If a change (other than a minor spelling change) was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction.

Bishopwearmouth marriages 1837-1841

1,138 marriages at Bishopwearmouth St. Michael & All Angels, from 1 July 1837 (the beginning of civil registration and full-detail marriages) to the end of 1841.

Abodes are mostly streets in Bishopwearmouth but also include Ballast Hills, Burdon, Deptford, Grindon, Hendon, Houghton-le-Spring, Hylton, Millfield, Monkwearmouth, New Town, Pallion, Panns or Pans, Ryhope, Silksworth, Southwick, Sunderland, and Tunstall.

Sample marriages:

  • 9 Jul 1837 John Reuben Dixon (bachelor, labourer, full age, of Hylton, son of John Dixon, labourer) married Elizabeth Davison (widow, confectioner, full age, of Hylton, daughter of John Elliott, keelman)
    Witnesses: Rob. Renney; Wm. Hunter
  • 26 Sep 1841 Henry Harland (bachelor, enginewright, age: minor, of Fountain Street, son of Henry Harland, waggonman) married Ann Cunningham (spinster, age: minor, of Fountain Street, daughter of William Cunningham, mariner)
    Witnesses: Rob. Renney; Wm. Weatherburn

Durham St. Oswald marriages 1837-1841

Added 97 marriages at St. Oswald in the city of Durham, covering 1837-1841. We now have all the marriages at this church from 1539 to the end of 1841.

Sample marriage:

  • 20 Apr 1840 George Prentice (bachelor, mason, full age, of Hallgarth Street, son of George Prentice, ironmonger) married Ellen Parkin (widow, full age, of Hallgarth Street, daughter of Robert Stevens, hawker)
    Witnesses: John Josiah Stevens; Robert Stevens

Abodes mentioned besides streets in the city include Brancepeth, New Elvet, and Old Elvet.

Newcastle St. Andrew marriages 1829 to mid-1837

1,122 marriages at St. Andrew’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Northumberland) covering 1829 to July 8th, 1837 (the end of this register).

A few marriages listed the bride’s father:

  • 23 May 1837 Robert Schofield (of the parish of Rochdale in the Diocese of Chester) married Jane Fenwick (of the parish of St Andrew in the Diocese of Durham), by licence, with consent of John Fenwick, her lawful father
    Witnesses: William Fenwick; John Fenwick, junior; William Schofield

but most were like these:

  • 7 Jan 1829 James Sillick (of this parish) married Mary Elder (of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: John Featherston; John Mountain; Sarah Sillick; Elizabeth Elder
  • 4 May 1837 James Gallon (widower, of the parish of Gateshead in the County of Durham) married Elizabeth Keith (spinster, of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Thomas Keith; Ann Gallon

Sunderland Holy Trinity baptisms: 1842

Have we mentioned how much we love the parish clerk of Sunderland Holy Trinity in the 1840s? Yes, probably several times, because we just finished transcribing 542 baptisms from 1842, and the clerk was still recording the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date. Perhaps he didn’t get the memo that this was no longer required after the end of 1812, or perhaps he was a genealogist himself who knew that this information would be important to us some day. Of course by mid-1837, civil registration had commenced, so we should be able to get that information from the child’s civil birth certificate. However,  registration was not compulsory until 1875. Do you know how many births went unregistered between 1837 and 1875? Estimates range from 3% to 15%. (Here’s an interesting article about the history of civil registration.) However, most people did baptize their children, so even after civil registration came into play, for some people a baptism at this church might be the only record of a child’s birth date and mother’s maiden surname.

Sample baptisms (in the first one, Minorca is an area of Sunderland, not the Mediterranean vacation spot):

  • 1 Jan 1842 William Robinson Forster, of Minorca, born 13 Dec 1841, son of William Forster (millwright) & Eleanor late Best
  • 14 Sep 1842 Elizabeth Scott, of Baines Lane, born 18 Oct 1824, daughter of Thomas Scott (grocer) & Elizabeth late Stephenson

Abodes listed are mostly streets in Sunderland, plus Bishopwearmouth, the Barracks, Maling’s Rig, and Minorca.

Alnwick St. Paul baptisms 1846-1851, marriages 1846-1852

The new parish of St. Paul was carved out of the parish of Alnwick St. Michael, and the new church of St. Paul was consecrated on 16 Oct 1846, with Charles F. Charleton as the first incumbent. Here’s a little package to start this church’s record collection:

  • 244 baptisms covering 1846-1851
  • 52 marriages covering 1846-1852

These marriages are all civil-registration style, with full details, except most of the ages are listed as “full” rather than a number. Here is a sample marriage:

  • 27 Sep 1850 William Shell (bachelor, painter, full age, of Alnwick, son of William Shell, painter) married Georgiana Ann Dixon (spinster, full age, of Alnwick, daughter of Richard Dixon, mason)
    Witnesses: Richard Dixon; Isabella Beal Slight

and the baptism of that couple’s first child:

  • 28 Sep 1851 William Shell, of Bondgate, son of William Shell (painter) & Georgiana Anne Shell

Abodes are mostly streets in Alnwick but also include Alndyke, Cawledge Park, Ducket Croft, Rugley, and Shield dykes.

Durham St. Oswald marriages 1701-1750

695 marriages at St. Oswald’s in the city of Durham, covering 1701-1750. This fills a gap we had in our collection, so we now have marriages at this church from the beginning of the first register in 1539 to the middle of 1837.

There are 2 overlapping registers for this period (1653-1781 and 1695-1706), and while most marriages are in both registers, 14 were only in the register labelled 1695-1706, so we have annotated those in case somebody goes looking for them and can’t find them in the other register.

Only one marriage mentioned ages, apparently because it was considered shocking:

  • 4 Feb 1714 Richard Feetham (weaver, a youth abt 20) married Mary Meeborn (a widow abt 59), with license

Another “shocking” sample (there were several of these “clandestine marriages”):

  • 24 Oct 1702 Henry Arrowsmith married Anne Jordon, both of this parish (after they had been several years clandestinely married & had two children), were publickly married.

About a quarter of these marriages mentioned the groom’s occupation:

  • 27 Nov 1711 Mr. John Blundevil (singingman in the Cathedral) married Margaret Belly (widow), by licence
  • 13 Apr 1719 Richard Sedgemore (weaver, formerly a soldier) married An Byers
  • 19 Jul 1724 John Sikes (whitesmith) married Mary Reed (servant in ye parish)
  • 12 Sep 1749 Thomas Stout (butcher) married Mary Halliman

and a little over a quarter featured a groom or bride from outside the parish:

  • 29 Dec 1716 Mr Thomas Charleton (of ye parish of Biwel St Peter’s) married Barbara Stokeld (of this parish), with licence
  • 17 Jul 1707 Mr. Richard Newhouse (Curate of Sherebourn Hospital) married Hannah Heslop (of Richmond in Yorkshire)

Abodes mentioned outside this parish include the parishes of Bishopwearmouth, Brancepeth, Chester (le Street), Egglescliffe, Houghton-le-Spring, Newcastle, Shincliffe, St. Nicholas, St. Margaret’s, and Sunderland.