Barnard Castle burials 1847-1883

3,504 burials at Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district, covering 1847-1883. Abodes mentioned besides Barnard Castle, lying in both Durham and Yorkshire, include Barnard Castle Moor, Bowes, Cotherstone, Darlington, Forthburn, Kinninvie, Langleydale, Marwood, Richmond, Shildon, Staindrop, Stainton, Startforth, Streatlam, West Shaws, Westwick, and the Barnard Castle Union (a.k.a.Teesdale Union) Workhouse.

The cholera epidemic that ravaged County Durham in the late summer and fall of 1849 claimed at least 144 victims in Barnard Castle between August and October. Their bodies were quickly buried to prevent the spread of the disease – at the time, it was commonly thought that cholera was spread through the air (we now know it spreads through contaminated water):

  • 13 Sep 1849 Robert Warwick, of Bank, Barnard Castle, age: 71, cholera, buried at 9 30am
  • 14 Sep 1849 Alice Kennedy, of Wellyard, Barnard Castle, age: 81, buried at 6pm
    [Note: though not specifically listed as such, she was probably also a cholera victim, as only cholera victims had their burial time recorded.]

A note in the register says that all burials after 1 Dec 1859 are in the new burial ground. The new cemetery was on Victoria Road at the east end of town, south of the railway station.

A few burials have additional information:

  • 19 Oct 1872 William Naisbitt, of Barnard Castle, age: 74, run over while walking, buried by Coroner’s Order
    [Note: presumably he was run over by a train or a horse and wagon, as cars were still in the future.]

but most are like this:

  • 30 Jul 1848 Ann Whittle, of Teesdale Union Workhouse, age: 96
  • 1 Aug 1858 Thomas Routledge, of Barnard Castle, age: 93
  • 26 Aug 1865 John Hodgson, of Marwood, age: 91
  • 13 Feb 1874 Johanna Brownless, of Stainton, age: 91
  • 5 Mar 1883 Joseph Peacock, of Kinninvie, age: 60

Norton burials 1847-1886

1,955 burials at Norton St. Mary in Stockton district, covering 1847-1886. Abodes mentioned include Billingham, Carlton, coatham, Darlington, Grimdon or Grindon, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Newton Bewley, Norton, Norton Junction, Preston, Seaton, Sedgefield, Stockton, Stokesley, and Yarm, with the vast majority being from Norton and Stockton.

Sample burials:

  • 23 Sep 1848 Elizabeth Booker, of Norton, age: 93
  • 21 Jul 1852 Margaret Wanless, of Middlesbrough, age: 84
  • 2 Dec 1871 James Burdon, of Norton, age: 68, buried by Coroner’s Order
  • 30 Jul 1885 Robert Cummings, of Norton, age: 75, died at Portobello, Edinburgh
  • 4 Jan 1886 Eliza Sophia Crosier, of Stockton, age: 80


Esh burials 1872-1901

1,663 burials at Esh St. Michael in Lanchester district, from the beginning of 1872 to the end of February 1901. We now have burials here from 1585 to 1901.

Residences mentioned include Biggen Drift, Brandon, Bridgegate, Broadgate, Cornsay Colliery, Esh, Esh Colliery, Esh Laude, Esh Winning, Flass and Flass Junction, Hamsteels, Hamsteels Colliery, Hedley Hill, Hill Top, Langley Park, Langley Park Colliery, New House Cottages, Quebec, Ushaw Moor, Wallnook, Waterhouses, and Witton Gilbert.

Starting in Oct 1887, the Esh register includes burials in the churchyard of Langley Park All Saints, which was created as a chapel of ease within the parish of Esh in 1887 and became a separate parish with its own burial register in 1906.

Sample burials:

  • 8 Dec 1878 Harriet Pyle, of Ushaw Moor, age: 91
  • 25 Nov 1884 Benjamin Hunter, of Quarry House, Hamsteels, age: 92
  • 12 Aug 1899 Sarah Tolliday, of Langley Park, age: 78, buried in Langley Park Churchyard

Some of the later burials have useful information beyond the usual age & residence data:

  • 23 Mar 1894 Thomas Ward, of Langley Park, age: 27, verdict “unsound mind”
  • 7 Apr 1899 George Moss, of Langley Park, age: 37, killed instantly by a fall of stone in Langley Park Pit
  • 22 Jan 1901 Ellen Towns formerly Stockley, of Waterhouses late of Esh, age: 29

Etherley burials 1863-1901

1,663 burials at Etherley St. Cuthbert in Auckland district, covering 1863-1902. Abodes mentioned besides Etherley include Beechburn, Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Escomb, Etherley Bank, Etherley Dene, Etherley Grange,  Etherley Lane, Etherley Moor, Evenwood, Gordon Gill, Howden-le-Wear, Low Etherley, Morley, Newton Cap, Phoenix Row, Quarry Heads, Ramshaw, Spennymoor, Toft Hill, Tudhoe, West Auckland, Windmill, Witton Park, Witton-le-Wear, and Woodside.

This data set boasted one of the most unusual burials we have ever seen:

  • 24 Nov 1869 Joseph Josiah Charles Stephenson, of Toft Hill Lane, age: about 80, a woman, name unknown, who had lived as & passed for a Man under the name of Joseph Josiah Charles Stephenson

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the 1880 Burial Act amendment allowed non-Anglican ministers to perform burial services in Anglican churchyards, and some of these burials carry a note about that, like this one:

  • 28 May 1882 Laverick Wilson, of Toft Hill, age: 8 months, certified by the Rev. J.E. Jones, Primitive Wesleyan Minister, according to the Burial Act 1880

Otherwise, these burial are generally terse, as is typical of the post-1812 period:

  • 29 Apr 1863 Sidney Balmer, of Houghton House, age: 79
  • 28 Feb 1883 Margaret Wearmouth, of Toft Hill, age: 96
  • 5 Aug 1894 Ralph Burn, of Toft Hill, age: 85
  • 24 Nov 1901 Jacob Carrick, of 17 Albion Street, Witton Park, age: 83

Eldon burials 1883-1902

1,662 burials at Eldon St. Mark in Auckland district, from the beginning of the first register in Nov 1883 to the end of 1902. The parish of Eldon was created in 1877 from Auckland St. Andrew and Shildon St. John, but did not have its own burial ground until 1883. Abodes mentioned besides Eldon include Bishop Auckland, Black Boy, Coundon Grange, Eldon Colliery, Gurney Valley, Gurney Villa, Shildon, South Church, and Witton Park.

Sample burials:

  • 4 Feb 1887 Elizabeth Kasher, of Eldon Cottages, age: 87
  • 6 Sep 1896 Christiana Garbutt, of Coundon Grange, age: 94
  • 11 Dec 1902 [blank] Hopwood, of Gurney Valley, stillborn child of William & Isabel Hopwood


Staindrop burials 1899-1973

1,632 burials at Staindrop St. Mary the Virgin in Teesdale district, from January 1899 to May 1973. We now have burials at Staindrop from 1765 to 1973.

Abodes mentioned besides Staindrop include Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Brookside, Butterknowle, Cleatlam, Cockfield, Darlington, Gainford, Gibbsneeze, Hamsterley, Ingleton, Keverstone, Langleydale, Langton, New Raby, Oaklands, Ormesby, Raby Park (and Castle, Cottages, etc.), Shildon, Shotton and Low Shotton, South Church, St. Helen Auckland, Streatlam, Waterhouses, West Auckland, and Winston.

Sample burials:

  • 7 Apr 1901 Jane Sokell, of Staindrop, age: 91
  • 9 Nov 1916 Henry Sayer, of Friarcote, Streatlam, age: 86
  • 22 Nov 1916 Jessie Noble Gentle Dixon, of Staindrop, age: 57, buried in the graveyard attached to the Friends Meeting House


Bearpark burials 1879-1908

1,211 burials at Bearpark St. Edmund in Durham district, from the start of the first register in July 1879 to the end of 1908. The parish of Bearpark St. Edmund was carved out of Durham St. Oswald in 1879. Abodes mentioned include Aldin Grange, Auton Stile, Bearpark, Bearpark Colliery, Broom, Broom Park, Crossgate Moor, Dearness Junction, Mosely Banks, Neville’s Cross, Sleetburn, Ushaw Moor, and Witton Gilbert.

Sample burials:

  • 25 Jul 1879 Annie Emmerson, of Aldin Grange Terrace, age: 44
  • 13 Dec 1908 John Warlow, of 10 Swan St., age: 75

South Shields St. Cuthbert RC baptisms 1849-1857

674 baptisms at the Roman Catholic church of St. Cuthbert in South Shields, from Dec 1849 to 2 August 1857. In early 1857, St. Cuthbert’s was replaced by the new church of St. Bede, but the St. Cuthbert’s register remained in use and the baptisms there were also entered in the St. Bede’s register, but we have chosen to only designate them as St. Cuthbert’s, to avoid duplication in the database. (St. Bede baptisms are coming soon!)

Catholic baptisms of this period do not show the father’s occupation or the family’s address, but they do give the mother’s maiden surname and usually include the names of 2 (or more) sponsors, who are often relatives.

There was an unusually large number of errors and inconsistencies in this register. For example, Irish surnames took on many different spellings, and fluctuated within a given family between, for example, Cartney and McCartney, Clary and McClary, and Neile and O’Neil, illustrating the special challenges of Irish surname research:

  • 20 Apr 1851 Julia Kelly, born 6 Apr 1851, child of Thomas Kelly & Mary McMullen
    Godparents or Sponsors: Henry Murphy, Ann Lannon
    [Note: this mother’s surname is McMahon in another baptism and McMaughan in the GRO birth index.]
  • 2 Sep 1855 Bridget Murphy, born 16 Aug 1855, child of John Murphy & Margt. Michael Vanny [McIlvenna]
    Godparents or Sponsors: Peter Murphy, Anne Michael Vanny [McIlvenna]

The names of fathers and sons were sometimes transposed, or one was duplicated as the other, proven by research in the civil birth index and censuses to be wrong. For example:

  • 6 Jan 1855 Henry [James] Henry, born 24 Dec 1854, child of James [Henry] Henry & Jane Cassidy
    Godparents or Sponsors: Patrick MacCullow, Hannah Henery
    [Note: this is entered as Henry Henry, son of James Henry, but we think the clerk has swapped the given names of the son and father. The GRO birth index lists the child as James, and there are other baptisms to the father Henry Henry & his wife Jane Cassidy.]

Middle names were sometimes entered as surnames:

  • 14 Apr 1850 Henry Brown, born 18 Mar 1850, child of John Hall Brown & Elenor Bernard [Burnett]
    Godparents or Sponsors: Mary Bewick, John Bewick
    [Note: the register shows the father as John Hall, as if Hall were his surname, but the 1851 census and the mother’s maiden surname in the GRO birth index prove that the father should have been recorded as John Hall Brown (called Hall in the 1851 census).]

All in all, this was a very challenging register to transcribe and authenticate. We will do the marriages next, and we’re hoping they will be more straightforward.

Ninebanks (West Allen) baptisms and burials 1837-1860

193 baptisms and 344 burials at Ninebanks (also known as West Allen) St. Mark in the district of Hexham, Northumberland. This church was built in 1764 as a chapel of ease in Allendale parish, but it became a separate parish in 1767.

Abodes mentioned include Allotment House, Apple Tree Shield, Ashes, Bates Hill, Broad Lee or Broadlee, Chair Heads, Dales House, Dryburn, Far Pasture, Farney Shield, Farney Side, Giersley Well Row, Girecoats or Gyercoats, Greenley Cleugh, Harsley and Harsley Well or Hesley Well, Harty Cleugh, Hawkup Lee, Keenleyside Hill, Leadgate, Light Shield, Limestone Brae, Middle and Middle Side, Miles Cott or Milescott, Mope and Mope Head, Moscow, Mount Pleasant, Nether Mohope, Ninebanks, Nook, Psture Head, Redheugh, Sparty Well, Spring House, Taylor Burn, Welhope or Well Hope, White Walls, Wolfcleugh, and Wooley.

Sample baptisms:

  • 15 Jan 1837 Hannah Birket, of Mope Head, daughter of Joseph (miner) & Margaret Birket
  • 16 May 1858 William Fairless, of Coats House, son of Edward (game-watcher) & Frances Fairless

Sample burials:

  • 3 Jan 1859 Ann Robinson, of Dryburn, age: 90 & 3 months
  • 31 Jan 1846 Elizabeth Short, of Mope, age: 91

Auckland St. Helen baptisms 1798-1812 updated

In comparing the parish register of Auckland St. Helen against the Bishop’s Transcript of the register, from which we originally transcribed this section, we realized that the BT was missing some baptisms and had errors and discrepancies in others. We have now completely re-done this section from the parish register. In the process, we added 62 new baptisms that were not in the BT (oddly, there are also several baptisms that are in the BT but not in the parish register, so we annotated those) and we corrected errors and annotated other discrepancies.

We compared a few random years after 1812 and found no major differences between the BT and the register. We will next check the years before this period to see if we need to make any changes.

If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, we encourage you to review it to get the new information and see if any changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a change (other than a minor spelling change) was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. If you have been seeking a baptism at Auckland St. Helen in this period, and didn’t find it, please try again, as there are now more to search!