Sunderland baptisms: 1838

546 baptisms at Sunderland Holy Trinity for the year 1838. We love this parish because the clerk continued recording the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date long after those requirements were dropped (1813), and sometimes even the mother’s surname from a former marriage, as in the first sample below.

Sample baptisms:

  • 3 Jan 1838 Ralph Thompson Laidler, of Burleigh Street, born 27 Jul 1837, son of John Laidler (shipwright) & Ann Taylor late Robson
  • 7 Feb 1838 George William Reynolds, of Villier Street, born 25 Dec 1837, son of George Reynolds (master mariner, deceased) & Elennor Andrews
  • 28 Nov 1838 Margaret Jane Todd, of Burleigh Street, born 6 Jun 1827, daughter of George Todd (blacksmith) & Elizabeth Tilly

The abodes are all streets in Sunderland plus a few in Bishopwearmouth.

Alnwick baptisms 1813-1853 & burials 1792-1850

[Updated 15 July to add 1,900 burials from 1839 to 1850.]

At Alnwick St. Michael on the east coast of Northumberland, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register:

  • 5,215 baptisms spanning 1813 through 1853
  • 7,687 burials spanning 1792 through 1850

Baptism samples – a few have birth dates, but otherwise are typical of the period:

  • 1 Jul 1817 Mary Juliana Lambert, of Croft House, born 28 Jan 1813, daughter of John (Solicitor, Esquire) & Juliana Lambert
  • 15 Apr 1824 John Weatherburn, of Snap Leases, parish of Longhoughton, son of Thomas (farmer) & Mary Weatherburn
  • 28 Dec 1834 Ellen [Brown/Bertram], daughter of Alexander Brown (comedian of Alnwick) & Margaret Bertram (of Correction House Yard)
    [Note: this may be a married couple with the surname “Brown Bertram”; we can’t tell from the way it’s entered.]
  • 11 May 1844 Frances Sarah De Vare Gilroy, of Goldspring in the United States, supposed to have been from Normandy, born 18-Oct 1819, daughter of William (mason) & Sarah Gilroy, The above name is supposed to have been assumed and not the true one.
  • 28 Aug 1853 Anne Isabella Rutherford, of Bailiffgate, child of Haswell (slater) & Jane Rutherford

Burial samples:

  • 28 Jan 1792 William Neale, son of the late William Neale (shoemaker)
  • 25 Oct 1797 Mary Brankston late Taylor, of Clayport Street, died 22 Oct, wife of George Brankston (joiner)
  • 22 Feb 1801 Robert Cairncross, of Clayport, age: 2, died 19 Feb, son of James Cairncross (taylor) & Elizabeth his wife, late Knox
  • 12 Nov 1812 Philip Bridge, age: 35, died 10 Nov, groom of the Right Honourable Baron Percy
  • 25 Mar 1828 Alexander English, of Pottergate, age: 106
  • 6 Apr 1837 Isabella Small, of Clayport, age: 90
  • 28 Nov 1843 Revd. David Patterson, of Clayport, age: 68, 37 years Minister of the United Secession Congregation
  • 20 Dec 1850 William Charles Hindmarsh, of West Horton in the parish of Chatton, age: 43

Abodes are mostly streets in Alnwick but also include Allerburn, Alndyke, Bassington (parish of Eglingham), Brizlee, Cawledge Park, Cowslip or Cowslaw Hill, Denwick, Facey’s Park, Greensfield, Grumwell’s Park, Harlow Hill, Heckley (and Heckley Fence, Grange, and Toll Bar), Hobberlaw, Holywell, Hope House, Newcastle, North Shields, Painter Hill, Park Farm, Rugley and Rugley Firth, Shield Dykes, Snipe House, Stirk Hill, Swansfield, White House and White House Folly, and the Poor House or Union Workhouse and Correction House in Alnwick.

Newcastle St. Ann baptisms 1878-1887

2,951 baptisms at St. Ann’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, from the beginning of 1878 to the end of 1887.

As we mentioned when we released the previous set of baptisms from St. Ann, we think whoever was in charge of the register in this period may have been a bit deaf. We found numerous instances where a name (which could be verified by other records) was entered as something that sounded similar. We have tried to make it less challenging for you to find these people, by adding the “correct” versions of the names in square brackets. For example:

  • 10 Apr 1878 Thomas Gurney [Gourley], of Tyne St, son of Thomas Gurney [Gourley] (labourer) & Mary Ann Gurney [Gourley]
  • 17 Apr 1878 Robert Baldiston [Burlinson], of Chatham Place, son of John (glass maker) & Elizabeth Baldiston [Burlinson]
  • 24 Jul 1878 Isabella Wait [White], of Tyne St, daughter of John (waterman) & Ann Wait [White]

There are other baptisms with errors that make no sense, as they do not sound similar to the actual name, or something has been added. For example:

  • 27 Feb 1878 Thomas Andrew Dow [Darling], of Cut Bank, son of Thomas Andrew Dow [Darling] (boilersmith) & Catherine Dow [Darling]
    [Note: surname is Darling in the civil birth index and another baptism to these parents.]
  • 6 Oct 1886 Charlotte Caroline Hardykay [Kay], of 3 Ingham, daughter of John Hardykay [Kay] (photographer) & Emma Jane Hardykay [Kay]
    [Note: Charlotte Caroline Kay in the civil birth index.]

The abodes are nearly all streets in Newcastle, but also include Ballast Hills, Byker, Ouseburn, Shieldfield, St. Lawrence, and St. Peter’s.

Ponteland baptisms & burials 1695-1728

1,242 baptisms and 701 burials at Ponteland St. Mary the Virgin in Castle Ward district, spanning 1695 to 1728, plus 3 baptisms from 1729 that were omitted during our earlier foray into this parish.The majority of this data is from Herbert Maxwell Wood’s transcript made in the early 1900s, as the register is now very faded and, in some places, impossible to read – like this (and this is not our worst sample):

We have checked the Wood transcript against the register as much as possible and corrected the few errors he made.

Sample baptisms – mothers are listed from Feb 1713 through June 1717, occasionally a father’s occupation is listed, and a few dissenters (non-Anglicans) are noted, but most baptisms are like the first two samples in this list:

  • 3 Jan 1695 Thomasin Horsley, of Kirklow, daughter of James Horsley
  • 28 Dec 1698 Henry Creighton, of the Worlds End, son of Henry Creighton
  • 10 Mar 1713 Hannah Coxon, of Benridge, daughter of William Coxon & Dorothy (his wife)
  • 25 Nov 1716 John Yallowley, of Carter Moore, son of Joseph Yallowley
    [Note: entered in July 1717; crossed out and marked “Dissenter, not to be registered”.]
  • 21 Jul 1728 John Lumsden, of Pont Island, son of Joseph Lumsden (b. smith)

Sample burials:

  • 20 Nov 1696 Francis Newham, and his wife
  • 8 Feb 1719 Mary Moore, of Darrashall, daughter of John Moore
  • 27 Oct 1728 Elizab. Alder, of Horton Grange, wife of Mr. Cuth. Alder

and my favorite burial in this set:

  • 12 Sep 1699 George Fenwick, of Dinington, aged one hundred eleven years. He was born in this parish in the town of Milburn in the year 1588.


Monk Hesleden marriages 1813-1925 updated

Updated 1,165 marriages at Monk Hesleden St. Mary in Easington district from 1813 to 4 July 1925 (the end of this church’s registers), adding occupations, marital statuses, abodes, the occupations of the fathers, and witnesses, and correcting errors. We also added one marriage we’d missed the first time around.

Two sample marriages before the update:

  • 22 May 1817 Thomas Robinson of the parish of Kelloe married Margaret Proud of this parish
  • 30 Dec 1839 William Harrison, age 21, of Monk Hesleden, son of Henry Harrison married Elizabeth Phillips, age 21, of South Hetton, daughter of John Phillips

and the same marriages after the update:

  • 22 May 1817 Thomas Robinson of the parish of Kelloe married Margaret Proud of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: James Proud; Robert Robinson; Jane Robinson
  • 30 Dec 1839 William Harrison (bachelor, waggonwright), age 21, of Monk Hesleden, son of Henry Harrison (waggonwright) married Elizabeth Phillips (spinster), age 21, of South Hetton, daughter of John Phillips (pitman)
    Witnesses: William Harrison; Elizabeth Phillips; Matthias Johnson; Hannah Johnson

After the last marriage in this register, there is this note: “In consequence of the Union of the Benefices of Monk Hesleden St.Mary and St.John, the Church of St.Mary being thereby no longer available for marriages – 25th August 1925”.

If you have purchased a marriage at this church, we encourage you to review it to get the new information and see if any additional changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and sort by the Modified column to put changed records at the top. If a change (other than a minor spelling change) was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district marriages that are missing information.

Auckland St. Helen burials 1794-1812 updated

Updated 496 burials at Auckland St. Helen in the 1794-1812 period and added 23 newly found burials between 1800 and 1812. This was one of the first parishes we transcribed from the Bishop’s Transcript, many years ago, and at the time, we foolishly did not realize that we needed to compare it to the parish register for differences. Now, we always look at both, as both the original and the BT can have information not found in the other. In this parish, numerous entries in the BT specified that the deceased was “P” for poor or pauper, or “nil” i.e. left no estate, but none of these notes appear in the original register. It’s as if the clerk decided to do some accounting while copying the register into the Bishop’s transcript at the end of the year, totting up how many burials were paid for by parish funds and making note of them. On the other hand, the parish register supplied 23 new-to-us burials that were not in the Bishop’s Transcript, and some occupations of husbands and fathers and causes of death that were not in the BT. Three burials were in the BT but not in the original register – perhaps the clerk found some other record of them, or just remembered them, when he was making his copy.

Eldon burials 1903-1925

2,381 burials at Eldon St. Mark in Auckland district, covering 1903 to 14 March 1925 (the end of the archived registers – the next register is still at the church). Abodes mentioned besides Eldon include Bishop Auckland, Coronation Town, Coundon Grange, Eldon Lane, Gurney Valley, Shildon, and South Church. This register lists one or both parents for many stillborn children, which is common in a municipal cemetery register, but unusual in a church burial register.

Sample burials:

  • 10 Apr 1903 [blank] Siddle, of Eldon, stillborn child of William & Henrietta Siddle
  • 31 Oct 1918 Varo Jackson, of Spencer St., Eldon Lane, age: 24, died at the Military Hospital, Shorncliffe Camp
  • 11 Feb 1925 George Welford, of 18 High Street, Eldon Lane, age: 45

Norton burials 1887-1911

1,726 burials at Norton St. Mary from 1887 to the end of 1911. Abodes mentioned include Billingham, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Norton, and Stockton, with the vast majority being from Norton and Stockton.

Sample burials:

  • 21 Jan 1887 Jane Matilda Maughan, of Middlefield, age: 67
  • 6 Jan 1899 William Kidd, of Hardwick Farm, age: 39
  • 26 Dec 1911 Maurice Doyle, of 123 High Street, Norton, age: 77

Barnard Castle burials 1884-1904

1,352 burials at Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district, covering 1884-1904. Although these are recorded in the church burial register, most of these burials would have been in the cemetery on Victoria Road at the east end of town, unless the family of the deceased owned a vault in the church or plot in the churchyard that still had space in it. Abodes mentioned besides Barnard Castle, lying in both Durham and Yorkshire, include Barnard Castle Moor, Boldron, Harmire, Kinninvie, Langleydale, Marwood, Stainton, Startforth, Streatlam, Westwick, and the Barnard Castle Union (a.k.a.Teesdale Union) Workhouse.

Sample burials:

  • 10 Mar 1884 Isabella Pigg, of Kinninvie, age: 64
  • 12 Oct 1900 Richard Wood Atkinson, of Montgomery County, State of New York, U.S.A., age: 33, killed on the railway
  • 20 Nov 1902 Margaret Carter, of East Farm, Stainton, Barnard Castle, age: 96
  • 8 Dec 1904 Mary Arrowsmith, of 81 Galgate, Barnard Castle, age: 83