Newcastle St. Andrew baptisms 1857-1868

3,959 baptisms at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1857 through 1868. Abodes listed are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include Ballast Hills, the Barracks, Bentick, Benwell, Brunton, Bulman’s Village, Chimney Mills, Cox Lodge, Darn Crook, Elswick, Fenham, Gateshead, Gosforth, Jesmond, Kenton, Longbenton, Ouseburn, Seaton Burn, Shield Field, Spital Tongues, Usworth, Walker, Wallsend, and West Moor.

This clerk continued to exhibit a lot of confusion about names. As with earlier entries in this register, he confused middle names with surnames and sometimes used the mother’s maiden surname as the family surname, even when the parents had been married for several years. For example:

  • 14 Oct 1866 Isabella Walkinshaw [Thompson], of Spring Gardens, child of William (engineer) & Annabella Walkinshaw [Thompson]
    [Note: Isabella Thompson in the GRO birth index, and there are other baptisms to William Thompson & Annabella Walkenshaw. This couple married in 1863, but the clerk seems to have been confused and entered the mother’s maiden surname here instead of the father’s surname.]
  • 25 Mar 1865 John Thomas Potts [Pallan], of Kenton, child of Robert (labourer) & Mabel Potts [Pallan]
    [Note: clearly Potts, but this couple has other baptisms as Pallan, and the GRO birth index shows him in 2Q 1864 as Pallan with a mother’s maiden surname of Potts. The clerk must have gotten confused about the surnames.]
  • 24 Aug 1862 Thomas Inman Simpson, of Park Place, son of Robert (cartman) & Jane Simpson
    [Note: Thomas Inman in the GRO birth index. This family seems to use Simpson and Inman as a middle name and surname, in different combinations. In this baptism, Inman was crossed out in the Surname box and replaced by Simpson.]

What do you want to bet that these boys were the 7th and 8th children of this couple?

  • 12 Jun 1861 Septimus John Roxby, of Nixon St, child of William Wright Roxby (coal agent) & Mary Roxby
  • 12 Jun 1861 Harry Octavius Roxby, of Nixon St, child of William Wright Roxby (coal agent) & Mary Roxby

Houghton-le-Spring burials 1826-1903 updated

We’ve been discovering errors in our collection of burials at Houghton-le-Spring St. Michael & All Angels, which was transcribed many years ago before we had a rigorous review process in place, so we decided to review the entire file. We reviewed 10,285 burials ranging from 1826 to 1903 and added 69 burials that were missed the first time around, plus 115 burials to take us to the end of 1903 (previously our collection stopped in Feb 1903). Death dates were added to 403 burials. Many of the abodes had been shortened and have now been restored to their full length as per the register. For example, an abode that was previously transcribed as Houghton might now be listed as Houghton le Spring. Most of the other corrections were minor spelling errors and a few age corrections.

If a major change, such as a name, date, or age, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a burial at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any other minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases, and sort by Modified to see the most recent changes at the top of the list.

1851 Gateshead census

Added 4,045 people in the 1851 census of Gateshead to our census collection. This is part of piece 2402 (117 folios), containing part of the parish of St. Mary and part of the parish of St. John, including Bottle Bank, Charles Street, Church Street, Ellison Street, Grahamsley Street, High Street, Jackson Street, King William Street, Low Fell, and West Street.

Remember, the purchase of the record of any one person within a census household gets you the whole census household.

Here are some samples, each with an older parent connection:

Gateshead St. Mary, Bridge Street – Blue Bell (HO107/2402, Folio 254, Page 39 & Folio 255, Page 40)
William Cook, head, married, 36, brewer employing 2 men, born Newburn, Northumberland
Barbara Cook, wife, married, 34, born Newcastle, Northumberland
Elizabeth Cook, daughter, 10, scholar, born Gateshead, County Durham
William Cook, son, 7, scholar, born Gateshead, County Durham
Margaret Cook, daughter, 6, scholar, born Gateshead, County Durham
Annie Cook, daughter, 3, born Gateshead, County Durham
Mary Cook, daughter, 1, born Gateshead, County Durham
Margaret Cook, mother, widow, 66, bar attendant, born Ireland
Mary Sewell, servant, unmarried, 31, house servant, born Northumberland
Rebecca Mullen, servant, unmarried, 18, servant, born Blyth, Northumberland
Barbara Rowe, servant, unmarried, 18, servant, born Newcastle, deaf

Gateshead St. John, Low Fell (HO107/2402, Folio 351, Page 18)
Thomas Hutton, head, married, 52, coal miner, born Washington, County Durham
Dorothy Hutton, wife, married, 51, born Washington, County Durham
Ann Hutton, daughter, unmarried, 21, dressmaker, born Washington, County Durham
Elizabeth Hutton, daughter, unmarried, 18, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Roger Hutton, son, 14, coal miner, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
William Hutton, son, 10, coal miner, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Elizabeth Hutton, mother, widow, 80, house property, born Usworth, County Durham
Ann Wylam, mother-in-law, widow, 94, parish relief, born Chester-le-Street, County Durham

Gateshead St. John, Low Fell (HO107/2402, Folio 346, Page 8)
George Surtees, head, married, 43, stonemason, born Lamesley, County Durham
Mary Surtees, wife, married, 43, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Ann Surtees, daughter, unmarried, 20, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Thomas Surtees, son, 14, mason, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Michael Surtees, son, 12, coal miner, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Ralph Surtees, son, 7, scholar, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Mary E. Surtees, daughter, 3, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
George Surtees, son, 6 months, born Gateshead Fell, County Durham
Thomas Dent, father-in-law, widower, 79, retired cartwright, born Heworth, County Durham

We still have most of piece 2402 (625 folios) to transcribe before we are done with Gateshead. This is one of those background tasks that we get to when we have a few spare moments, and eventually it will be done!

Wallsend St. Luke baptisms 1917-1940

8,141 baptisms at Wallsend St. Luke in the district of Tynemouth, Northumberland, covering 1917-1940. Residences mentioned were mostly street addresses in Wallsend, but also include Bigges Main, Newcastle, Walker, Walkerville, and Willington Quay. Nearly all of these baptisms include the child’s birth date.

As with the previous set of records from this church, the clerk continued to have problems with middle names, often hyphenating them with the surname. For example:

  • 12 Jun 1918 James William Michael-Taylor, of 70 Elton Street West, born 24 May 1918, child of Thomas Michael-Taylor (labourer) & Florence Elizabeth Michael-Taylor
    [Note: James W M Taylor in the GRO birth index.]

Don’t worry, we index all hyphenated surnames as both surnames, so a search for Taylor will find this baptism.

Here are a few other sample baptisms:

  • 6 Jan 1917 Stanley Norman Featherstone, of 118 Woodbine Avenue, born 13 Dec 1916, child of Thomas (brass finisher) & Susannah Featherstone
  • 13 Jan 1917 William Tonks Fisk, of 68 Laurel Street, born 24 Dec 1916, child of Lizzie Fisk
  • 18 Mar 1940 Robert Vincent Irving, of 46 Kitchener Terrace, born 17 Apr 1914, child of Thomas Irving & Sarah Alice Irving, private baptism, adult

We’ll close with a confusing puzzle:

  • 27 Aug 1919 Frederick Griffiths [Taylor], of 145 Benton Way, born 1 Aug 1919, child of Frederick (soldier) & Ada Griffiths [Taylor]
    [Note: registered with the surname Taylor, mother’s maiden surname Swan. The same is true for 2 Griffiths siblings in this register. Two earlier children were baptized Taylor, with the father listed as Alfred, which corresponds to a 1912 marriage of Alfred Taylor & Ada Swan. Why all the name changes?]

Tweedmouth baptisms 1813-1845, burials 1813-1836

Here’s a new parish for us! At Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick in the far north of Northumberland (almost in Scotland!), from a combination of the parish registers and the Bishop’s Transcript:

  • 2,596 baptisms spanning 1813-1845
  • 2,559 burials spanning 1813-1836

Despite its distant location, Tweedmouth was actually part of County Durham until 1844. Abodes mentioned (many in adjacent parishes and some in Scotland) include Ancroft, Beal, Berry Burn, Berwick on Tweed, Bonner’s Stead, Bowsden, Bridge Mill, Cheswick, Cocklaw, Duddo, Dunse, East Allerdean, East Ord, Emerick, Eyemouth, Felkington, Fenham, Greenlaw Wells or Walls, Greenses, Grindon, Haggerston, Heathery Tops, Horncliffe, Letham or Litham, Longridge, Lowick, Morton or Murton, Norham, Ord Moor, Richardson’s Stead, Scremerston, Sea Water Haugh, Shoreswood, Slainsfield, South Ord, Spittal, Thornton, Tile Houses, Tweedmouth, Unthank, Unthank Engine or Old Engine, West Allerdean, and West Ord.

Sample baptisms:

  • 29 Apr 1815 Patience [Watson/Temple], of Unthank Engine, daughter of Ralph Watson (husbandman) & Grace Temple, the parents were clandestinely married in Scotland as declared by the mother of this child
  • 16 Nov 1825 John Joy, of Tweedmouth, son of George (Chief mate in His Majesty’s Revenue Cutter, the Mermaid) & Sarah Joy
  • 18 Mar 1837 Edward Edmondson Kennedy, of Thornton in the parish of Norham, illegitimate son of Ann Edmondson Kennedy (spinster)
  • 7 Dec 1845 Margaret Ainslie, of Spittal, born 18 Nov 1845, daughter of John (fisherman) & Margaret Ainslie

Sample burials:

  • 24 Aug 1814 Mary Suttey, age: supposed about 30, found suspended to a thorn by a shawl on 21st. Coroner’s verdict Lunacy., ceremony not used
  • 4 Jun 1820 John Strangeways, of Tweedmouth, age: 58
  • 19 Nov 1824 Alexander Sidey, of Berwick, age: 33, a native of Tweedmouth drowned in the River Tweed
  • 1 Mar 1831 Eleanor Douglas, of Spittal, age: 103

Haltwhistle baptisms & burials 1798-1812

At Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district, Northumberland, covering the marvelously detailed years of 1798-1812:

  • 1,270 baptisms
  • 672 burials

These are from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. These two documents were mostly consistent with each other, but in a few cases, the Bishop’s Transcript listed occupations for fathers and husbands where the parish register did not.

The parish of Haltwhistle includes a chapel at Beltingham, built in the 15th century with some parts dating back to at least 1260. Many burials in this set were in the churchyard at Beltingham and are noted as such. Some children were also baptized there. The Beltingham churchyard is famous for its Roman and Saxon artifacts, and for its yew trees, one of which is estimated to be over 1000 years old.

Most of these baptisms list the mother’s maiden surname and the nativity of both parents. Starting in late 1809, many also show the mother’s father or both of her parents. Some samples:

  • 13 Jan 1798 George Humble, born 10 Jan, illegitimate son of Margaret Humble (of the Spittal, native of this parish, single woman)
  • 9 Feb 1805 Christopher Carrick, born 3 Feb, 1st son of Francis Carrick (farmer, native of this parish) by his 2nd wife Mary Robson (native of Simonburn)
  • 30 Dec 1810 Catherine Whitfield, born 9 May 1780, 2nd daughter of John Whitfield (joiner, a Quaker of the township of Coanwood) by his wife Elizabeth Snowdon (daughter of Robert Snowdon, farmer of the township of Coanwood, by his wife Catherine)

Sample burials:

  • 10 Jul 1798 Esther Nattrass, of Blenkinsop Castle, age: 44, wife of Thomas Nattrass (mason), died 8 Jul
  • 1 May 1803 Elizabeth Ridley, of Millhouse, age: 57, wife of George Ridley (blacksmith), buried at Beltingham, died 29 Apr
  • 25 Aug 1807 Mary Smith, of Caufield, age: 105, widow, died 22 Aug
  • 4 Dec 1811 Joseph Lee, of Burnfoot in the township of Featherstone, age: 18, son of William Lee (farmer), died 2 Dec of a bowel complaint, died in one fortnight’s illness, before which he had always been healthy and strong

Here’s an interesting margin note from the register:

  • “Sunday February 24th 1805 a Remarkable High Flood in ye River Tyne”.

Murton Holy Trinity marriages 1907-1928 updated

1,037 marriages at Murton Holy Trinity in the parish of Dalton-le-Dale in Easington district, ranging from 1907 through 1928, have been updated with all of the previously-omitted details: age, occupation, abode, father’s occupation, and witnesses.

After 1877, Murton Holy Trinity was the parish church of the parish of Dalton-le-Dale, which can be a bit confusing. Residences mentioned include Dalton-le-Dale, Dawdon, East Rainton, Easington, Eppleton, Horden, Hesledon, Hawthorn, Haswell, Hetton-le-Hole, Murton, Murton Colliery, New Seaham, South Hetton, Seaham Colliery, and Seaham Harbour.

Samples before the update:

  • 1 Dec 1913 Richard Elliott (son of Thomas Elliott) married Mary Ann Gray (daughter of James Gray)
  • 29 Nov 1919 Lancelot Dobinson Forster (son of Thomas Forster) married Mary Ellen McLean (daughter of David McLean)

and the same marriages after the update – look how young the first pair was:

  • 1 Dec 1913 Richard Elliott (bachelor, miner, age 16, of Dalton-le-Dale, son of Thomas Elliott, miner) married Mary Ann Gray (spinster, age 17, of Dalton-le-Dale, daughter of James Gray, miner)
    Witnesses: William Tullett; Barbara Gray
  • 29 Nov 1919 Lancelot Dobinson Forster (widower, engineer, age 45, of Dalton-le-Dale, son of Thomas Forster, grocer) married Mary Ellen McLean (spinster, age 29, of Dalton-le-Dale, daughter of David McLean, miner)
    Witnesses: David McLean; Margaret Ellery

If you have purchased a marriage at any of these churches, you should review it to see the new information and any error corrections. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and click on the Modified column to sort the most recent changes to the top. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our entire Easington district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago. We intend to complete this parish’s marriages within the next few weeks.

Stella Sts. Mary and Thomas Aquinas baptisms 1781-1838

  • 997 baptisms at Stella Sts. Mary & Thomas Aquinas, a Roman Catholic church in the district of Gateshead that served Catholic families on both sides of the River Tyne, just west of Gateshead and Newcastle. This set runs from 1781 to Feb 1830 without any gaps, then jumps to 1832 where it lists baptisms in Jan and Feb only, and finishes with 1 baptism in 1837 and 2 in 1838.

Residences mentioned include Barlow, Bell’s Close, Bews Hills, Bladon or Blaydon, Blaydon Staiths, Bywell, Chopwell, Coalburns, Copperas House, Crawcrook, Denton, Dog Lope, Gateshead Fell, Greenside, Heddon on the Wall, Horse Croggs, Horse-gate, Kyo, Lemington, Liddel’s or Liddle’s Fell, Long Row, Long-rigg, Mickley, New Winning, Newburn, Ovington, Peth Head, Peth Head Mill, Quarry Burn, Ryton, Scotch Wood or Scotswood, Slaty Ford, Stella, Stephens Hall, Struthers, Swalwell, The Fold or Fade, The Folly, Throckley, Wallbottle, Whickham, White Cake Row, Winlaton, Woodside, and Wylam.

Most of these baptisms provide the mother’s maiden name, the child’s birth date, one or two godparents, and whether or not the parents were married. This register is in Latin, but along the outer margin of each page is a sort of index, with the Anglicized version of the child’s name appearing there. In this transcription, we have Anglicized most of the Latin names for ease of searching. In 1793, the priest started adding “M” for “mortuus” in the margin if the child had died in the following few months. Usually the burial can be found at the Anglican church of Ryton Holy Cross.

Sample baptisms – note that the middle two contain extra information about relationships and previous marriages:

  • 22 Apr 1781 George Strong, of Wall-bottle, born 21 Apr 1781, son of Anthony Strong & Ann olim Hunt (his wife)
    Godparents or Sponsors: Joseph Strong; Elizabeth Strong
  • 9 Feb 1794 Michael Wheatley, of Ryton Lane Head, born 19 Jan 1794, son of Thomas Wheatley & Mary olim Cook (his wife)
    Godparents or Sponsors: Michael & Mary Wheatley, avus & amita infantis [child’s grandfather and aunt]
  • 23 Dec 1810 John Heslip, of Bladon, born 11 Dec 1810, son of John Heslip & Catharine olim Pearson olim Watson (his wife)
    Godparents or Sponsors: John Watson; Ann Watson
  • 20 Feb 1832 Jane Farebridge, of Stella, born 28 Jan 1832, daughter of William Farebridge & Sarah olim Grey (his wife)
    Godparents or Sponsors: John Grey; Isabella Grey

In one puzzling case, a man named George Todd of Coalburns had 3 children between 1797 and 1802 inclusive, the first with a Jane Brown and the next two with a Jane whose surname is not listed but is quite likely Brown. Then, a George Todd of Coalburns had 4 children between 1801 and 1808 inclusive, with a woman named Frances whose surname is never listed. None of these baptisms say “conjugum”, meaning the parents were not married. Are these 2 different George Todds or one very prolific George Todd who didn’t feel like getting married?

Merrington baptisms & burials 1701-1761, marriages 1701-1790

We have filled an important gap in our collection of the records of Merrington St. John the Evangelist in Auckland district:

  • 1,438 baptisms covering 1701-1761
  • 640 marriages covering 1701-1790.  We also included 47 sets of banns for marriages that did not take place at Merrington (but the banns were called there) from 1754 through 1790.
  • 960 burials covering 1701-1761

This parish was also called Kirk Merrington or Church Merrington. Places of residence include Bishop Auckland, Broom Hill, Butcher Race, Chilton or Great Chilton, Ferryhill or Ferriers Hill, Fieldhouse, Hall Heads, Hett, the Howl, Leasingthorn, Little Chilton, Merrington, Merrington Mill, Middleston, Standalone, Thinford Lane, Thrundale, Tudhoe, Westerton, and Windleston.

There are no baptisms recorded for between July 1721 and January 1723. Sample baptisms:

  • 4 Jan 1701 Robert & Anthonie Hearing, of Ferryhill, children of Anthonie Hearing
  • [blank] Apr 1719 Thomas [Dobinson/Sedgwick], illegitimate son of Thomas Dobinson (carpenter of Merrington) & Frances Sedgwick (widow)
    [Note: entered after Apr 5th.]
  • 5 Oct 1740 Katharine Staffourd, of Thinford Lane, daughter of John Staffourd
  • 29 Nov 1761 Rebekah Gilespy, of Merrington, daughter of John Gilespy

While the marriages are supposedly indexed by the old IGI at, we found 99 marriages that are not present in that index, with no discernible pattern as to why they were omitted. There are no marriages recorded in 1721-1723. Sample marriages:

  • 23 Sep 1701 Richard Haswell (of Cornforth) married Mary Routledge (of Hett)
  • 19 Jul 1733 Joseph Walton (merchant, of the parish of Gateshead) married Anne Greenwell (of this parish)
  • 24 Nov 1754 Philip Battensby (of the parish of Bishop Middleham) married Anne Crow (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: John Sharp; William Jackson
  • 29 Nov 1789 George Beck (husbandman, of this parish) married Ann Carson (spinster, of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Thomas Blench; Thos. Rickarby

Sample marriage banns:

  • 23 Mar 1755 John Mayor (of this parish) & Anne Sleigh (of St.Hellen Auckland), banns published Mar 9th,16th & 23rd

There are no burials recorded for 1722-1723, Jan-Aug 1728, and Jan-Aug 1745. Burials in 1720 look incomplete (there aren’t many, and most are not dated). Sample burials:

  • 14 Jan 1701 Cuthbert Hopper, of Hett, son of Thomas Hopper
  • 23 Apr 1710 Ralph Adamson, of Hett, age: in the 105th year of his age
  • 21 Dec 1727 Elisebeth Benson, servant to Thomas Wheatle of Broomhill
  • 12 Aug 1737 Elizabeth Cockeron, wife of John Cockeron (merchant)
  • 16 Jun 1746 [blank] Johnson, of Ferryhill, mother of Ralph Johnson

We now have a complete set of baptisms, marriages, and burials in this parish from 1580 to 1884 inclusive.

Auckland St. Andrew marriages 1837-1841

257 new marriages at Auckland St. Andrew in Auckland district, from mid-1837 to the end of 1841. These are fully-detailed marriages, equivalent in content to the civil registration certificate you can buy from the government (but much less expensive).

Abodes mentioned include Bishop Auckland, Byers Green, Canney Hill, Coundon, Darlington, Etherley, Filand (Fyland’s) Bridge, Hunwick, Midridge, Newfield, Newton Cap, Rushyford, Shildon, South Church, Westerton, and Windleston(e).


  • 18 Dec 1837 Thomas Shepherd (bachelor, carpet weaver, age: minor, of Bishop Auckland, son of John Shepherd, whitesmith) married Mary Airey (spinster, age: minor, of Bishop Auckland, daughter of Richard Airey, labourer)
    Witnesses: William Airey; James Hutchinson
  • 21 Jul 1841 Charles Marsh (bachelor, currier, full age, of Guisborough, son of Thomas Marsh, innkeeper) married Eliza Watson (spinster, full age, of Byers Green, daughter of Ralph Watson, sadler)
    Witnesses: G. Maw, junior; James Hutchinson