Newcastle St. Andrew burials 1813-1831

3,206 burials at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1813 through 1831. Abodes listed include the Newcastle parishes of All Saints, St. John, and St. Nicholas, and nearby places: the Barracks, Gateshead, Gosforth, Longbenton, and Tynemouth.

Samples – only a handful list an occupation or identifying detail other than name, date, age, and abode:

  • 5 Apr 1813 James Stafford, of Gateshead, Co. Durham, age: 25
  • 20 Feb 1817 Bernard Metcalfe, of this parish, age: 80, formerly of Richmond, Yorkshire
  • 3 Mar 1820 George Weatherley Atkinson, of [the] parish of All Saints in this town, age: 26
  • 7 Sep 1823 Jane Hedley, of this parish, age: 104
  • 20 Aug 1826 Jane Angus, of St John’s parish in this town, age: 95
  • 25 May 1829 William Kirtley, of this parish, age: 60, attorney at law
  • 25 Jan 1831 Daniel Palmer, of [the] Barracks, age: 51, serjeant, 15th Foot

Sunderland baptisms 1839-1841

1,902 baptisms at Sunderland Holy Trinity, covering 1839-1841. The clerk continued recording the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date, for which we are very grateful as that information was no longer required by then.

We suspect these two children were born to sisters, baptizing their children together on the same day – or their surnames are a really big coincidence!

  • 2 Jan 1839 Thomas Harrowsmith Laverick, of South Street, born 24 Dec 1838, son of Thomas Laverick (blacksmith) & Mary late Harrowsmith
  • 2 Jan 1839 William Harrowsmith Duncan, of Spring Garden Lane, born 10 Jan 1829, son of Robert Duncan (mariner) & Sarah late Harrowsmith

In both of the above cases, the women married as Arrowsmith. This is why we recommend always leaving “Include Variants” checked when you search, so that a search for Arrowsmith will turn up the Harrowsmith records, and a search for Harrowsmith would turn up the Arrowsmith records.

More samples:

  • 25 Oct 1840 Matilda Hopper, of Wear Street, born 5 May 1840, daughter of Margaret Hopper (single woman)
  • 24 Dec 1841 William McGregor, of Church Street, born 1 Dec 1841, son of Frederick McGregor (brass founder) & Barbara late Highett

Alnwick St. Michael baptisms 1854-1868

1,307 baptisms at Alnwick St. Michael on the east coast of Northumberland, from the beginning of 1854 to the end of 1868.


  • 1 Jan 1854 Margaret Fairbridge Ions, of Canongate, daughter of James (post messenger) & Ann Ions
  • 30 Dec 1860 Eleanor Grosvenor Gibson, of Percy Street, child of James (wood carver) & Janet Gibson
  • 25 Oct 1868 Robert Boyd, of West Brizlee, child of John Boyd (game watcher) & Mary Alice Boyd

Abodes are mostly listed as streets in Alnwick but also include Alnwick Moor, Brizlee Tower, Broom House, Cowslip Hill, Denwick, Golden Moor, Heckley Fence, Heckley Grange, Holywell, Painters Hill, Pasture House, White House, and the Union Workhouse and Correction House in Alnwick.

Sunderland marriages 1837-1841

995 marriages at Sunderland Holy Trinity, from 1 July 1837 to the end of 1841. These are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages.


  • 4 Jul 1837 Joseph Hindson (widower, weaver, full age, of Baines Lane, son of Joseph Hindson, shoemaker) married Mary Coultman (spinster, full age, of Baines Lane, daughter of Thomas Coultman, trimmer)
    Witnesses: Richard Earle; Diana Davison; George Lord
  • 25 Aug 1839 Joshua Whitehead (widower, labourer, full age, of Low Street, son of Henry Whitehead, shoemaker) married Ann Todd (widow, full age, of Low Street, daughter of Robert Hutchinson, shipwright)
    Witnesses: George Lord; Page Smith
  • 25 Dec 1841 Andrew Copeland (bachelor, mariner, full age, of Grey Street, son of Robert Copeland, mariner) married Marian Elliott (spinster, age: minor, of Grey Street, daughter of George Elliott, agent)
    Witnesses: George Elliott; Ann Graham; William Thomas Pace

All ages in this set were given as just “full” or “minor”.

While we were in the register, we also added the witnesses for the first half of 1837, so all the 1837 marriages at Sunderland now have witnesses.

Alnwick marriages 1841-1853

228 fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages at Alnwick St. Michael, covering 1841-1853. Abodes mentioned besides Alnwick include Amble, Bamburgh, Denwick, Morpeth, Newcastle, and Warkworth.

Sample marriage:

  • 4 Apr 1842 Thomas Mattison (bachelor, labourer, age a minor, of Alnwick, son of Laurence Mattison, labourer) married Hannah Cay (spinster, age a minor, of Alnwick, daughter of Thomas Cay, mason), by banns
    Witnesses: Edward Common; Isabella Mattison

Easington marriages 1837-1915 updated

1,414 marriages at Easington St. Mary the Virgin spanning 1837-1915 were updated with previously-omitted details: occupations of grooms, brides, and their fathers, abodes, and witnesses. One additional marriage was found that we missed the first time.

Abodes mentioned besides Easington include Castle Eden, Dalton-le-Dale, Easington Colliery, Hartlepool, Haswell, Hawthorn, Horden and Horden Colliery, Houghton le Spring, Murton, Old Shotton, Seaham Harbour, Shotton, Shotton Colliery, Shotton Grange, South Hetton, Sunderland, Thornley, Thorp, Thorp Moor, and Wingate

Sample marriages before the update:

  • 9 Mar 1840 Robert Ovington (age 36, of South Hetton, son of George Ovington) married Mary Turnbull Armstrong (widow, age 42, of South Hetton, daughter of William Ogle)
  • 4 Nov 1879 John William Delicate (full age, son of Thomas Delicate) married Hannah Petch (full age, daughter of James Petch
  • 3 Feb 1915 Thomas Monk (age 60, son of John Monk) married Julia Gibb (widow [father not shown], age 57)

and the same marriages after the update:

  • 9 Mar 1840 Robert Ovington (bachelor, pitman, age 36, of South Hetton, son of George Ovington, pitman) married Mary Turnbull Armstrong (widow, age 42, of South Hetton, daughter of William Ogle, soldier)
    Witnesses: William Burnet; Edmund Hobson
  • 4 Nov 1879 John William Delicate (bachelor, groom, full age, of St.Margaret’s, Durham, son of Thomas Delicate, gardener) married Hannah Petch (spinster, full age, of Easington, daughter of James Petch, husbandman)
    Witnesses: Daniel Petch; George Nixon
  • 3 Feb 1915 Thomas Monk (widower, market gardener, age 60, of Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery, son of John Monk, shoemaker) married Julia Gibb (widow [father not shown], age 57, of Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery)
    Witnesses: Frederick Monk; Emily Thomson

If you have purchased a marriage at this church, we encourage you to review it to get the new information and see if any additional changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and sort by the Modified column to put changed records at the top. If a change (other than a minor spelling change) was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district marriages that are missing information.

South Westoe St. Michael baptisms 1878-1911

6,949 baptisms at South Westoe St. Michael and All Angels in South Shields district. This parish was created in 1878 from South Shields St. Hilda, to better serve the rapidly growing number of citizens living in South Westoe. The abodes listed are mostly street addresses in Westoe and South Shields, but other abodes mentioned, on both sides of the River Tyne, include Bensham, Bents Cottages, Cadwell or Caldwell, Harton and Harton Colliery, Jarrow, Newcastle, Sunderland, Trow Rocks, and Tyne Dock.

Sample baptisms:

  • 17 Nov 1878 Grace Ann Ord, of 11 Percy Street, born 8 Sep 1878, daughter of Richard Ord (glassmaker) & Mary Anne Ord
  • 1 Apr 1884 Frederick Daniel Darnell, of 63 Isabella Street, born 22 Oct 1869, son of Daniel (mariner) & Charlotte Darnell
  • 29 Apr 1891 William Whillance, of 11 Marsden Street, born 6 Nov 1876, child of Robert (clerk) & Margaret Whillance
  • 25 Sep 1901 George Edwin Murrell, of 8 Beethoven Street, born 20 Feb 1885, child of Alfred (trimmer) & Elizabeth Murrell, P [private baptism]
  • 20 Dec 1911 Susannah Moore Lawrenson, of 13 Robertson Street, born 25 Nov 1911, child of Jeremiah (miner) & Sarah Lawrenson

This family baptized 5 children here in this period, always listing an address around Greenhead, Haltwhistle:

  • 20 Apr 1897 Herbert Hewitson Crowe, of Greenhead, Parish of Haltwhistle, born 24 Jan 1897, child of John Crowe (engineman) & Anne Elizabeth Crowe

Neither parent was born in Westoe, according to the 1901 census, so I wonder why they travelled 80 km downriver from Haltwhistle to baptize their children?

Alnwick burials 1851-1868

1,118 burials at Alnwick St. Michael on the east coast of Northumberland, covering 1851 to the end of 1868.

A municipal cemetery (Alnwick Cemetery) opened in 1856, so burials at the churchyard diminished significantly after that. Abodes are mostly streets in Alnwick, but also include Alnmouth, Brizlee, Denwick, Heckley Fence, Painter Hill, Rock, Rugley, and the Workhouse.

Sample burials:

  • 1 Jun 1854 William Fawcett, of Bailiffgate, age: 84, buried with his Artillery Honours, 52 years & 6 months Staff Sergeant in the Northumberland Infantry Regiment
  • 5 Feb 1855 Ann Forster, of Dispensary, age: 75, matron of the Dispensary for 22 years
  • 12 Jan 1864 Anne Graham, of Canongate, age: 102
  • 18 Mar 1868 Jane Bone, of 7 South Gray Street, Newington, Edinburgh, age: 75

Coundon St. James baptisms 1846-1863

1,357 baptisms at Coundon St. James in Auckland district, continuing from where we left off when we first presented this church’s records in 2009. This set covers 1846 through 1863.

Abodes mentioned besides Coundon include Canney Hill, Eldon, Middlestone, New Coundon, Rushyford, Tottenham, Westerton, and Windlestone.

Sample baptisms:

  • 11 Jul 1847 James Sewell, of Coundon, child of James Becket (pitman) & Frances Sewell (single woman)
    [Note: the father’s name and occupation have been crossed out.]
  • 29 May 1854 William High, of Windlestone, child of James (laborer) & Christina High
  • 15 Nov 1863 Frances Emma Robinson, of Westerton, child of George (farmer) & Mary Robinson

Alnwick marriages 1813-1840

954 marriages at Alnwick St. Michael on the east coast of Northumberland, covering 1813 to the end of 1840. The marriages from mid-1837 to through 1840 are full-detail civil-registration-era marriages.

Abodes mentioned besides Alnwick include the nearby parishes or chapelries of Bamburgh, the confusingly similar Edlingham, Eglingham, and Ellingham, Embleton, Felton, Howick, Lesbury, Longhoughton, Morpeth, Newcastle, Rennington, Shilbottle, Ulgham, Warkworth, Whittingham, and Woodhorn.

Sample marriages:

  • 3 Jan 1815 George Atkin (clerk, widower, of the parish of Morpeth) married Frances Coates Patterson (widow, of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Elizabeth F. Annet; Joseph Rate; Ralph Annet
  • 16 Jul 1826 James Tully (widower, of this parish) married Sarah Stanley (spinster, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Eleanor Brown Stanley; John Stanley
  • 16 Jul 1838 William Laidlaw (widower, fell-monger, age 54, of Alnwick, son of William Laidlaw, husbandman) married Sarah Young (widow, age 43, of Alnwick, daughter of George Pringle, shepherd), by banns
    Witnesses: Wm. Jameson; Margaret Richardson