Brancepeth baptisms 1740-1812

2,939 baptisms at Brancepeth St. Brandon in Durham district, just south of Durham City, spanning 1740-1812. Residences mentioned include Baal Hill, Biggin, Billy Hall, Billy Row, Black Hamilton, Blades House, Bleach Green, Boggle Hole, Brancepeth, Brandon (and West & East Brandon), Burnigill, Butchers Race, Coalpit House, Crook, East Parks, Fell Heads, Goodwell Field, Hare Holme, Helmington Row, Heslet House, Hill House, Holywell, Hole in the Wall, Humble Sledge, Ivesley, Jobs Hill, Langley, Little Burn, Lockgate, Low Barns, Middles, Morley, Mown Meadows, Nackshivan, Nafferton, Oakenshaw, Ox Close, Ox Pasture House, Page Bank, Pitthouse, Primrose Side, Roddy Moor, Scripton, Shades, Skutes House, Sleet Burn House, Standalone, Stanley, Stob House, Stockley, Stonechester, Sunniside, Tudhoe, Unthank, Waterhouses, Weather Hill, West Park, Wheatbottom, White Lee, Willington, Wooley, and York Hill.

412 of these baptisms have 2 or more godparents named, giving you an additional 1,232 names to search in. Godparents were usually relatives or close friends of the child’s parents, so may deliver some clues about family relationships. In most baptisms from Nov 1752 to Dec 1797, only the father of the child is named, except for illegitimate births where the mother is named. In 1792, some mothers are named, and they start appearing occasionally in 1797. This is odd behavior, as mothers were generally named in most baptism registers from about the 1760s onward.


  • 15 Apr 1740 Alice Dobinson, of Willington, daughter of Henry Dobinson by his wife Eleanor
    Godparents or Sponsors: Richard Friend; Ann Friend; Eleanor Hanson
  • 1 Dec 1753 Thomas [Younger/Scorer], illegitimate son of Thomas Scorer by Dorothy Younger
  • 19 Aug 1764 Thomas Oyston, of Brancepeth, son of Abraham Oyston
  • 3 Feb 1778 Jane Trunwell [Trunnel], of Willington, illegitimate daughter of Jane Trunwell
  • 12 Jul 1789 Elizabeth Threadgold, of East Brandon, daughter of John Threadgold
  • 31 Mar 1799 George Jurdison, born 24-Feb 1799, 4th son, 5th child of Matthew Jurdison (labourer, native of Monk Hesledon) by his wife Margaret Maddison (of Sunniside, Whickham)
  • 12 Apr 1809 Gordon Drummond, born 8-Mar 1809, son of Major-General Gordon Drummond by his wife Margaret Russell, baptised as Protestant at Christs Church, Montreal, Canada. Mother is 2nd daughter of William Russell, esquire, of Brancepeth Castle
    Godparents or Sponsors: Hon. Robert de Pose (French), of Montreal: Frances Lewis O”Berne, of Montreal: Hon. Letitia Susanna de Pose (French), of Montreal; Magdalen McGillioray, of Montreal
  • 24 Aug 1812 Robert William Fenwick Mills, born 17-Jan 1812, 2nd son, 3rd child of Robert William Mills (major in 82nd Regiment of Foot, native of Willington(?)) by his wife Jane Robinson (daughter of George, of Hendon Lodge, Bishopwearmouth)