Stranton Grange Cemetery burials 1912-1919

2,013 burials at Stranton Grange Cemetery in Hartlepool, from the opening of the cemetery in May 1912 to the end of 1919. This cemetery is still open for burials, having taken over from North Cemetery, which was closed for burials (except for additions to existing family plots) when Stranton Grange Cemetery opened. We will cover North Cemetery next.

The abodes are generally listed as streets in Hartlepool, or Stranton, which became West Hartlepool, plus a few strays from Seaton Carew and Stockton.


  • 22 Oct 1912 Wilhelmina Basini, of West Street, age: 48, widow
  • 19 Dec 1914 Theophilus Jones, of Ashgrove Avenue, age: 29, single, first soldier to fall on English soil in the Great War
  • 20 Dec 1919 Christopher Turner, of Bedford Street, age: 37, single, died at the Union Workhouse

The middle burial above, Theophilus Jones, was killed when the German Navy shelled the Hartlepools on 16 Dec 1914. Mr. Jones had the unfortunate distinction of having been the first English soldier to die in action on home soil for nearly two centuries. Click the links below to read his story: