Stranton Grange Cemetery burials 1920-1944

15,607 burials at Stranton Grange Cemetery in Hartlepool, covering 1920-1944. The abodes are generally street addresses or streets in Hartlepool and West Hartlepool.

There is a little more information in these cemetery records than in the church burial register – never as much as we would like, but every little bit helps! Here are some samples:

  • 5 Feb 1920 Rebecca Simpson, of Cornwall Street, age: 76, widow
  • 21 Feb 1920 Jane Blackford, of Longhill Farm Cottage, age: 68, married, died at Howbeck House
  • 26 Oct 1937 stillborn child Dawson, of 4 Gill Street, age: stillborn, child of Nora Dawson
  • 9 Oct 1937 John Thomas Phinn, of 37 Stainton Street, age: 79, widower, died at Howbeck House
  • 26 Dec 1944 Alma McPartlin, of 8 Burbank Street, age: 50, married, died on the highway in Reed Street