Easington Our Lady of Victories marriages 1872-1933 updated

Updated 858 marriages at Easington Our Lady of Victories & St. Thomas Roman Catholic church in Easington district from Nov 1872 to the end of Sept 1933, and added one marriage we’d missed the first time through the register. We returned the names to their original Latin forms to eliminate problems caused by translation (for example, we have no way of knowing if the Latin Jacobus was commonly called Jacob or James; although James is more common, both are valid.) We added the witnesses, added omitted abodes and corrected truncated abodes, and corrected errors.

A sample record before the update:

  • 2 May 1874 William O’Connor of Shotton, son of Daniel O’Connor married Margaret Hetherington of Shotton, daughter of James Hetherington

and after the update:

  • 2 May 1874 Gulielmum [William] O’Connor of Shotton Colliery, son of Danielis O’Connor married Margaritam Hetherington of Shotton Colliery, daughter of Jacobi [James] Hetherington
    Witnesses: Jacobo Foley, ex Shotton Colliery, Saram Sennett, ex Shotton Colliery

Although we do not display the more obvious English forms of the names, they are all indexed and searchable by their English names, so, for example, a search for Elizabeth will find all the forms of Elizabetha, and a search for John will find all the forms of Joannis and Johannes.

Most of you are familiar with this drill by now – if you have purchased a baptism at this church, we encourage you to review it to get the new information and see if any minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a change (other than a minor spelling change) was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district marriages that are missing information.