Ponteland baptisms & burials 1729-1761

At Ponteland St. Mary the Virgin in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland, covering 1729-1761:

  • 1,201 baptisms
  • 959 burials

These are from a combination of the parish register and Herbert Maxwell Wood’s transcript of the register, made in 1918 when the register was apparently in better shape, as he was able to read more of it than we were. Parts of the register, especially in the 1730s, are in very poor condition – extremely faded – so we had to rely on Wood’s transcript to corroborate what we thought we were seeing in the register, and sometimes, to read the entire entry.

Since Ponteland is only about 10 km north of Ryton, County Durham, across the River Tyne, many families moved back and forth between the two areas, following the work. Abodes mentioned, including several in the adjacent parishes of Newburn and Gosforth, were Benridge, Berwick Hill, Berwick Hill Low Houses, Birney Hill, Bolam parish, Brenkley or Brinkley, Bullock Steeds or Steads, Brunton, Carr House, Cartermoor, Clickham Inn or Click-em-in, Coat Hill, Coldcoats (and East, West, and Middle Cold Cotes or Coats), Dalton, Dam House, Darras Hall, Dinnington, Dissington, Eland Hall or Island Hall, Gardener’s Houses, Gosforth parish, Hack Hall, High Callerton, Higham Dykes, Hill Head, Horton Grange, Horton Grange Pit Houses, Houl or Howl House, Kirkley (and Kirkley Mill and Kirkley Thorn), Little Callerton, Make-me-rich, Marsfen and East Marsfen, Mason and East Mason, Mason Dinnington, Milbourn or Milburn (and Milburn Grange, High House, and West Houses), Moory Spot, Morley Hill, Newburn parish, Newcastle, North Carter Moor, Pont Island or Pont Eland or Ponteland, Pont Eland West Houses, Prestick or Prestwick, Robsheugh, Smallburn, Thorneyford, and World’s End.

Sample baptisms:

  • 9 Apr 1729 John & Margery Cutter, of Island [Eland] Hall, twins, the children of Jno. Cutter
  • 29 Oct 1758 John [Oliver/Tone], illegitimate son of Edward Oliver (of Moory Spot) & Hannah Tone (of Horton Grange)

This baptism set also includes a list of baptisms of dissenters ranging from 1731 to 1798, from Wood’s transcript. The list does not specify the religion of the dissenters, nor even say whether they were all the same religion. A sample:

  • 1 Jan 1731 Mag’t [Margaret] Maxwell, of Dinnington, daughter of Thos. Maxwell
    [Note: this is on a list titled “Baptisms of Dissenters”.]

A number of baptisms said “certified”:

  • 25 Jul 1732 Isabel Charlton, of Berwick Hill, daughter of James Charlton, certified

“Certified” in this context means a private baptism was performed in the home and the vicar is now publicly certifying the time, place, manner, and validity of the private baptism.

Sample burials:

  • 9 Mar 1729 George Carneath, of Marsfen, son of George Carneath
  • 7 Dec 1748 Mary Fenwick, of Kirkley, wife of William Fenwick
  • 27 Jul 1760 Mr. Timothy Forster, of Newburn Parish, buried in the church with the consent of the Vicar