Barnard Castle burials 1847-1883

3,504 burials at Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district, covering 1847-1883. Abodes mentioned besides Barnard Castle, lying in both Durham and Yorkshire, include Barnard Castle Moor, Bowes, Cotherstone, Darlington, Forthburn, Kinninvie, Langleydale, Marwood, Richmond, Shildon, Staindrop, Stainton, Startforth, Streatlam, West Shaws, Westwick, and the Barnard Castle Union (a.k.a.Teesdale Union) Workhouse.

The cholera epidemic that ravaged County Durham in the late summer and fall of 1849 claimed at least 144 victims in Barnard Castle between August and October. Their bodies were quickly buried to prevent the spread of the disease – at the time, it was commonly thought that cholera was spread through the air (we now know it spreads through contaminated water):

  • 13 Sep 1849 Robert Warwick, of Bank, Barnard Castle, age: 71, cholera, buried at 9 30am
  • 14 Sep 1849 Alice Kennedy, of Wellyard, Barnard Castle, age: 81, buried at 6pm
    [Note: though not specifically listed as such, she was probably also a cholera victim, as only cholera victims had their burial time recorded.]

A note in the register says that all burials after 1 Dec 1859 are in the new burial ground. The new cemetery was on Victoria Road at the east end of town, south of the railway station.

A few burials have additional information:

  • 19 Oct 1872 William Naisbitt, of Barnard Castle, age: 74, run over while walking, buried by Coroner’s Order
    [Note: presumably he was run over by a train or a horse and wagon, as cars were still in the future.]

but most are like this:

  • 30 Jul 1848 Ann Whittle, of Teesdale Union Workhouse, age: 96
  • 1 Aug 1858 Thomas Routledge, of Barnard Castle, age: 93
  • 26 Aug 1865 John Hodgson, of Marwood, age: 91
  • 13 Feb 1874 Johanna Brownless, of Stainton, age: 91
  • 5 Mar 1883 Joseph Peacock, of Kinninvie, age: 60