Esh burials 1872-1901

1,663 burials at Esh St. Michael in Lanchester district, from the beginning of 1872 to the end of February 1901. We now have burials here from 1585 to 1901.

Residences mentioned include Biggen Drift, Brandon, Bridgegate, Broadgate, Cornsay Colliery, Esh, Esh Colliery, Esh Laude, Esh Winning, Flass and Flass Junction, Hamsteels, Hamsteels Colliery, Hedley Hill, Hill Top, Langley Park, Langley Park Colliery, New House Cottages, Quebec, Ushaw Moor, Wallnook, Waterhouses, and Witton Gilbert.

Starting in Oct 1887, the Esh register includes burials in the churchyard of Langley Park All Saints, which was created as a chapel of ease within the parish of Esh in 1887 and became a separate parish with its own burial register in 1906.

Sample burials:

  • 8 Dec 1878 Harriet Pyle, of Ushaw Moor, age: 91
  • 25 Nov 1884 Benjamin Hunter, of Quarry House, Hamsteels, age: 92
  • 12 Aug 1899 Sarah Tolliday, of Langley Park, age: 78, buried in Langley Park Churchyard

Some of the later burials have useful information beyond the usual age & residence data:

  • 23 Mar 1894 Thomas Ward, of Langley Park, age: 27, verdict “unsound mind”
  • 7 Apr 1899 George Moss, of Langley Park, age: 37, killed instantly by a fall of stone in Langley Park Pit
  • 22 Jan 1901 Ellen Towns formerly Stockley, of Waterhouses late of Esh, age: 29