Alnwick baptisms 1777-1791

1,019 baptisms at Alnwick St. Michael in Northumberland. This is our first foray into this parish, and more baptisms and burials from it will be arriving soon.

About half of these baptisms list the father’s occupation. Only a handful list the family’s abode. There are several entries for the births of dissenters (non-conformists). Here are some samples:

  • 8 Jun 1777 James & Elizabeth Musgrave alias Moscrop, twins of John Musgrave alias Moscrop & Ann (his wife)
  • 28 Feb 1787 Ann Kirk, daughter of George Kirk (porter at Alnwick Castle) & Frances (his wife)
  • Aug 1790 William Younghusband Wilson, born 24 Sep 1783, son of William Wilson (clothier) & Ann (his wife), diss’r [dissenter]
    [Note: entered in 1790 between 5 Aug and 15 Aug.]
  • 30 Oct 1791 John Keen, of Alnwick Abbey, son of John Keen (gardener) & Hannah (his wife)

Abodes mentioned include Brizlee, Caulledge or Cawledge Park, Denwick, Heckley, Hobberlaw, Holywell, Rugley, Rugley Firth, Shield Dykes, Snipe House, Upper Shields,, White House and White House Folly.