Newcastle St. Ann baptisms 1845-1877

3,793 baptisms at St. Ann’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, from the beginning of 1845 to the end of 1877.

We think whoever was in charge of the register in this period may have been a bit hard of hearing. We found numerous instances where a name (which could be verified by other records) was entered as something that sounded similar. For example, he wrote “pottle” for “bottle”, “Broudlock” for “Proudlock”, “Isaac Murray Lee” for “Isaac Moralee”, “Morgan” for “Morland”, and “Hopton” for “Octon”. And then there’s this one:

  • 4 Mar 1855 John George Pattinson, of Rye Hill, son of Henry Dale Pattinson (smith) & Frances Robertson Pattinson
    [Note: this surname is Featherstone in the GRO birth index and other baptisms to these parents.]

How do you get Pattinson from Featherstone?

Sample baptisms:

  • 22 Jan 1845 John Metcalf Cameron, of Carlisle St, born 20 Jan 1828, son of Ann Cameron (spinster)
  • 18 Nov 1860 Eleanor Osbourne Aiston, of Gateshead, daughter of Thomas Aiston (bricklayer) & Margaret Ann Aiston
  • 28 Nov 1877 Septimus Thackeray, of 8 Ouse Street, son of George (waterman) & Elizabeth Thackeray

The recorded abodes are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include Ballast Hills, Byker, Byker Bar, Byker Hill, Gateshead, Mill Hill or Millers Hill, North Shore, Ouseburn, Red Barns, Shieldfield, St. Lawrence, and St. Peter’s.