Dalton-le-Dale marriages 1877-1907 updated with details

Updated 870 marriages at Dalton-le-Dale St. Andrew in Easington district, during the period when its records were mixed with Murton Holy Trinity (1877-1907), correcting errors and adding ages, occupations, marital status, occupations of fathers, abodes, and witnesses. Because the records of these 2 churches were mixed together – and for awhile, the parish church of the parish of Dalton-le-Dale was actually Murton Holy Trinity – each record states where the marriage took place.

Sample marriages before the update:

  • 13 Jan 1878 Robert Samuel Wright, son of William Wright, married Mary Ann Metcalfe, daughter of Bartholomew Metcalfe
  • 19 Apr 1897 Joseph Rockliffe, son of Joseph Rockliffe, married Emily Jane Stephenson, daughter of Henry Stephenson

and after the update:

  • 13 Jan 1878 Robert Samuel Wright (bachelor, clerk), age 24, of Darlington, son of William Wright (artist) married Mary Ann Metcalfe (spinster), age 19, of Murton, daughter of Bartholomew Metcalfe (innkeeper), married at the Parish Church in the parish of Dalton-le-Dale
    Witnesses: Bartholomew Metcalfe; Ebenezer Alfred Wright
  • 19 Apr 1897 Joseph Rockliffe (bachelor, plumber), age 25, of Sunderland, son of Joseph Rockliffe (sailmaker) married Emily Jane Stephenson (spinster), age 22, of Dalton-le-Dale, daughter of Henry Stephenson (deceased), married at Holy Trinity Church in the parish of Dalton-le-Dale
    Witnesses: George Reay; Dora Stephenson

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This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district marriages that are missing information.