South Shields St. Cuthbert RC marriages 1850-1858

138 marriages at South Shields St. Cuthbert Roman Catholic church, from June 1850 to April 1858. This is the entire collection of marriages available from this church.

Marriages from 1856 through April 1858 were copied into the register of St. Bede’s, which replaced St. Cuthbert’s in early 1857. A few details that were missing from the St. Cuthbert’s register were transcribed from the St. Bede’s register and annotated. The St. Cuthbert’s register gives us both parents of the groom and bride, and the abode of the parents, but the St. Bede’s register lists only the fathers. The St. Cuthbert’s register is in English, while the St. Bede’s register is in Latin.

In the best case, you get a marriage chock-full of information, like this:

  • 11 Jul 1852 James MacKenry of Jarrow, son of Patrick McKendry & Jane Mulholland (Parish of Greenlough, Co. Derry) married Margaret Cassidy of Co. Durham, daughter of Francis Cassidy & Ellen MacPharlen (Mullabrack Parish, Co. Armagh)
    Witnesses: Robert Henry Smith, South Shields; Hannah Loury, South Shields

or, more commonly, without the mother’s maiden name:

  • 20 Nov 1854 Patrick Michael Roy [McIlroy] of South Shields, son of James Michael Roy [McIlroy] & Catharine (Parish of Maracloune, Co. Monaghan) married Catharine Duffy of South Shields, daughter of Philip Duffy & Barbara (South Shields)
    Witnesses: Patrick Conlon, South Shields; Margaret McCarrick, South Shields

Records from St. Bede’s will follow soon.