Alnwick baptisms 1792-1812 & burials 1777-1791

At Alnwick St. Michael in Northumberland:

  • 1,736 baptisms, spanning 1792-1812, including all the delightful details of the Barrington period
  • 1,710 burials spanning 1777-1791

In baptisms in this parish, the good stuff starts in late Sept 1797 and runs to the end of 1812). Before that period, the clerk recorded father’s occupations in about 3/4 of the baptisms, which is pretty good for that period. There are several entries for the births of dissenters (non-conformists), sometimes entered years after the birth of the child. The clerk was good about listing mother’s maiden surnames and parent birthplaces, but only occasionally recorded the mother’s father or father’s father. Here are some baptism samples:

  • 12 Feb 1792 Margaret [Allison/Lamb], illegitimate daughter of John Allison & Isabel Lamb
  • 2 Dec 1795 John Hindmarch, son of John Hindmarch (whitesmith) & Jane (his wife)
  • 1798 Robert Patterson, born 17 Jun 1788, 1st son of Robert Patterson (draper, native of Howick) & Elizabeth Simpson (his wife, native of Dande, Berwickshire, Scotland), Diss’r [dissenter]
    [Note: entered in Register between 23rd May & 3rd June in 1798]
  • 14 Oct 1810 Elizabeth Morrison, born 13 Feb 1810, daughter of Humphrey Morrison (ironmonger, native of the parish of Shilbottle) & Jane Moffat (his wife, daughter of Thomas Moffat, native of this parish)
  • 8 Nov 1812 John Ferdinando Forster, born 17 May 1812, 4th son of John Ferdinando Forster (joiner, native of the Chapelry of Beadnell) & Elizabeth Huntley (his wife, native of Warkworth)

Abodes are listed in only about 10% of these baptisms, and those mentioned include Alndyke, Cawledge Park, Denwick, Grumwell’s Park, Heckley, Hulne, Lough House, Rugley Firth, Shield Dykes, Snipe House, and White House Folly.

Some of the burials have supplemental information from the Herbert Maxwell Wood transcript of this register, which, for some burials, contained additional details such as age, occupation, or relationships, usually gleaned from the related obituary in the Newcastle Courant. Burial samples:

  • 2 Jan 1777 Catherine Skelly, daughter of Luke Skelly (cordwainer)
  • 21 Sep 1777 Frances Spours, of Heckley Grange, age: [25], daughter of Thomas Spours (farmer & dealer in cattle)
    [Note: From the Newcastle Courant 25 Sep 1777 obituary section: Age 25 Friday se’n night, of a lingering illness which she bore with becoming patience, fortitude and resignation, Miss Fanny Spours, 2nd daughter of Mr Thomas Spours of Heckley Grange near Alnwick. She was a young lady particularly distinguished for her mild, humane and benevolent disposition which renders her death universally and deservedly lamented by her numerous acquaintance,]
  • 5 Aug 1787 Sarah Forster, wife of the late George Forster (peruke maker)
  • 25 Jan 1791 James Purvis, beer brewer

Burials at Alnwick for 1792-1812 will follow in a few weeks.