Auckland St. Helen burials 1794-1812 updated

Updated 496 burials at Auckland St. Helen in the 1794-1812 period and added 23 newly found burials between 1800 and 1812. This was one of the first parishes we transcribed from the Bishop’s Transcript, many years ago, and at the time, we foolishly did not realize that we needed to compare it to the parish register for differences. Now, we always look at both, as both the original and the BT can have information not found in the other. In this parish, numerous entries in the BT specified that the deceased was “P” for poor or pauper, or “nil” i.e. left no estate, but none of these notes appear in the original register. It’s as if the clerk decided to do some accounting while copying the register into the Bishop’s transcript at the end of the year, totting up how many burials were paid for by parish funds and making note of them. On the other hand, the parish register supplied 23 new-to-us burials that were not in the Bishop’s Transcript, and some occupations of husbands and fathers and causes of death that were not in the BT. Three burials were in the BT but not in the original register – perhaps the clerk found some other record of them, or just remembered them, when he was making his copy.