Eldon burials 1903-1925

2,381 burials at Eldon St. Mark in Auckland district, covering 1903 to 14 March 1925 (the end of the archived registers – the next register is still at the church). Abodes mentioned besides Eldon include Bishop Auckland, Coronation Town, Coundon Grange, Eldon Lane, Gurney Valley, Shildon, and South Church. This register lists one or both parents for many stillborn children, which is common in a municipal cemetery register, but unusual in a church burial register.

Sample burials:

  • 10 Apr 1903 [blank] Siddle, of Eldon, stillborn child of William & Henrietta Siddle
  • 31 Oct 1918 Varo Jackson, of Spencer St., Eldon Lane, age: 24, died at the Military Hospital, Shorncliffe Camp
  • 11 Feb 1925 George Welford, of 18 High Street, Eldon Lane, age: 45