Ponteland baptisms & burials 1695-1728

1,242 baptisms and 701 burials at Ponteland St. Mary the Virgin in Castle Ward district, spanning 1695 to 1728, plus 3 baptisms from 1729 that were omitted during our earlier foray into this parish.The majority of this data is from Herbert Maxwell Wood’s transcript made in the early 1900s, as the register is now very faded and, in some places, impossible to read – like this (and this is not our worst sample):

We have checked the Wood transcript against the register as much as possible and corrected the few errors he made.

Sample baptisms – mothers are listed from Feb 1713 through June 1717, occasionally a father’s occupation is listed, and a few dissenters (non-Anglicans) are noted, but most baptisms are like the first two samples in this list:

  • 3 Jan 1695 Thomasin Horsley, of Kirklow, daughter of James Horsley
  • 28 Dec 1698 Henry Creighton, of the Worlds End, son of Henry Creighton
  • 10 Mar 1713 Hannah Coxon, of Benridge, daughter of William Coxon & Dorothy (his wife)
  • 25 Nov 1716 John Yallowley, of Carter Moore, son of Joseph Yallowley
    [Note: entered in July 1717; crossed out and marked “Dissenter, not to be registered”.]
  • 21 Jul 1728 John Lumsden, of Pont Island, son of Joseph Lumsden (b. smith)

Sample burials:

  • 20 Nov 1696 Francis Newham, and his wife
  • 8 Feb 1719 Mary Moore, of Darrashall, daughter of John Moore
  • 27 Oct 1728 Elizab. Alder, of Horton Grange, wife of Mr. Cuth. Alder

and my favorite burial in this set:

  • 12 Sep 1699 George Fenwick, of Dinington, aged one hundred eleven years. He was born in this parish in the town of Milburn in the year 1588.