Alnwick baptisms 1813-1853 & burials 1792-1850

[Updated 15 July to add 1,900 burials from 1839 to 1850.]

At Alnwick St. Michael on the east coast of Northumberland, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register:

  • 5,215 baptisms spanning 1813 through 1853
  • 7,687 burials spanning 1792 through 1850

Baptism samples – a few have birth dates, but otherwise are typical of the period:

  • 1 Jul 1817 Mary Juliana Lambert, of Croft House, born 28 Jan 1813, daughter of John (Solicitor, Esquire) & Juliana Lambert
  • 15 Apr 1824 John Weatherburn, of Snap Leases, parish of Longhoughton, son of Thomas (farmer) & Mary Weatherburn
  • 28 Dec 1834 Ellen [Brown/Bertram], daughter of Alexander Brown (comedian of Alnwick) & Margaret Bertram (of Correction House Yard)
    [Note: this may be a married couple with the surname “Brown Bertram”; we can’t tell from the way it’s entered.]
  • 11 May 1844 Frances Sarah De Vare Gilroy, of Goldspring in the United States, supposed to have been from Normandy, born 18-Oct 1819, daughter of William (mason) & Sarah Gilroy, The above name is supposed to have been assumed and not the true one.
  • 28 Aug 1853 Anne Isabella Rutherford, of Bailiffgate, child of Haswell (slater) & Jane Rutherford

Burial samples:

  • 28 Jan 1792 William Neale, son of the late William Neale (shoemaker)
  • 25 Oct 1797 Mary Brankston late Taylor, of Clayport Street, died 22 Oct, wife of George Brankston (joiner)
  • 22 Feb 1801 Robert Cairncross, of Clayport, age: 2, died 19 Feb, son of James Cairncross (taylor) & Elizabeth his wife, late Knox
  • 12 Nov 1812 Philip Bridge, age: 35, died 10 Nov, groom of the Right Honourable Baron Percy
  • 25 Mar 1828 Alexander English, of Pottergate, age: 106
  • 6 Apr 1837 Isabella Small, of Clayport, age: 90
  • 28 Nov 1843 Revd. David Patterson, of Clayport, age: 68, 37 years Minister of the United Secession Congregation
  • 20 Dec 1850 William Charles Hindmarsh, of West Horton in the parish of Chatton, age: 43

Abodes are mostly streets in Alnwick but also include Allerburn, Alndyke, Bassington (parish of Eglingham), Brizlee, Cawledge Park, Cowslip or Cowslaw Hill, Denwick, Facey’s Park, Greensfield, Grumwell’s Park, Harlow Hill, Heckley (and Heckley Fence, Grange, and Toll Bar), Hobberlaw, Holywell, Hope House, Newcastle, North Shields, Painter Hill, Park Farm, Rugley and Rugley Firth, Shield Dykes, Snipe House, Stirk Hill, Swansfield, White House and White House Folly, and the Poor House or Union Workhouse and Correction House in Alnwick.