Newcastle St. Ann baptisms 1878-1887

2,951 baptisms at St. Ann’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, from the beginning of 1878 to the end of 1887.

As we mentioned when we released the previous set of baptisms from St. Ann, we think whoever was in charge of the register in this period may have been a bit deaf. We found numerous instances where a name (which could be verified by other records) was entered as something that sounded similar. We have tried to make it less challenging for you to find these people, by adding the “correct” versions of the names in square brackets. For example:

  • 10 Apr 1878 Thomas Gurney [Gourley], of Tyne St, son of Thomas Gurney [Gourley] (labourer) & Mary Ann Gurney [Gourley]
  • 17 Apr 1878 Robert Baldiston [Burlinson], of Chatham Place, son of John (glass maker) & Elizabeth Baldiston [Burlinson]
  • 24 Jul 1878 Isabella Wait [White], of Tyne St, daughter of John (waterman) & Ann Wait [White]

There are other baptisms with errors that make no sense, as they do not sound similar to the actual name, or something has been added. For example:

  • 27 Feb 1878 Thomas Andrew Dow [Darling], of Cut Bank, son of Thomas Andrew Dow [Darling] (boilersmith) & Catherine Dow [Darling]
    [Note: surname is Darling in the civil birth index and another baptism to these parents.]
  • 6 Oct 1886 Charlotte Caroline Hardykay [Kay], of 3 Ingham, daughter of John Hardykay [Kay] (photographer) & Emma Jane Hardykay [Kay]
    [Note: Charlotte Caroline Kay in the civil birth index.]

The abodes are nearly all streets in Newcastle, but also include Ballast Hills, Byker, Ouseburn, Shieldfield, St. Lawrence, and St. Peter’s.