Tudhoe Mount Pleasant Presbyterian baptisms 1880-1959

379 baptisms at Tudhoe Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Durham district, spanning 1880 to June 1959. Because there is little differentiation between Spennymoor, Mount Pleasant, and Tudhoe, this church is also sometimes called Spennymoor Presbyterian. See the previous baptism announcement for this church to learn more about its history.

Unlike Anglican baptisms of this period, most of these baptisms helpfully list the child’s birth order and mother’s maiden name, and nearly all of them include the child’s birth date. The place of birth is recorded instead of the family’s residence address, but in this period, it is pretty safe to assume that the child was born at home. Birthplaces mentioned besides Tudhoe include Ferryhill, Fishburn, Mount Pleasant, Spennymoor and Low Spennymoor, The Grange (Tudhoe Grange), Whitworth, and York Hill.

Here are some sample baptisms from large families:

  • 13 Oct 1885 Christina Dorothy Thompson, born at Merrington Lane, Bishop Auckland, born 24 Aug 1885, 14th child, daughter of Robert Thompson (grocer) & Christina Dunn
  • 7 Dec 1910 Robert Johnston, born at Newcomer Street, Dean Bank, born 12 Nov 1910, 10th child, son of William Johnston (drill instructor) & Margaret Seeds