Coundon St. James baptisms 1846-1863

1,357 baptisms at Coundon St. James in Auckland district, continuing from where we left off when we first presented this church’s records in 2009. This set covers 1846 through 1863.

Abodes mentioned besides Coundon include Canney Hill, Eldon, Middlestone, New Coundon, Rushyford, Tottenham, Westerton, and Windlestone.

Sample baptisms:

  • 11 Jul 1847 James Sewell, of Coundon, child of James Becket (pitman) & Frances Sewell (single woman)
    [Note: the father’s name and occupation have been crossed out.]
  • 29 May 1854 William High, of Windlestone, child of James (laborer) & Christina High
  • 15 Nov 1863 Frances Emma Robinson, of Westerton, child of George (farmer) & Mary Robinson