Sunderland baptisms 1839-1841

1,902 baptisms at Sunderland Holy Trinity, covering 1839-1841. The clerk continued recording the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date, for which we are very grateful as that information was no longer required by then.

We suspect these two children were born to sisters, baptizing their children together on the same day – or their surnames are a really big coincidence!

  • 2 Jan 1839 Thomas Harrowsmith Laverick, of South Street, born 24 Dec 1838, son of Thomas Laverick (blacksmith) & Mary late Harrowsmith
  • 2 Jan 1839 William Harrowsmith Duncan, of Spring Garden Lane, born 10 Jan 1829, son of Robert Duncan (mariner) & Sarah late Harrowsmith

In both of the above cases, the women married as Arrowsmith. This is why we recommend always leaving “Include Variants” checked when you search, so that a search for Arrowsmith will turn up the Harrowsmith records, and a search for Harrowsmith would turn up the Arrowsmith records.

More samples:

  • 25 Oct 1840 Matilda Hopper, of Wear Street, born 5 May 1840, daughter of Margaret Hopper (single woman)
  • 24 Dec 1841 William McGregor, of Church Street, born 1 Dec 1841, son of Frederick McGregor (brass founder) & Barbara late Highett