Sunderland marriages 1837-1841

995 marriages at Sunderland Holy Trinity, from 1 July 1837 to the end of 1841. These are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages.


  • 4 Jul 1837 Joseph Hindson (widower, weaver, full age, of Baines Lane, son of Joseph Hindson, shoemaker) married Mary Coultman (spinster, full age, of Baines Lane, daughter of Thomas Coultman, trimmer)
    Witnesses: Richard Earle; Diana Davison; George Lord
  • 25 Aug 1839 Joshua Whitehead (widower, labourer, full age, of Low Street, son of Henry Whitehead, shoemaker) married Ann Todd (widow, full age, of Low Street, daughter of Robert Hutchinson, shipwright)
    Witnesses: George Lord; Page Smith
  • 25 Dec 1841 Andrew Copeland (bachelor, mariner, full age, of Grey Street, son of Robert Copeland, mariner) married Marian Elliott (spinster, age: minor, of Grey Street, daughter of George Elliott, agent)
    Witnesses: George Elliott; Ann Graham; William Thomas Pace

All ages in this set were given as just “full” or “minor”.

While we were in the register, we also added the witnesses for the first half of 1837, so all the 1837 marriages at Sunderland now have witnesses.