Haltwhistle baptisms 1813-1838 & burials 1813-1858

Our first offering from Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district, Northumberland:

  • 2,611 baptisms covering 1813-1838
  • 3,161 burials covering 1813-1858

Haltwhistle was, in this period, a widespread and very rural parish, with lots of little hamlets and farm names appearing in the abode list, and quite a few people living just over the border in Cumberland.

Sample baptisms:

  • 23 Jan 1813 Eleanor Ainslie, of Corbridge, daughter of Robert (butcher) & Dorothy Ainslie
  • 20 Mar 1825 Margaret Awburn, of Plainmeller, daughter of Christopher (gamekeeper) & Margaret Awburn
  • 24 Feb 1831 David Davidson, of Henshaw, son of Ann Davidson (widow), the child of an Irish woman confined on a journey
  • 18 Mar 1837 Joseph Walton, of Blenkinsopp Castle, born 4 Aug 1830, son of Robert (pitman) & Mary Walton, born in Knaresdale
  • 28 Oct 1838 Ann Maughan, of Twice Brewed Ale, daughter of Thomas (publican) & Elizabeth Maughan

Quite a number of children were baptized elsewhere and their baptisms were reported to the local minister so they could be registered in their home parish, like this:

  • 10 Oct 1813 Samuel Jackson, of Kellah, son of Matthew (husbandman) & Dorothy Jackson, according to the certificate of the Revd.Thomas Kirkby, Curate of Lambley, transmitted to me on the 11th October
  • 28 Apr 1822 Mary Ann Makepeace, of Mill House, daughter of William (farmer) & Mary Makepeace, according to certificate of the Revd. S.R. Hartley, Minister of Haydon Bridge Chapel sent to me 29th April 1822

Sample burials:

  • 24 Feb 1813 George Pickering, of Thorngrafton, age: 97
  • 15 Apr 1823 Edward Hudspith, of Plainmeller, age: 101
  • 23 Nov 1835 Joseph Oliver alias Birkett, of Burn Hall, Bardon Mill, age: 60
  • 18 May 1847 John Armstrong, of Gilsland, parish of Abbey Lanercost, Cumberland, age: 45
  • 10 Dec 1852 Arthur Bewick, of Morwood, age: 10, killed by a fall down Morwood pit in consequence of the rope breaking

Abodes mentioned besides Haltwhistle included Abbey Lanercost (Cumberland), Allensgreen, Angerton (and Angerton Bankfoot, Low Angerton, and New Angerton), Bankfoot, Bank Top, Bardon Mill or Mills, Beggar’s Bog, Beltingham, Birch Trees, Birkshaw, Bitchill Gate or Bitchfield Gate, Blenkinsopp Castle, Braidley (and Braidley Hall), Brampton (Cumberland), Branch End, Briarwood or Brierwood, Brockalee, Broomhope Mill, Broomshaw Hill, Buck Bog, Buff Head, Burnfoot, Burnhouse or Burnt House, Burnt Walls, Cadger Ford, Cariney Croft, Carr’s Gate, Carvoran, Causeway, Chesters, Close A Burn, Clover Hill, Coanwood, Comb Hill, various spellings of Cow Leazes, Crindledykes, Crooks, Cross Bank, Cutty Well, Darlees or Darlies, Dean House(s), Dillacres or Dilacres, Doughan or Duffham Foot, East Calf Fields, Edges Green, Factory High Mill, Farglah, Farnalees, Farrowknees, Featherstone Castle, Fell End, Fogridge, Foul Pots, Fourstones, Gap, Gap Shield, Gilsland (Cumberland), Glenwhelt, Gorbet Hill, Gorcock, Greengate Well, Greenhead, Grindon, Hallpeat Moss, Halton Lea, Hard Riding, Harper Town, Haydon Bridge, Henshaw, Hexham, High (and Low) Onset, High (and Low) Ramshaw, High Tippelt, High Town, Highberries, Highside, Hill House, Hindley Steel, Hole House, Holly Craig, Holm Head, Horse Close, Hot, Housesteads, Kellah, Kit’s Shield, Leazes, Linshield, Lipwood Well, Long Byer or Byre, Long Sike or Syke, Melkridge, Metal Bridge, Midgeholme, Millhouse, Morwood, Moss House, Moss Pateral or Petrell, Mumps Hall, Oakey Knowe, Ollalee, Orchard House, Park, Partridge Nest, Peel, Penpeugh, Plainmeller or Plenmeller, Plankey, Redburn, Redpath, Ridley, Rowfoot, Runnerfoot, Saughy Rigg, Scotch Coulthard, Seatsides, Shankfoot, Shankhead, Shawfield, Shawhead, Shaws, Smallburn, Smees Haugh (lots of different spellings of this one), Steel Rigg, Stone Gap, Tanpits, Teman or Temmon, Thirlwall Castle, Thorngrafton, Throstle Hall, Toadholes or Todholes or Toddles, Toddlewood, Toe or Tow House, Twice Brewed Ale, Ulpham or Ulwham (Ulgham today), the Vicar’s Allotment, Wall End, Wall Mill, Wall Shields, War Car, Wardoughan, Wardrew, Watch Trees, Waterloo, Waughs Banks, Whitchester, White Chapel, Whiteside, Whitshields, Widon or Wydon, Willimoteswick or Willimoteswyke Mill (so many spellings!), Wolf Hills, Wood Hall, Woodhead, and Yets Nees. Whew!

Baptisms for 1839-1858 and marriages 1808-1837 should join this collection in the next week or two.