Hartburn baptisms and burials 1769-1812

1,422 baptisms and 882 burials spanning 1769-1812 at Hartburn St. Andrew in the Morpeth district of Northumberland – our first record set from this church.

Abodes mentioned frequently include Angerton Broom House, Angerton Moor, Bent House, Cambo, Capheaton, Clock Mill, Close House, Corridge, Deanham, Donking Ridge, Dove Cote, East Marlish, East Shaftoe, East Thornton, East Thornton Moor, Elf or Elph Hills, Ferney Chesters, Gallows Hill, GreenLeighton, Harnham, Hartburn, Hartburn Grainge, Hartington, Hartington Hall, High Angerton, High Laws, Kirk Hill, Kirk Whelpington, Longhorsley, Long Witton, Low Angerton, Meldon Park Corner, Middleton Mill, Mitford, Morpeth, North Middleton, Netherwitton, Newbiggin, Port Gate, Ritton, Rothley, Rothley Shield, Saugh House, Shaftoe Grange, Shilbottle, South Middleton, Stanton, Temple Thornton, Thornton, Throp Hill, Wallington, Walling Dove Cote, Wallington New Houses, West Deanham, West Marlish, West Shafto, West Thornton, White Hill, Whitridge, Whitridge White House, and Witton Shield.

Sample baptisms – the clerk did an excellent job with the 1798-1812 era, nearly always naming the mother’s father and his abode and occupation:

  • 17 Jul 1769 Thomas [Charlton/Orwick], of North Middleton, natural son of Peter Charlton & Isabel Orwick
  • 7 Aug 1781 Elizabeth Glaidstone, of West Thornton, daughter of Gideon & Mary Glaidstone
  • 3 Aug 1793 Edward Arkle, of Cambo, son of Christopher & Dorothy Arkle, received. Baptized October 9, 1790.
  • 8 Oct 1803 Francis Swan, of Cleadon in county Durham, born 19 Sep, 1st son of Matthew Swan (farmer) by his wife Mary Wardle (daughter of Francis Wardle of Low Angerton, farmer)
  • 9 Aug 1812 Robert Codling, of Wallington Dove Cot, born 4 Jul, 4th son of Edward Codling (mason) by his wife Isabella Black (daughter of William Black of Wallington Dove Cot, husbandman)

Sample burials – ages and occupations are not usually given until late 1797 – after that, the clerk was good about including the required details, except he generally omitted the maiden surnames of deceased married women after early 1800:

  • 1 Nov 1769 Mary Elsdon, of Stamfordham parish, wife of Michael Elsdon
  • 24 Nov 1775 Mary Sopwith, of Low Angerton, age: 100
  • 6 Jan 1787 Jane Arthur, of North Middleton, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Arthur
  • 6 Apr 1798 Margaret Wann late Davison, of Rothley, age: 38, died 3 Apr, wife of George Wann (farmer)
  • 4 Dec 1800 Samuel Robinson, of Grange Moor, age: 25, died 30 Nov, son of John & Mary Robinson
  • 13 Jan 1804 John Hindmarsh, of Cold Rise, age: 89, widower, farmer, died 11 Jan
  • 10 Sep 1812 Mary Robson, of Todridge, age: 80, died 6 Sep, widow of Joseph Robson (farmer)