Newburn baptisms 1724-1763 & burials 1690-1751

At Newburn St. Michael & All Angels in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland:

  • 1,260 baptisms covering 1724-1763, joining up with our previous collection to give us baptisms here from 1724 to 1880 inclusive
  • 1,782 burials from the beginning of the first register in February 1690 to August 1751. We intend to fill the gap in our collection, from Aug 1751 through 1763, early next year.

Newburn is just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parishes of Ryton, Whickham, and Gateshead, so many families moved back and forth and will be found in the records of all four parishes. Residences mentioned besides Newburn include Bell’s Close, Black Callerton, Broom Hall, Butterley, Callerton, Chapel House, Coley Hill, Dalton, Denton (and East and West Denton), Denton Burn, Dissington East Houses, Duley, Donkin’s Houses, Hill Head, Hotch Pudding, Gingling (Jingling) Gate, Lemington, Lough Houses, Luddick, Menses Houses, Newbegin (Newbiggin), Newburn Hall,  North and South Dissington,  Penny Rife Hill, Pigs or Piggs Hall, Quarry Houses, Red Cow, Robshugh or Robsugh, Scotswood, Slateyford, Throckley, Throckley Fell, Throckley Mill, Wallbattle (Walbottle),  Whorlton (and East Whorlton, West Whorlton, and Whorlton Moor), and Wolsington (Woolsington).


There must have been some problem during the curacy of the Rev’d Thomas Slack in the 1750s and 1760s. It appears that the baptism register was not kept between May 1751 and 1764, when a new vicar was appointed. After the baptisms of May 1751 in the register, there are pages of baptisms extending back to the 1720s, entered in the 1770s and 1780s by the next several vicars, with notes about how Rev. Slack neglected to enter them when they occurred. Parents brought their family Bibles and baptismal certificates to prove the birth dates of their children, or provided affidavits from midwives and relatives. There are also several pages of births of dissenters (non-Anglicans) who wanted their children’s births recorded in the register to document their residency in the parish. Some of these specified that the child had been baptized by the “dissenter minister at Stamfordham”. From this list, we also added 13 additional baptisms of dissenters between 1764 and 1812 to our existing collection of Newburn baptisms.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1724 Izabel Bambrough, of Wallbattle, daughter of Thomas Bambrough
  • 6 Nov 1733 Deborah Chicken, of Newburn, daughter of Lancelot Chicken
  • 19 Apr 1743 Robert Hobson, son of Anthony & Jane Hobson, received into the congregation Apr. 28th in Newburne Churche, the day his mother Jane Hobson was buried there, but privately baptiz’d at Quarry House nigh Winlaton in ye parish of Ryton April the 19, as by certificate from the Rev’d Mr. Ion, curate of Winlaton
  • 28 May 1751 James [Fletcher/Scott], base born son of James Fletcher & Anne Scott, baptized at Lemmington. The said James Fletcher, his brother, and James Turnbull are bound to keep the parish indemnifyd.
  • 16 Sep 1761 Elizabeth Cairns, of Walbattle, daughter of Bartholemew & Eleanor Cairns, extracted from a Bible belonging to Eleanor Cairns now Sheridan, mother of the said Elizabeth, and inserted here at the mother’s request on 4 Feb 1807 and witnessed by Eleanor Sheridan [followed by her signature “Eleanor Shirdon”]
    [Note: this is on a list of baptisms which had not been entered in their proper place in the register and are now entered at the request of the person or parents, upon affidavit of age or date of birth. This list starts on page 286 near the end of the first register.]
  • William Peck, of Newbigin, born 18 Feb 1719, son of Richard Peck
    [Note: on a list titled “Births of Dissenters”, placed after May 1751 baptisms, on pages 46 and 47 near the end of the 2nd register. Since this was probably written after the calendar update of 1752, we do not know whether the year is the old-style year or the new-style year – it may be 1720 in the new style.]


There are no burials in the register for 1699-1701. Burials for 1703-1704 are not in the original register but are found in a duplicate register. From April 1722 to April 1723, the register pages are badly damaged or missing, so there are only a few legible burials in that period.

Sample burials:

  • 17 Feb 1690 Dorothie Sharp, a girle of John Sharp
  • 4 Oct 1710 Ruth Hall, of Newbegin, daughter of Mr. Reynold Hall, buried in the church
  • 14 Nov 1725 Sarah Steel, of Whorleton Moor, wife of Joseph Steel
  • 17 May 1726 Margaret Read, of Newburne, aged 100 & 8 years
  • 7 Dec 1738 William Bowart, of Newbegin, son of Frances Bowart (widow)
  • 7 Feb 1744 Catherine Winchup, of Wallbattle, wife of William Winchup
  • 5 Jan 1751 James Heslip, of Wissington, son of William Heslip