Haltwhistle baptisms 1839-1858

1,836 baptisms at Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district, Northumberland, covering 1839-1858, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. About 10% of the baptisms after 1850 (and a few before then) include the child’s birth date.


  • 10 Feb 1839 James Hetherington, of Low Byre, son of Thomas (clogger) & Margaret Hetherington
  • 19 Jan 1844 Margaret Graham, of Pasture Head, daughter of Elizabeth Graham (spinster), 6 yrs old
  • 1 Jul 1849 John Ridley, of Towhouse Green, son of John (publican) & Rachel Ridley
  • 24 Mar 1853 Margaret Glenwright, of Chesters, born 28 Oct 1849, daughter of Henry (pitman) & Barbara Glenwright
  • 15 Aug 1858 Mary Elizabeth Hindmarsh, of Wydon Cleughside, daughter of Joseph (gamekeeper) & Sarah Hindmarsh

Abodes mentioned besides Haltwhistle included Allens Green, Angerton Bankfoot, Archie’s Flat, Ashey Cleugh, Bank Top,  Bardon Mill, Beltingham, Bitchel Gate or Bitchfield Gate, Blenkinsopp Castle, Braidley, Briarwood, Brockalee, Broom Houses, Buff Head, Cairney Croft, Causeway, Chainleyford Mill, Chesters, Closeaburn, Clover Hill, College, Comb Hill, Crooks, Crow Hall Mill, Crushels, Dilacres, Double Dykes, East Calf Fields, Engine House, Featherstone Bridge End and Featherstone Castle, Fell End, Ferranees, Fogridge, Foul Town, the Gap, Gateshead, Glenwhelt, Gorbet Hill, Gorcock, Greenhead, Greenrigs, Hall Bank Head, Hallpeat Moss, Halton Lea Gate, Haltwhistle Mill, Hartleyburn, Henshaw, High Ramshaw, High Side, Hole House, Holm Head, Kellah, Langlands, Leases or Leazes, Linshield, Long Byer, Low Byer, Low House Mill, Maiden Way, Melkridge, Metal Bridge, Midgeholme, Mill Hill, Mill House, Milton Railway Station (parish of Brampton, Cumberland), New Angerton, Newcastle, Oakey Knowe, Ollalee, Park, Partridge Nest, Pasture Head, Plainmeller (Plenmeller), Redburn, Redpath, Ridley, Rose Hill, Rose Villa, Rowfoot, Runnerfoot, Shankhead, Smallburn, Sook Hill, Steel Rig, Stone Gap, Temmon Corrage, Thorngrafton, Toe or Tow House, Ulpham (Ulgham), Wall End, Wall Town, Wardoughan, Wardrew, Waterloo, Whitchester and Whitchester Tunnel,  Willimoteswyke, Woodhead, Wry Tree, Wydon and Wydon Eals.