Newcastle St. Andrew baptisms 1849-1856

3,224 baptisms at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1849 through 1856. Abodes listed are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include the Barracks, Chimney Mills, Cox Lodge, Cramlington, Felling, Fenham, Gateshead, Gosforth, Heaton, Jesmond, Kenton, Morpeth, Pandon Dean (Dene), Shield Field, Spital Tongues, Usworth, Wallsend, and Washington.

This register has several baptisms to single women where the father is named, then crossed out. We have included the fathers with a note, as they are probably correct. It was not customary to include the name of the father in the baptism of an illegitimate child, and we think the priest realized this later and crossed out the fathers.

Sample baptisms:

  • 14 Sep 1850 John Arnot, of Usworth, child of Mary Arnot (single woman), 9 months old. Wrong description given. Same child
    [Note: the previous entry, which is crossed out, appears to be the same child, and it names the child John Coulson, with a father Matthew.]
  • 9 Dec 1852 Mary Ann Stevens, of [the] Barracks, child of George (gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery) & Alice Stevens
  • 2 Nov 1856 John Baileff, of Benwell Park Farm, child of Robert (countryman) & Margaret Baileff